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Single-tasking Epiphone Tom Delonge review: the Beauty of Dirty Sound

# Model Rating Body Weight Our top Check 1 Epiphone Tom DeLonge ES 333 Laminate Maple 12 pounds 1 Checkprice 2 Epiphone Tommy Thayer “Spaceman” Solid mahogany 9 pounds 3 3 Epiphone Tony Iommi Signature SG Custom Mahagoni 10 pounds 4 4 Epiphone Ultra-339 Mahogany 8.5 pounds 2 Checkprice Epiphone Tom DeLonge ES 333 Rating…
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Oscar Schmidt OE30 review: the brightest brand example, improved and refined

# Model Rating Body Weight Our top Check 1 Oscar Schmidt OE30 Semi hollow mahogany 10.85 pounds 1 Checkprice 2 Ibanez AS53TRF Laminated-wood 9 pounds 2 Checkprice 3 Epiphone Tony Iommi Signature SG Custom Maple 12 pounds 3 Checkprice Oscar Schmidt OE30 Rating BodySemi hollow mahogany Weight 10.85 pounds Our top1 Check Checkprice Ibanez AS53TRF…
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Perfect sound of ESP LTD Andy James review: amazing sustain, bright tone

Andy James is a swiftly rising star of world guitar music. In addition to creativity, Andy teaches and inspires guitarists all around the world. AJ’s signature guitars, created by ESP LTD, have already become his “business card”. They are designed under Andy’s strict guidance, resulting in a comfortable and perfectly sounding instrument. # Model Rating…
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Brilliant of Japan: Ibanez S520 Review – Light and Universal

Guitar – curvy, sometimes straight. Black and white, red and blue. Heavy or light,- it all doesn’t matter, because it is THE Guitar. The Guitar we want to hear, the guitar we wanna play. This Ibanez is one of those. It is heavy enough to give a strong tone and marvelous sustenance and airy enough…
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Fender Stratocaster Daphne Blue Review — The Iconic Electric Guitar

My friend called his son “Fender”. My father, the moment i was born, thopught of the same idea, he said. And you know, I do understand why it happens. # Model Rating Color Body material Our top Check 1 Squier by Fender Deluxe Stratocaster Daphne Blue Daphne Blue Basswood 1 Checkprice 2 Fender Eric Clapton…
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Fender Precision Bass Review – The Living Legend

# Model Rating Body material Our top Check 1 Fender American professional Precision Bass Alder 1 Checkprice 2 Fender Standard Precision Bass Solid-wood 4 Checkprice 3 Fender`50s Precision Bass Solid-wood 5 Checkprice 4 Fender American professional Jazz Bass Alder 2 Checkprice 5 Fender Mustang Bass PJ Alder 3 Checkprice 6 Yamaha-RBX Alder 6 Checkprice 7…
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Ibanez pf15ece Review – Just Another Dreadnought

The First Sight Impression # Model Rating Body Material Type Neck Material Type Our top Check 1 Ibanez pf15ece Mahogany Mahogany 1 Checkprice 2 Ovation AB24-RR Composite Nato/Mahogany 2 Checkprice 3 Yamaha FGX 800C Mahogany Nato 3 Checkprice 4 Yamaha APXT2 ¾ size Meranti Nato/Mahogany 4 Checkprice Ibanez pf15ece Rating Body Material TypeMahogany Neck Material…
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iRig Acoustic Review – Compact, yet mighty

The main concept Model Rating Compatible Connecting to PC Resolution Sampling rate Check IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage Mac, Windows, and iOS USB 2.0 32 bit 48 kHz Checkprice IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage Rating CompatibleMac, Windows, and iOS Connecting to PCUSB 2.0 Resolution32 bit Sampling rate48 kHz Check Checkprice The creators of iRig acoustic…
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Sennheiser HD280 Pro Review – The Compromise

# Model Rating Weight Frequency range Our top Check 1 Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones(old model) 220g 8Hz-25 kHz 1 Checkprice 2 Monolith M565 Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones 500g 16Hz-40kHz 4 Checkprice 3 V-MODA XS On-Ear Folding Design Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone 195g 5Hz-30kHz 5 Checkprice 4 Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II 152g There are no…
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Dean EAB review – Cheap Doesn`t Mean Bad

Neck, Body and Hardware Таблица Model Rating Item Dimensions Body Fingerboard Scale Check Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Guitar 6 x 18 x 51 in Mahogany Rosewood 34″ Checkprice Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rating Item Dimensions6 x 18 x 51 in BodyMahogany FingerboardRosewood Scale34″ Check Checkprice First things first: Dean EAB is a jumbo-shaped acoustic bass guitar,…
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