Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 200

At the beginning of a musical career as a guitarist, one of the most frequently asked questions is: which guitar do I buy? Let’s talk about the choice that will accompany you for the first months and probably even beyond…

How to choose the best acoustic electric guitars under 200?

An acoustic-electric guitar (or an electro acoustic guitar) represents the proverbial middle way between two apparently very different worlds. And yet it is an interesting choice, both because it offers a sort of fusion between tradition and modernity, and because it allows for an extremely pleasant sound as well as giving free rein to the creativity and virtuosity.

When buying an electro acoustic guitar, we must keep in mind certain things such as woods, body size, and type of strings and, above all, the microphone and amplification system of the instrument. We must bear in mind that its sound will not be the same as that of an acoustic guitar, the reason is very simple, the holes and the modifications that are made to the guitar considerably lower the quality of the sound, To compensate it is ideal to acquire a guitar with a quality microphone.

The lucky ones who can afford not to look too much at the price, point immediately to very expensive instruments, but they are not yet able to fully appreciate the nuances and details that distinguish them. Therefore, we could in a certain sense define them as squanderers, although it is obvious that everyone is still free to act at their discretion. Presumably, the growth of the musician and the quality of the instruments used should increase in a proportional way. The beginner should not be chasing the high-profile brands, which do not exactly add talent to the musician. It is better to pay attention to the average price group up to $ 200, in which there are worthy offers.

Eko Ranger CW EQ Brown Sunburst VAN-3L

If you are looking for an instrument that is not easy to combine a good build quality with the ability to return a rewarding and convincing sound, the Eko Ranger CW EQ Brown Sunburst VAN-3L cannot but conquer an important place in our ranking of the best electrified acoustic guitars.

The merit is to be ascribed to the attention placed in the assembly and use of good quality materials. From this point of view it is the wood that dominates, since the top is in spruce, the back and the body sides are in linden, the neck is in birch and the fretboard binding is in rosewood with twenty frets. So in practice, in addition to the strings, only the nut and saddle are not in wood, but in plastic. The amplification system mounted is the Eko Van 3L.

  • The purchase of this guitar does not force you to bleed; nevertheless you bring home a good quality instrument.
  • The Eko Ranger gives good feelings and satisfied all the musicians who have had the opportunity to try it, even those with a little experience at the back.
  • Wood is the key: top, bottom, bands, handle and fretboard are made from different types of wood.

Designed for those who want a good instrument without spending too much, this guitar is characterized for a very good sound and a pleasant design. The excellent relationship between price and performance is only minimally affected by the absence of the shoulder strap hooks. Let’s say it’s designed more for sitting, rather than standing.

Fender Squier SA-105CE

If you are knowledgeable about guitars, you know that the Fender brand has stood out through the years for its sound quality and durability of its products. This acoustic electric guitar is especially appealing to the rich, full-bodied sound produced by its acoustic speaker and amplified by the Fishman Isys-T pickup system. Design knows how to combine tradition and modernity, keeping the maple wood tone, but adding a touch of creativity with an irregularly shaped neck and a black breaking element where the hand that pinches the strings rests.

The metallic elements inserted on the neck to mark the progression of the notes are not unpleasant to the fingers, even with frequent use. The overall robustness of this model is also highly appreciated, in line with the Squier standards.

  • The Fender Squier SA-105CE Sunburst comes complete with housing, equalizer and Fishman tuner, while the preamplifier is integrated into the harmonic box.
  • The particular sound of the Fender Squier makes it particularly suitable as a studio guitar.
  • The amplification is excellent and the Fender guitar has a clear and full-bodied sound even when you play unplugged.

According to the opinions of most of its admirers, Fender has an excellent quality-price ratio and stands out for its rich and full-bodied sound. Many appreciate it is in the sunburst version, but are also available in black and wood. The Fender Squier is manufactured in China; this does not affect the quality of its acoustic performance, and is noticeable only from the finishing, which unfortunately are rather rough and poor in detail.

Eko Ranger 6 EQ Black

From a well-known brand in music circles, this instrument continues the decades-long tradition of Ranger models, combining the accessibility of a low cost to the robustness of quality materials. The rosewood fingerboard is very pleasant to the touch, especially for those who are starting to explore the world of the guitar, and is supported by a birch neck.

The structure includes the standard equipment of six strings and 20 fret, the metal elements that divide the fretboard, and is rather light and manageable, thanks to a weight of less than 4 kilograms. The dark design certainly does not go unnoticed, that coloring the black sound board with a glossy finish adds character to an instrument with decisive melodies. The Eko Van 3L amplification system enhances and enhances the sounds produced by the sound box.

  • It is one of the best known and identifying models of the Eko brand; the Ranger 6 is famous above all for its excellent quality-price ratio and the longevity and resistance of the manufacturing materials.
  • The Eko preamplifier SE-30 also includes the tuner and is integrated into the sound box, shaped according to the Dreadnaught style which is one of the primary features of the Eko Ranger.
  • It is entirely made of fir, lined, birch and rosewood, with plastic nut with pearlescent effect.

In addition to the good quality of the materials, the finishes and the excellent acoustic performance, the further advantage of the Eko Ranger is certainly its price more than accessible. Despite being a cheap guitar, the Ranger 6, according to the buyers, is a product substantially devoid of defects.

The electro acoustic guitar is an instrument with a special sound, which among other things, stands out thanks to the quality of the different materials with which the product is made and the elements that are part of the soundboard. Therefore, this aspect is one of the most important should have in your selection. Among the models available in the market are the Epiphone EEJ2VSGH1 guitar, with a rosewood bridge and a light construction that makes it easier to interpret what you need; also incorporating a very elegant decoration. Another alternative is the Roundback Electro Acoustic Guitar-15WPK, which includes a complete guitar kit, amplifier and all the elements that your music needs so you can start playing at the moment.

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  1. Lisbeth
    I think that Fender Squier SA-105CE is a good and cheap acoustic guitar. Relatively good sound for this price, but of course I would like to better. On the fret board very quickly wiped off paint now there are scuffs. Color of execution black. Rarely need to configure. The convenient location of the frets. It is better to store in a cover that wood or did not crumble or on the contrary did not gather moisture. It all depends on where she is. The place it is advisable to choose with no particular changes in temperature and humidity then the guitar will last longer. I would like to recommend this guitar to all those who do not have a lot of money or those who are just starting to play the guitar.

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