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A Complete Orange CR120 Review And A Comparison With The CR60 Model

There was a time when all the things were a little bit easier. The design was colorful, the threes were green and nobody could even think of global warming. But I’ve been already thinking: “What could have happened, if there was no Orange AMPs?”. It was that exactly moment when my first Orange was purchased. Have…
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A Complete Review Of The Best Vox Bass Amps

# Model Rating Power Weight Our top Check 1 Vox Pathfinder Bass 10 10W 13.2 pounds 1 Checkprice 2 Roland Micro Cube Bass RX 5W 18 pounds 3 Checkprice 3 Hartke HD25 25W 28 pounds 4 Checkprice 4 Ampeg BA-108 V2 20W 27.7 pounds 5 Checkprice 5 The Vox VX50 BA 50W 12.8 pounds 2…
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An Expert Squier Jaguar Review

When you are tellig your girlfriend, that she is special you are completely wrong. The only Special thing could ever be is Squier Jaguar. # Model Rating Volume controls Body Material Our top Check 1 The Squier Vintage Modified EG 1 Linden 1 Checkprice 2 The Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar BASS 1 agatis 3 Checkprice…
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The Art Of Making A Homemade Guitar, Pick, Capo, And Stand

We all want to play the best guitars in the world, but, unfortunately, we don’t always have the money to buy them. So, what about a homemade guitar? Is it a realistic idea, or just something the kids do? Can an average musician built a guitar at home and make it look and sound good…
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How to Write a Melody — The Basic Tricks

Melody is the most important part of the song. It remains deep in the listener’s memory even after the track is completely forgotten. Writing a melody isn’t as tricky as it seems, but it requires some skill and patience. The Basics The word “Melody” comes from ancient Greek language. It is used to define the…
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Beatport Top-100 — Analysis and Impressions

Beatport is the place where DJs from all over the World share their works. Being a large and popular platform it provides perfect opportunity for learning and analyzing general electronic music tendencies. What this Article is The best way to learn something new and get better in creating music is to analyze someone else’s work.…
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How to Remix a Song — The Whole Way. 18 Effective Tips

Creating own tracks from a scratch is a hard task. It is much easier for a beginner to remix or mash-up someone else’s music at first. This exercise improves level of skill and self-confidence. How to make a remix Though remixing seems easy at the first sight, it isn’t. Creating a worthy remix takes much…
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How to Produce Music — Beginner to Pro

Music production is hard but rewarding occupation. Let us find out what it is like to become a music producer in modern realities and how to fight moral and financial challenges. Classical and Modern Definition of Producer By classical definition music producer is the person responsible of making the process of creating music as smooth…
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How to make Electronic Music – Extended Beginner’s Guide

Creating electronic music is not the hardest thing in the World. However one needs a lot of basic knowledge to start. All the main aspects required to start are described here. Introduction This manual consists of the 15 most basics things needed to get started with electronic music. Pieces of advice given here will not…
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Fender T Bucket 300 review: rich and resonant sound of moonlight

# Model Rating Body Weight Our top Check 1 Fender Bucket 300 CE Laminated flame maple and laminated mahogany 10.3 pounds 1 Checkprice 2 Washburn HB35WRK Maple 8.6 pounds 3 Checkprice 3 Rogue RA-100D Spruce 11.43 pounds 2 Checkprice Fender Bucket 300 CE Rating BodyLaminated flame maple and laminated mahogany Weight 10.3 pounds Our top1…
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The review of Ibanez Artcore Vintage ASV10A

What do you thing of classic design of electric guitar? To tell you the truth, i love it. It enspires me to write music, especially when it looks like a live-preview of its own rock era. # Model Rating Body Weight Our top Check 1 Ibanez ASV10A Maple and semi-hollow 14.1 pounds 1 Checkprice 2…
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Single-tasking Epiphone Tom Delonge review: the Beauty of Dirty Sound

# Model Rating Body Weight Our top Check 1 Epiphone Tom DeLonge ES 333 Laminate Maple 12 pounds 1 Checkprice 2 Epiphone Tommy Thayer “Spaceman” Solid mahogany 9 pounds 3 3 Epiphone Tony Iommi Signature SG Custom Mahagoni 10 pounds 4 4 Epiphone Ultra-339 Mahogany 8.5 pounds 2 Checkprice Epiphone Tom DeLonge ES 333 Rating…
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Oscar Schmidt OE30 review: the brightest brand example, improved and refined

# Model Rating Body Weight Our top Check 1 Oscar Schmidt OE30 Semi hollow mahogany 10.85 pounds 1 Checkprice 2 Ibanez AS53TRF Laminated-wood 9 pounds 2 Checkprice 3 Epiphone Tony Iommi Signature SG Custom Maple 12 pounds 3 Checkprice Oscar Schmidt OE30 Rating BodySemi hollow mahogany Weight 10.85 pounds Our top1 Check Checkprice Ibanez AS53TRF…
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Perfect sound of ESP LTD Andy James review: amazing sustain, bright tone

Andy James is a swiftly rising star of world guitar music. In addition to creativity, Andy teaches and inspires guitarists all around the world. AJ’s signature guitars, created by ESP LTD, have already become his “business card”. They are designed under Andy’s strict guidance, resulting in a comfortable and perfectly sounding instrument. # Model Rating…
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Brilliant of Japan: Ibanez S520 Review – Light and Universal

Guitar – curvy, sometimes straight. Black and white, red and blue. Heavy or light,- it all doesn’t matter, because it is THE Guitar. The Guitar we want to hear, the guitar we wanna play. This Ibanez is one of those. It is heavy enough to give a strong tone and marvelous sustenance and airy enough…
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