Choosing, buying, setting up and maintaining musical instruments and devices can be a big challenge even for professional musicians and music-makers. It goes without mentioning beginners and amateurs who can easily get averted from the process of music making simply because they cannot handle the devices. Taking lessons and Googling information are both time-consuming, and sometimes useless tasks. Don’t despair – Musiety’s guide section is a real knowledge treasury for both professionals and starters.

The Best Online Guitar Lessons — Full Review of Modern Resources

Learning to play the guitar today is not only a modern trend as guitar players have always been stylish and elegant, and have always won all hearts anywhere in the world. Music is considered to be an international language. The guitar still remains the most popular musical instrument. Every year more than 10 million guitars…
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The Art Of Making A Homemade Guitar, Pick, Capo, And Stand

We all want to play the best guitars in the world, but, unfortunately, we don’t always have the money to buy them. So, what about a homemade guitar? Is it a realistic idea, or just something the kids do? Can an average musician built a guitar at home and make it look and sound good…
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How to Write a Melody — The Basic Tricks

Melody is the most important part of the song. It remains deep in the listener’s memory even after the track is completely forgotten. Writing a melody isn’t as tricky as it seems, but it requires some skill and patience. The Basics The word “Melody” comes from ancient Greek language. It is used to define the…
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Beatport Top-100 — Analysis and Impressions

Beatport is the place where DJs from all over the World share their works. Being a large and popular platform it provides perfect opportunity for learning and analyzing general electronic music tendencies. What this Article is The best way to learn something new and get better in creating music is to analyze someone else’s work.…
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How to Remix a Song — The Whole Way. 18 Effective Tips

Creating own tracks from a scratch is a hard task. It is much easier for a beginner to remix or mash-up someone else’s music at first. This exercise improves level of skill and self-confidence. How to make a remix Though remixing seems easy at the first sight, it isn’t. Creating a worthy remix takes much…
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How to Produce Music — Beginner to Pro

Music production is hard but rewarding occupation. Let us find out what it is like to become a music producer in modern realities and how to fight moral and financial challenges. Classical and Modern Definition of Producer By classical definition music producer is the person responsible of making the process of creating music as smooth…
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How to make Electronic Music – Extended Beginner’s Guide

Creating electronic music is not the hardest thing in the World. However one needs a lot of basic knowledge to start. All the main aspects required to start are described here. Introduction This manual consists of the 15 most basics things needed to get started with electronic music. Pieces of advice given here will not…
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What can you teach me?

In fact, our guide section covers a large set of topics starting from the choice of musical instruments and finishing by playing them, setting them up and so on. Our readers can master the following concepts:
  1. How to select a musical instrument, device, or accessories? We will mention technical specifications, peculiarities, design, functionality and other key features of objects. With our articles, you’ll be able to figure out products that suit your needs best.
  2. How to set up musical instruments? Tuning a guitar or piano can be a hard task for starters, especially if there’s no suitable electronic device for that. We will explain how to tune your musical instrument step by step. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg! What about loop machines, MIDI-controllers, and other similar devices that require a lot of technical knowledge to be exploited? Well, we’ll teach you to handle those, too.
  3. Those who want to start playing their favorite songs are welcomed, too. Our guides will also cover lessons and tutorials dedicated to musical compositions.
  4. What about playing musical instruments and using the musical equipment? Our authors will show you how to master these skills, too.
  5. Besides, we’ll teach you to maintain musical equipment and care about it properly. Instructions are not enough to know every single detail about proper repairing and maintenance, but our articles cover every nook and cranny of these tasks.  The best instrument is a finely tuned instrument.
There’s no need to take expensive music lessons and surf through the Net in search of valuable information – Musiety has already made everything for you. Our articles are totally free and provide a myriad of valuable recommendations and guidelines. In “Guides” section you can find everything for becoming a real pro in music, starting from the choice of musical instruments and finishing by masterly performance.