9 Best Bluetooth Speakers that change color LED lights 2021

Do you know! In addition to wireless connectivity and extreme portability, many genuine, high-quality Bluetooth speaker models have led lights that change color to the beat of the music. However, each line of Bluetooth speakers with color-changing led lights will have many different highlights depending on the manufacturer. Here are the most popular TOP 9 Bluetooth Speakers that change color, LED lights to flash to the music for your reference.

Best Bluetooth Speakers with color LED lights

JBL Partybox 100 is designed with a powerful bluetooth speaker with vivid LED lights, combined with impressive JBL branded full-range sound. Party box 100 can be used to sing karaoke or perform live outdoors relatively simply and easily with built-in Mic and instrument ports.

  • State-of-the-art audio technology made the JBL brand (vibrant, powerful) with 2 x 5.25 inch Woofer Drivers design combining 2 x 2.25 inch Tweeter Drivers for impressive full-range sound.
  • Many led modes with impressive colors.
  • Simple music playback via Bluetooth or USB
  • Make party shows, karaoke become more exciting than ever with microphone and guitar connections for you to freely perform.
  • Highly portable with small lightweight yet powerful design.

JBL Partybox 100 speaker is also equipped with multi-colored LED lights and the lights on Partybox 100 will also move to the beat of the music, besides we can adjust the LED lights in many different modes. In addition, the product is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 that supports distances up to 10m connection from speakers to smart devices and still ensures clear coherent sound.

It can be said that Party Box 310 is at the top of the most popular high-quality, high-power Bluetooth speakers today, it is often used in family picnics, traveling, picnics, listening to music outdoors. World award winner Reddot Winner 2020. 240W power for powerful sound, clear bass every beat for more vibrant outdoor parties.

Especially in the evening. You will certainly be impressed with the eye-catching RGB LED system that blinks to the beat of the music. So, Party Box 310 is a Bluetooth speaker with a flash to music worth your attention.

JBL PartyBox 310 is designed to be a perfect performing portable wireless speaker with 2 x 6.5 inch (176mm) woofers + 2 x 2.5 inch (65mm) tweeters for impressively powerful sound bearing the signature JBL Partybox brand. with deep bass, clear mids, and highs. Portable Speaker JBL PartyBox 310 delivers up to 240W of power – so powerful that you can play music in large spaces from 20 to 25 square feet perfectly.

In addition, JBL PartyBox 310 speakers are also integrated with a series of its most advanced technologies such as Bluetooth 5.1, custom color led lighting system, wireless connection, 18h battery, USB connectivity, AUX, karaoke. .. helps optimize your party perfectly, for very interesting light and sound experience.

Also in the top high-end bluetooth speaker nháy that blinks to the music similar to the Party Box 300, but the size of the Party 1000 is twice as large. The LED light effects are more impressive and vivid. It is like a screen covering the speaker’s surface that changes color continuously with the music. Its powerful 1100W power makes your standstill. Attached is an Air Gesture wrist strap that allows for easy control of the light with hand gestures.

Design The JBL Party Box 1000 speaker is quite large in size, equipped with a 12-inch subwoofer down-firing driver, and fully loaded with connection ports RCA, 3.5mm AUX, USB, Mic/Guitar with equalizer. JBL also includes a wrist strap Air Gesture that allows control of the light with hand gestures.

2 6.5-inch bass speaker rims decorated by JBL with light will work to the tune of the song, this design helps to attract people together to the music being played, the color of the light emitted is quite diverse. with different levels of emotions. You can also connect 2 Party Box 1000 speakers together to make the music party more exciting.

JBL Party Box 1000 color-changing bluetooth speaker has Powerful Sound and many unique features. The power level up to 1100W is quite large compared to the large-capacity Party Box 300 that helps the speaker reproduce deep, solid Bass to help you satisfy the sound of listening to music during Picnic trips, indoor events, or listening to music in the garden with water resistance.

Have your party anywhere and sing everywhere. From beach parties to festivals, the JBL PartyBox On The Go lets you see, hear and perform flawlessly. With 100 watts of powerful JBL Pro audio, synchronized with vibrant LED lights that move to the beat of your music, 2 included mics and live mixers let you instantly perform and sing Very impressive karaoke.

JBL PartyBox On The Go helps you access your favorite songs via Bluetooth 4.2, USB, AUX, moreover the simple TWS (True Wireless Stereo) connection to another speaker of the same type helps you You can expand your party system easily.

With padded shoulder straps, rechargeable 6h battery, and water resistance IPX4, JBL PartyBox OnThe Go speaker has everything you need to get a quick start to a performance party, as well as travel and camping…

Start your party with signature JBL sound and bright LED lights showing 360 degrees of bluetooth speaker JBL PULSE 4. With IPX7 waterproof design make JBL PULSE 4 shine and will keep tunes wherever you go. anywhere, indoors or outdoors with up to 12 hours on a single charge.

We can clearly see that the JBL Pulse 4 speaker has minimized the rather thick base of the JBL Pulse 3 providing more visual LED space. In addition, the case of plus 4 is made of thick and clear synthetic material, which helps the led system inside to be brighter and more beautiful when you play music.

JBL JBL PULSE 4 BluetoothBluetooth speaker is designed with 1 2.25-inch speaker combined with bass Radiator system for impressive 360-degree full-range sound in the frequency range of 70Hz – 20KHz. The speaker has an average power of about 20W with a battery life of up to 12 hours, which is very suitable for taking away exciting parties.

With JBL’s “PartyBoost” technology, Connecting pulse 4 speakers together is easy with the touch of a button ( PartyBoost button side brightness customization button on the speaker). With the JBL Connect app, you can adjust the sound and brightness of the Lightshow as well as upgrade the software of the JBL Pulse 4.

With Lightshow on the speaker, the JBL Connect app provides 8 color presets including Wave, Jet, Fireworks, Equalizer, Rave, Rainbow, Campfire, and Custom. You can change the color of these presets by choosing a color from the color wheel or by using your phone’s camera to pick a color from any surface.

Speaker Sony MHC-V13 is a bluetooth speaker model with quality LED lights from Sony, newly launched, this is a bluetooth speaker that is very popular with young people because of its dynamic new design and modern upgraded features. , bring you great moments with vibrant sound and super impressive multicolor lights!

The Sony MHC-V13 speaker is said to be an upgraded version compared to previous Sony models V42D, V21D and V02. MHC-V13 has a compact design with three-dimensional measurements (RxCxD) respectively: 33.3 cm x 60 cm x 29.9 cm, weight 8.1 kg. With the above size, you can easily place + move the Sony MHC- V13 speaker to anywhere you want.

Sony MHC-V13 Bluetooth speaker has a driver system consisting of 3 drivers including 2 5cm diameter tweeters placed at the top position on the front. The upward-facing high-performance tweeter uses a trumpet tweeter, which increases the soundstage and enhances the sound pressure upwards, letting the music reverberate farther, wider, and higher, reaching every corner of the space.

Creating a birthday party, outdoor party, or even a mini club with a space filled with colorful speaker lights and explosive sound is easier than ever with the MHC-V13 speaker. With the Sony app | Music Center, you can completely control music and sound settings right from your phone. In addition, the Fiestable app helps you control the color of the light as well as activate the DJ and KARAOKE modes.

Make changes with just a wave of your wrist with intuitive motion controls. What you need to do as soon as you become the owner of the MHC-V13 speaker is to download the above applications right away to be able to control music and lighting easily by touching your phone or using your voice!

Turn the party into an unforgettable night with the SONY MHC-V43D speaker – a top-performing Bluetooth speaker with powerful, long-distance sound quality and brilliant party lights that sync with the rhythm of the song.

  • Robust with premium plastic housing sturdy, durable design and high performance sound system combined with beautiful LED lights that blink to the music that can be customized to fit your party.
  • Watch movies, listen to quality music with the built-in CD, DVD player
  • Audio Technology SONY designed for performing bluetooth speaker systems for impressively precise, powerful sound with diffuse bass
  • Feel every beat even at a distance with JET BASS BOOSTER
  • Live sound mode for impressive sound.
  • DSSE automatically restores detail to digital music
  • Stream wirelessly via the latest Bluetooth technology with LDAC™
  • Stream music easily via analog and USB ports
  • There is an easy live FM radio for enthusiasts
  • Control your music party with Music Center App, SONY Fiestable App
  • Easy gesture control
  • There is a Mic port and a direct instrument connection port for performing
  • Has HDMI ARC for easy connection to TV

Light up the party with the Party Lights and Speaker Lights built into the speaker SONY MHC-V43D. Blue and sky blue lights and vibrant red bands let you enjoy a true outdoor nightclub or festival atmosphere.

The SRS-XB33 Bluetooth speaker has speaker lights and colorful border lights that flash in the same rhythm. You can also change the color of the border lights to suit your mood. Immerse yourself in powerful sound quality combined with the latest design 2021 from SONY – Sony SRS XB33 speaker this is the perfect combination of a series of advanced technologies such as EXTRA BASS™ audio technology, X-Balanced Speaker Unit design technology, IP67 dustproof technology, 24h quality battery, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0…in an impressive stereo design.

  • Compact design fits in the hand with extreme portability easy for you to easily take it anywhere.
  • Impressively powerful EXTRA BASS™ sound technology
  • The impressive “X-Balanced Speaker Unit” design, precisely calculated by SONY engineers, delivers an even more impressive new style of sound.
  • Extremely strong dust and water resistant IP67 standard, even Anti-collision very well.
  • 24h battery life ( EXTRA BASS™ mode: Up to 14 hours)
  • Has speakerphone to answer calls hands-free
  • USB Type-C® charging port
  • Stream wirelessly via the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, or NFC.
  • Control the party with the SONY Music Center App

Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, SRS-XB33 is sony’s latest 2021 Bluetooth speaker with a combination of durable, solid design, long battery life, and a series of SONY’s most advanced technologies. will help you to enjoy the bold sound of the music festival atmosphere unlimitedly anywhere: go camping with friends, go swimming or travel, party…

Experience top-notch sound with the latest SONY 2021 bluetooth speaker design – SONY SRS XB43 Bluetooth speaker, this is the perfect combination of a series of advanced technologies such as EXTRA BASS™, X-Balanced Speaker Unit, IP67, battery 24 hours, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0…in an impressive new stereo design with cutting-edge new tweeters.

With impressive sound performance, beautiful led lights in a top-notch dynamic design, SRS-XB43 is sony’s latest bluetooth speaker that is most sought after and loved by young people in Vietnam in 2021. The SRS-XB43 lets you enjoy the music festival atmosphere without limits anywhere: Party, camping, swimming, or traveling…

Without flashing lights, the party is no fun, the SONY SRS-XB43 speaker has lights in even tweeter, a full-range driver, and colorful surround lights that flash to the same rhythm. You can also change the color of the border lights to suit your mood through the Sony Music Center app.

Above are the Top 9 bluetooth speakers with led lights that change color according to music which is popular today.


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