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Peavey Headliner 410 Review – Power on Budget

Is it possible to purchase a worthy amplifier without spending tones of money on it? Well, if you choose the correct manufacturer and the correct device, you`ll not spend extra on what you do not need. Peavey Electronics The history of Peavey electronics starts in 1957, when young Hartley Peavey, who was a student of…
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Gallien-Krueger NEO 115-III Review – New Level

There are the amplifiers that follow the latest tendencies, and those that are produced in classical manner. Gallien-Krueger company has always been choosing the calm way, creating classic production of decent quality. Gallien-Krueger History Fender revolutionized the World of music with his precision bass. Robert Gallien`s GMT 226A was the most powerful amplifier in 1969.…
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Ampeg SVT 210 AV Review – American Average

A lot of amplifiers have been created. A lot of them have specific features and requirements. However, there are still classical amplifiers, that simply do their job. Let us take a look at one of them. Ampeg History As many other companies producing amplifiers Ampeg was founded in the 70`s when the rock wave was…
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ZT LunchBox Acoustic Review – Small but Loud

Making a choice between compact size and high power isn`t easy. Luckily, there are amplifiers, that have both these features included. At what price does this convenience come? Let us take a look. ZT Amplifiers ZT amplifiers is a really young American company, that manufactures audio equipment. Enginners of Zt are nor afraid to experiment,…
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BlackStar Fly 3 Review – Small Amplifier

Amount of amplifiers on the market is overwhelming. There are small ones, big ones, powerful, compact, unique models and so on. Choosing the only one for yourself might be a difficult mission. Let me help you a little. [table_power caption=""] [table_head_power] [row_power] [cell_power]#[/cell_power] [cell_power]Model[/cell_power] [cell_power]Rating[/cell_power] [cell_power]Power[/cell_power] [cell_power]Channels[/cell_power] [cell_power]Our top[/cell_power] [cell_power]Check[/cell_power] [/row_power] [/table_head_power] [table_body_power] [row_power] [cell_power]1[/cell_power]…
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Radial Tonebone Review – A Set of Preamps

Although preamplifier isn`t the most essential thing to own, having one will always be nice in terms of extended sound producing. Let us take a look at some products manufactured by Radial engineering. Radial Engineering Company Radial Engineering was established in 1991. The company was originally oriented towards creating some cables. However, local engineers were…
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ZT LunchBox Acoustic Review – Didn`t See That Coming

Sometimes you wonder why it has to be either powerful or compact. The lucky ones, who discovered ZT Lunchbox Acoustic, don`t need to choose between these two options. ZT Amplifiers ZT amplifiers is a young American company, manufacturing audio equipment.. As the engineers claim, products of ZT amplifiers are “The loudest small amplifiers in the…
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Fishman Tonedeq Review – Nice Preamp

Nice preamp is a key to improving your performance quality from simply good to the great one. This is where Fishman`s equipment will come in handy. Reliable, convenient and powerful it will meet any requirements. Fishman Company Fishman became popular not because it had any revolutionizing technologies. The reason people have always been choosing Fishman…
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Mini Guitar Amp Review – Is It Good Enough?

Even the compact guitar amplifiers usually weigh around 20 pounds and occupy a lot of space. So, the mini amplifiers were created, to meet the minimal requirements of sound recording and fit in any kind of home studio. A Little General Information So, for this review I had found three mini guitar amplifiers. They all…
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Fender Acoustasonic 40 Review – Portable Classics

When making a choice is too hard, the best way to decide the problem is to go back to some classical devices. Especially that now they are available in all price categories and sizes. Fender Company Back in 1946 Fender Music has revolutionized the whole industry with just one invention. Precision Bass guitar, however, wasn`t…
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Fishman Loudbox Mini Review – The Classics

Finding the perfect balance between the price and the quality isn`t that easy. That`s why finding the one perfect amplifier is so satisfying. I am not saying that LoudBox Mini is exactly what you need, but it is exactly what the balance is. Fishman Company Fishman was founded 35 years ago by a group of…
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Peavey 6505 Piranha Review, the 6505 Series Heads and the Combo Amplifier

Peavey is internationally known as one of the biggest manufacturers of musical equipment around the world. With some of the best professionals in the field, enormous resources, and marketing talent, they’ve managed to become an industry leader. As for their best-selling and award-winning 6505 series, it’s pretty much everything a gearhead could ever dream of.…
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Orange Micro Dark Amp Head Review and a Comparison with Dark Terror

Orange is famous for creating super tiny amplifiers and packing them with more heat than ever – this is their trademark approach, you could say. Orange Micro Dark is actually a hybrid head, meaning it’s not capable of generating an audio signal on its own – you’ll need to buy a speaker for that. So,…
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Hotone Thunder Bass Amp Head Review – Controls, Features And Price

You might’ve never heard about Hotone Audio, as it’s not the most famous company in the industry. However, these guys have exactly what it takes to win over the regular customers – high-quality gear for a low price. Their amps are on par with the leaders of the race and you won’t be disappointed by…
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Eden EX-110-8-U Review – Something to Start with

What a beginner should be looking for is a cabinet that is durable and compact at the same time. Let us take a look at one of the most protected bass cabinets on the market – Eden EX-110-8-U. About EDEN There is nothing fancy about the way Eden was founded. In 1976 a group of…
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Peavey Max 126 Bass Amp with an Amazing Low-End Response Complete Review

Do you know when Peavey was founded? Back in 1965, more than 5 decades ago, and has always been one of the key players in the industry. This company is among the biggest manufacturers and most recognized suppliers of musical equipment and instruments. Currently, they are distributing their top-of-the-line guitars, amps, preamps, and everything else…
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Roland Cube Street and Roland Cube Street EX Amplifiers Review

Amplifiers aren’t really the first things that come to mind when we think about Roland. This company is more famous for their exceptional synthesizers. However, today you’ll learn that they’ve got some of the finest amps on the market. In this article, we’ll be reviewing Roland Cube Street and Roland Cube Street EX – the…
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Marshall Code 50 Modeling Combo Amplifier Review

Along with Fender and Vox, Marshall is a king when it comes to amplifiers. These guys have been delivering state-of-the-art gear for decades, perfecting their equipment with every new line-up. As for the Code series, it’s been a long way coming, but the company did a marvelous job of filling a gap that was begging…
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Ampeg BA108V2 Amplifier Review and a Quick Look at BA Series

When it comes to bass amps, it doesn’t get better than Ampeg. What I mean is that this manufacturer has been dominating the market for years, if not decades, pleasing the fans of affordable yet decent-sounding amplifiers with every new line-up. Their gigging and touring equipment is simply amazing, but they also make some kickass…
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