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Komplete Audio 6 Review: The Best Model For a Low Price

The main thing when choosing any professional audio product is the sound quality. The rest depends on personal preferences. The hardware that brings the audio signal includes many factors. Of course, today's input/output audio interfaces have become much better if compared with older ones. On the other hand, the purchase of an audio interface that…
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Steinberg UR22 Review: A Safe Choice For a Good Price

It is more and more difficult to stand out in the crowded market for Usb 2In/ 2Out sound cards, but Steinberg seems to have succeeded with the small and economical UR22. There are three characteristics of this sound card that make it particularly interesting: the build quality, the sample rate support and the price. Just…
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Ernie Ball Bass Strings Review: How to Choose The Right One for You

Ernie Ball offers many types of bass guitar strings of different style from a number of materials, string gauges. When buying, you need to consider some factors. What kind of musical style does you play, what tonalities are needed and the number of strings? Ernie ball bass strings are created in a range of gauges. The…
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PDP Concept Maple Review — For Every Drummer

PDP (Pacific Drums and Percussion) which is a subsidiary of DW (Drum Workshop) offers reasonably priced high-class drum equipment to drummers who might not pay for the status DW equipment. PDP’s philosophy is to integrate the techniques developed in the DW workshops into their manufacturing programs and make them accessible to everyone. For this to…
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Epiphone Les Paul Special II Review: First Class Quality at a Low Price

The Epiphone Les Paul Special II electric guitar is a musical instrument that embodies the dream which everyone can afford. This is an excellent choice for beginning musicians who want to get acquainted with the sound and feeling of a Les Paul. Providing first-class quality of a Les Paul at a low price an electric…
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KRK Rokit 8 Review — Power in Simplicity

A decent monitor is a thing you're looking for, when you start making first serious attempts to produce music. Well, monitors are not as important as headphones for example, so the budget is usually tight. Let us find out what the perfect balance is. Stanton Magnetics Let us take a quick look at a producing company…
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KRK Rokit 6 Review — The Middle Brother

Looking for something that is compact enough to fit on your desk and powerful enough to play all the sounds clearly enough? KRK Rokit 6 might be the choice. Check this article to find out. What KRK Brand is First things first, let us learn a bit more about KRK. KRK is a branch company…
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KRK Rokit 5 Review — The Compact Monitor

KRK Rokit 5 is the thing that will fit in any studio. It is the most compact model in the series, so it will definitely not occupy much place. Will this however affect the sound quality? Let us find out. What KRK Company is KRK Systems by itself is a rather small company, producing monitors,…
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MBox Mini Review — Little Box

Portable studios have always been questionable. On one hand they are compact and functional enough, on the other – they can not compete with full-sized analogues. Let us find out whether it is worth purchasing. General Information Mbox mini is an important tool in “Professional Musician Starter Pack”. It allows to entry the world of…
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Taylor GS Mini Review — Does the Size Matter?

Mini-guitars are usually good for children and travelling, but when it comes to sound quality they can not compete with full-sized versions. GS was promised to be an innovative product suitable for both purposes. The First Impression The first thing that catches an eye is not even the guitar, but the case it comes in.…
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The review of Best Headphones for Music Fans in 2018

While searching for headphones, you risk getting swept off your feet despite of the fact that you know your requirements and realize what music and devices you will use. You will be surprised, but all the headphones can be divided in only a few large categories: Over-ear headphones. We like them for their best sound…
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The Best Online Guitar Lessons — Full Review of Modern Resources

Learning to play the guitar today is not only a modern trend as guitar players have always been stylish and elegant, and have always won all hearts anywhere in the world. Music is considered to be an international language. The guitar still remains the most popular musical instrument. Every year more than 10 million guitars…
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A Complete Orange CR120 Review And A Comparison With The CR60 Model

Have you ever heard about the Orange Amps? This brand has been conquering the hearts and minds of sound junkies for five decades, give or take. Yep, the very first amp came around in 1968. The color – always orange – and the sound – always top-notch – are the two selling points of these beauties.…
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