Hi there, my name is Jane! I’m from NY, born and bred, and music has always been a huge part of who I am. As far as my favorite instruments go, the acoustic guitar is my heart and soul. It allows me to express myself the best way that I can. Electric guitars are a bit too aggressive for me; banjos and ukuleles, in turn, are too “folky”, so to speak. I did start out with a tiny ukulele, though, and certainly do know how to play it. But, again, acoustic guitars are my passion, and I spend most of my days writing new stuff, practicing it and playing at tiny gigs. No, I’m not the biggest star of my city, but people go to my shows, and that’s awesome!

As mentioned, New-York is my hometown. I was obsessed with music since childhood. I wanna give huge thanks to my parents for always buying cool new stuff for me and even paying professionals to teach me how to play the guitar. They even took me to a classical music school where they taught the ins and outs of mastering the piano. As far as my music theory background goes, I owe everything to that lovely place. From my early days, I have been learning various parts from the biggest hits and skipping school just to jam along with my friends and impress them with some cool tricks on the guitar. Ten years later, I’m still at it!

Music Is Everything To Me

For me, it’s equally satisfying to play other people’s music and to write my own. Nothing inspires a musician more than someone else’s dope lyrics and beats. Taylor Swift, Alanis Morissette, and Faith Evans are my biggest inspirations. Whenever I feel down and/or everything seems to be falling out of hands, a song by any of these artists makes me feel so much better. So, now you can at least have some idea about the music I’m playing and the artists that I look up to. In the 21st century, it’s very hard to find your own, unique voice, as there’s already so much talent out there.

But if you follow your heart, it will get you there. I’m happy with the small gigs that I have and the fans that attend my shows. Every single person is special, and to share the power of music with you guys is an amazing experience. After finishing high school, I didn’t really want to sign a contract with a label (yes, there were some offers) and decided to go my own way. After finishing the music school, I had all the necessary “ingredients” for cooking up my own stuff. However, it took me years of hard work and numerous failures before I finally found my own sound, my own message for the world.

Sticking To The Plan And Moving Forward

Thanks to the modern-day technology, I can create music without even leaving the bedroom. Back in the day, you had to pay big bucks just to be able to record yourself in a studio and “sell your soul” to a big-time label. These days, artists like me have the freedom of expressing themselves without paying a dime. Yes, I did buy a decent mic, a laptop, and some other music equipment, but you get the point. A simple DAW will get you started; the same goes for some basic rhythms and instruments. During live gigs, I play the guitar, while the speakers play the drums and the rest of the instrumentals.

Hey, come and take a listen to my music – I bet you’ll love it!
My lyrics are all about the life experiences that I have – the struggles I go through, the happy moments I have with my friends and loved ones. I’d probably go crazy without my music because it helps me deal with the problems and better express what I’m feeling deep inside. Every single song I write is deeply personal, and at times, I was even afraid to share it with the rest of the world. But that’s the only way I can put it all out and let you guys tell me how you feel about it all.

Music helps me stay true to who I am and to be strong and confident enough to speak loudly.