The market of musical equipment and instruments offers a myriad of options meeting everyone’s tastes. Making the right choice is challenging as never, especially if you don’t have much experience. Now there’s no need to walk over endless stores and talk to consultants to make an informed decision. You can find all useful information without leaving home! Musiety has prepared a large number of comparison articles for you. You have questions – we have answers.

What do we compare?

In this section, we pay attention to different musical instruments, musical equipment, devices, accessories and electronics connected with music. What is better – a five-string or a six-string guitar? How to choose between two types of earplugs? What’s the difference between one and another controller? We give ample answers to your questions and describe musical items in details, underlining both advantages and drawbacks. The list of reviewed objects will grow – don’t miss interesting topics!

How can comparison articles help me?

Imagine how much time it would take you to find decent models of musical equipment – the Internet is full of articles, and reviews in stores are often biased or faked. How not to get lost in the ocean of information? Our comparison articles provide truly important and reliable information! Readers can learn about:

  • Technical specifications of the objects reviewed;
  • Functionality and the ranges of features provided;
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each model;
  • Peculiarities of design, storage, maintenance;
  • Average cost and price/quality ratio;
  • Exact differences between the items.

All of that and much more is described in our comparison articles! Gripping and informative reading saves your time and makes you a real expert in the sphere of musical equipment. With the help of the Musiety’s blog, you’ll be able to figure out which musical devices are tailored to your needs, which models are really worth buying and trying, and which aren’t the best choice.

Getting interesting and useful information about musical devices and electronics has never been so easy and gripping! Musiety’s authors explain complicated things in simple terms – even if you’re not a tech-savvy person in the sphere of musical instruments, you’ll be able to understand the texts and enjoy reading. There’s no need to Google information – our specialists have already done the research for you!

Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 1000: Overview

In this price range we are talking about high-end electro acoustic guitars, which are represented by prestigious brands. But on our list we put two models which, despite the low price, deserve attention for the professional guitarists, Cordoba GK and ESP LTD TL-6. Ovation Elite Standard 2778 AX Ovation Guitars, or more simply Ovation, is…
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Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 2000: Overview

Among the guitar brands that produce acoustic guitars in an industrial way, the American Martin is definitely the most prestigious brand name, especially in the country-bluegrass, which boasts a long history of excellent instruments that have accompanied the most roaring years of rock music, country, folk, and blues. Main brand “competitor” is the Gibson brand,…
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Fender Jaguar vs Jazzmaster vs Mustang

The Fender Mustang is a guitar produced by Fender since 1964, developed by the “student models” Fender Musicmaster and Fender Duo-Sonic. The Japanese Fender still continues to produce Mustangs, using the company’s standard colors (Sunburst, Dakota Red, Olympic White, Black, and Daphne Blue). It was the end of the year 1964, Leo Fender was now…
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Orange Micro Terror vs Micro Dark

The sound of the amplifiers produced by Orange is characterized by the warmth and richness of the timbre, this characteristic is due to the use of a valve circuit in the construction of the devices. The Orange amplifiers are also distinguished from the aesthetic point of view for that bright orange color that makes them…
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Fender Jaguar vs Jazzmaster

Famous all over the world Fender is acclaimed by musicians of all kinds, not only for the timeless myth they represent, but above all for their unmistakable sound. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is one of the most famous brands in the world of guitar manufacturers, basses, amplifiers and more! Fender electric guitars: the origins Let’s…
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Fishman Tonedeq vs Platinum Pro

With its preamplifiers, Fishman aims to deliver full control of the sound in the hands of the guitarist, who can handle the microphone and finish it to their taste to send it done and finished directly to the mixer. ToneDEQ and Platium Pro pre-amplify, equalize and finish the sound. Fishman ToneDEQ Unlike the irreducible electric…
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Cheap Acoustic Guitars: Overview

Acoustic guitar for beginners is price range around $100: in this price range we find the cheap acoustic guitars suitable for those approaching this instrument for the first time. Acoustic guitar for sale cheap Of course, in this price range you will not find cheap Gibson acoustic guitar. The origins of this historic company sink…
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Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 200

At the beginning of a musical career as a guitarist, one of the most frequently asked questions is: which guitar do I buy? Let’s talk about the choice that will accompany you for the first months and probably even beyond... How to choose the best acoustic electric guitars under 200? An acoustic-electric guitar (or an…
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Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 300

In this range we already talk about guitars with the solid top, probably the neck of mahogany, and some more decent tuning mechanisms. We talk about instruments, which can be used to make as “working horses” for professional musicians. How choose the best electric guitar under 300? Of course an acoustic electric guitar under 300…
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Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 500

This range of guitars usually incorporates a higher quality cover, as well as the support of the name of a prestigious brand. The tuning mechanisms will already be of quality and sound without plugging. We are already talking about a solid instrument, which will certainly meet expectations. This is the case of the Takamine that…
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Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 600

Guitars from 300 to 600 dollars are medium-level components, still of good quality factory assembly line, good quality control. Professional acoustic guitar is the price range above 500 dollars: above this figure opens up a virtually unlimited world that sees the emergence of the first professional models and then, gradually, the most noble and prestigious…
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Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 700

A good guitar should have a mix of parameters such as volume, personality, projection, harmonics, resonance and sound queues, dynamic response, balance and naturalness to which the musician will attribute greater or less importance depending on his sensitivity and the areas of use of the instrument (executive techniques, preferred music genre, use in groups or…
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Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 800

In this price range, we can afford an electro-acoustic guitar from a well-known brand, Martin and Taylor. Some famous brands that produce “top-of-the-range” guitars sometimes have even a line of cheaper guitars that have their own brand. Martin Martin is a brand of acoustic guitars with almost 200 years of tradition, since their beginnings they…
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