Ampeg BA108V2 Amplifier Review and a Quick Look at BA Series

When it comes to bass amps, it doesn’t get better than Ampeg. What I mean is that this manufacturer has been dominating the market for years, if not decades, pleasing the fans of affordable yet decent-sounding amplifiers with every new line-up. Their gigging and touring equipment is simply amazing, but they also make some kickass beginner/intermediate rigs for the newbies. Even if you’re a pro, Ampeg BA108V2 will still be a great choice for a practice amp. Just keep it in your room 24/7 for those late night one-man shows. I’m happy to say that this series was redesigned recently and now looks and feels better than ever, thanks to the brand-new features.

If you’re a bass player on a budget and are just looking for a reliable and flexible bass amplifier from a well-respected company, this thing right here might just be what you’re looking for. For only 100 dollars, it will cover all of your amp needs for at least a couple of years before you outgrow it. And when that moment comes, it will still serve as a “home amp” for some laid-back jamming in your pajamas. The manual clearly states that this is an amplifier specifically designed for the practicing musicians. You get a volume knob and an amazing 3-band EQ that sounds like the more expensive studio equalizers, and that’s great news.

Getting To Know The Ampeg BA108V2 Amplifier

Along with the standard volume-EQ combination, you’ll also find a pair of aux inputs on the right side (1/4-inch and 1/8-inch respectively). They even have their own knob for controlling the level. What does that mean in real life? Well, you’ll be able to fine-tune the separate volumes of your bass guitar and, say, your iPhone or iPod that’s playing a drum track for jamming. Not every single amplifier in this price-range offers that same level of control, by the way. The Ampeg BA108V2 1×8 Bass Combo Amplifier comes with an 8-inch speaker and is good for 20 Watts. With that setup, you can practice/jam/rehearse in your bedroom or even in a small venue (like maybe a café).

The 1/8-inch headphone output, in turn, is great for playing in crowded places. Or, as mentioned in the beginning, just put your phones on at 3 AM and make that bass guitar scream. I promise the neighbors won’t hear anything! The experts are calling it the most professional non-professional practice amp. And the fact that it costs 100 dollars definitely makes it an attractive model for musicians on a budget. Ampeg did everything in its power to create a piece of equipment that will put every single penny you pay for it to good use.

More About The Controls And The Build Quality

The fans of the iconic Ampeg tone will be pleased by the authenticity of this amplifier. It comes with front-facing controls for an easy access. The 60-degree monitoring angle is a nice feature and delivers clarity of sound. If you’re playing the bass in a tiny room, the angle will make sure the signal reaches your ears and sounds bright and clear. The -15dB switch on the left side is for active basses only and will make sure the input isn’t clipping (overdriven). The all-steel chassis is exactly what a little amp like this one needs to protect it during wild parties in the middle of the woods.

The fancy metal corners are resistant to impact, which means even if you drop Ampeg BA 108V2, it won’t break down. Thanks to the clever design, the combo amp weighs 28 pounds (12, 7 kilograms). This affordable amplifier will follow you on every step of the way and fit in a large bag to carry around in style. It’s always a challenge to make a combo amp for bass guitars that sounds decent but still keeps the price-tag around $100. Thanks to the technological advancements and the brilliant engineers of Ampeg, we get to enjoy some solid tones even with a relatively cheap guitar.

Checking Out The Other Models In The Series

As you might’ve already expected, this isn’t the only amp in the series and musicians from around the world can always go for something more powerful (for an additional price, of course). BA110V2 comes with a 10-inch speaker and has 40 Watts under its belly. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, be ready to say goodbye to 180 bucks. The next model, BA112V2, comes with a 12-inch speaker and is good for 75 Watts ($300). For something bigger and stronger, check out the BA115V2. With 150 Watts and a 15-inch speaker, this bad-boy will be able to cut through the loudest crowd and be on par with the drummer. It can also fill out medium-sized venues, which is pretty cool.

The price-tag of 400 dollars might not be as cool, especially if you’re in the market for an entry-level amp (that’s what BA108V2 is for). The ultimate offer from Ampeg is the BA-210 model. It’s got not one, but two 10-inch speakers and as much as 450 Watts (!) of power. For keeping up with the band and the fans, this is the perfect pick. It will cost you $500, though. At the end of the day, practicing musicians don’t really need to spend all that money on additional power. Ampeg BA108V2 is the most popular model in the series, and that’s not just a coincidence. You’ll have to outgrow it to strive for the “elder brothers”, and that’s not gonna happen in the nearest future!

The Verdict For BA108V2

So, treat this 100-dollar wonder with respect and make sure you get the most out of it. With the right set of mind and capable hands, you’ll be able to create some marvelous bass tones with an intermediate-level instrument. Again, for jamming along with your buddies, the 8-inch speaker with 20 Watts of power will probably not be enough. For those purposes, consider purchasing the more powerful models in the series. For practicing whenever and wherever, you won’t find a better amp in this price range. As a friend of mine likes to say, this is the bedroom player’s dream amp. It is built to last and will not disappoint when you plug your instrument and fire away.

This is a workhorse, plain and simple: BA108V2 can take some beating, will serve for decades, and won’t drain your bank account. The control panel is as simple as it can be, and for a practice amp, that’s a huge compliment.

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