ADM Beginner Classical Guitar Review – 30 Inches for a new Player

ADM`s production has been created exactly for the freshest players, who have no experience at playing guitars at all. Let us find out whether its` playability and comfortability are reliable enough to make this purchase.

What ADM Company is

A little fun fact in the beginning: ADM means All Day Music. I don`t know why, but I found it rather cute. The company itself is rather young. It is positioning itself as a company producing musical instruments exactly for the beginners. The quality still remains high, as all the products are checked by the professionals.

Technical Parameters

First things first, let us discuss what this guitar is as a thing. Let us check the body material, dimensions and strings to find out whether it really is suitable for the beginners.

Material The top, back and sides of this guitar are performed of laminated basswood. Neck is made out of nato wood, fingerboard and bridge are made of maple. The tuners are classical, covered with chrome. Honestly, basswood isn`t the most durable or professional material in the World, but it is rather light, cheap and comfortable.
Dimensions The “30-inch part” stays in the name for reasons you know. It is there to show the guitar length. The other dimensions are smaller than the classical ones as well. The device is 30’’*7.5’’*13.8’’ (which is 762*190.5*350.5 in millimeters). So, the guitar is really small, which makes it convenient for children under 10 years. However, the ones older than 16 years may already struggle to play it, as the guitar might be way too small for them.
Strings ADM beginner classical guitar has nylon strings, which are really convenient for the beginners. Nylon is soft, so there will be problem with soft children`s skin. However, nylon is not as reliable as metal and doesn`t provide juicy sound.

So, it is clear enough, that ADM beginner classical guitar has been created exactly for the youngest players and inexperienced beginners. It comfortable and cheap, but there are much better options in terms of durability and development (you`ll have to upgrade from this device as soon as you feel confident with it, because its` potential is rather low).

How it sounds

Sound of this guitar has been surprisingly good. Here are the main features that I found worth mentioning:

  • The strength of sound. Now don`t understand me wrong, it is not the strongest sounding guitar in the World, but even with the nylon strings it can compete with its` metallic strings analogues. It sounds bright and clean.
  • Comfort. Playing with nylon strings is really easy. They are soft, they are comfortable. However, nylon strings loose a lot and require a lot of tuning and adjusting, which might be hard for the beginner.

Another thing worth mentioning is not that positive. Durability of guitar is low. It handles water and sun contacts badly. It might as well easily be broken after falling, so be really careful with it.

Finally, the laminated body is not an advantage as well. It might look a little better, but it is easy to scratch. It makes the resonance worth as well, which, of course, matters in terms of making sound quality worth, than it could be.

Another guitars to consider

There are some other guitars in this category that are worth mentioning. Let us take a quick look at them.

YMC classical guitar ½ size YMC classical 34 inches guitar is a little big larger than ADM`s one. The main feature of this guitar is that it comes in a pack with a lot of stuff for the beginners. The pack includes tuners, gig bags, manuals etc, and comes at a really low price. The playability and durability of the device are OK for budget device.
CNBLUE ¾ Size Classical Acoustic Guitar This one costs a bit more, but provides some bigger opportunities as well. CNBLUE`s device is closer to a normal-sized classical guitar, but it has nylon strings and rather cheap body. Its` main advantage is that it does not necessarily need to be replaced after several months. This guitar has a higher potential and may serve for a year and a half or so.
MA34-N Classical Junior Guitar It comes at a really low price and is a “bag-for-a-buck” for those, who are not willing to spend a lot of money on musical instruments. Not much to say about this one. It is worth its` money, but there is a lot of more decent options on the market.


ADM Beginner Classical guitar is a nice choice for the beginners. It comes in a pack with some “sweets” like a carrying bag and accessories. It provides decent sound and is really comfortable to play, but durability is not on the highest level. I would say that this guitar is suitable for the inexperienced beginners only.

You`ll have to upgrade from this device for sure, on the other hand its` cost is so low, that the purchase is affordable for almost anyone, so why not try it.

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