Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 300

In this range we already talk about guitars with the solid top, probably the neck of mahogany, and some more decent tuning mechanisms. We talk about instruments, which can be used to make as “working horses” for professional musicians.

How choose the best electric guitar under 300?

Of course an acoustic electric guitar under 300 will be the delight of novice guitarists or amateurs who wish to amplify their instrument, because their sound is already of a certain quality.  An example is the Recording King, a highly recommended guitar for having a dazzling price-quality ratio, difficult to beat. We are already playing in another league of instruments, if we compare with the range of fewer than $200.

The thickness of the body on a guitar affects the sound a lot, if the body of the guitar is thin the sound will be bright, likewise if the body is wide and large the sound of the guitar will be serious and with good bass. A quality electro acoustic guitar is usually a bit heavy, when the guitar is very light this can be synonymous with bad quality, when lifting a guitar it should feel strong, with a balanced weight and its sound should be clear, without distortions or strange vibrations.

In the market we get guitars with nylon strings or with metal strings, we must bear in mind that it is not convenient to change the type of string to an electro acoustic guitar, so it is necessary to select the type of string well before buying. If you opt for an electro acoustic guitar with metallic strings, these come with thick gauge strings, we recommend lowering the thickness of the strings to a maximum of 0.10.

When buying a good acoustic electric guitar we need to have a good amplifier that supports it. Brands such as Fishman, Bband, Di marzio and Duncan stand out for bringing high quality products to the market, having one of their equipment on a guitar is a guarantee of good sound.

Yamaha FG700

For those who are learning the guitar or have been playing for years and are looking for an acoustic guitar, the Yamaha FG700S is a good choice. The FG700S is a 6-string acoustic guitar with a spruce top, made of laminate in the back and in the side with a tortoise pickguard and the rosewood bridge.

The FG700S has deep warm bass tones that are rich and rewarding even compared to the much more expensive guitars. The highs are too beautiful, but you can get a slightly brighter sound especially when playing at high volume.  This guitar was built at the Yamaha factory in China; the construction of this guitar is simply fantastic! This is a very solid and durable guitar! In conclusion, pro has an excellent construction and finish, rich and full of very dynamic tones, with a great action in the medium-low frequencies and an extraordinary value for what it costs. As against it can be a little nasal in the range of the highs.

Epiphone AJ-100CE

The Epiphone AJ-100CE Electro Acoustic is a reliable and accessible instrument with a versatile and expressive sound. The AJ-100CE is made with mahogany back and sides, which offer rich, full tones, with a lot of resonance – and it is topped with fir select, which improves tone with crisp, focused highs as well as an excellent response.

The iconic “Advanced Jumbo” body shape provides excellent projection and volume, while its ergonomic cut provides easy access to the upper frets for comfortable playing experience. The addition of high-quality Shadow NanoFlex pickups provides the Epiphone AJ-100CE with incredible acoustic tones when connected.

Epiphone AJ-220SCE

The Epiphone AJ-220SCE combines valid electronics with the unmistakable timbre of mahogany. This is a dreadnought with Venetian cutaway. The woods offer a good sound to the guitar, with a good output volume. The sound is rich on averages, a bit lacking on bass and treble. After all, it is known that mahogany offers this timbre.

The soundboard (top) is in sitka spruce with tortoiseshell pickguard. The neck is mahogany with a D-shaped profile, well cared for and smooth with twenty medium jumbo frets. The binding, well done, is white, has an excellent contrast on both the Natural version, both on Sunburst and Ebony. The bridge is made of rosewood, with plastic saddles and nuts, the mechanics are die-cast closed and discreetly hold the tuning. Finally we talk about electronics: the preamp on board is a Shadow, consisting of two tone controls for bass and treble, the volume, the phase and a tuner and Nanoflex piezo.

Dean AXS Exotic Cutaway

The Dean AXS Exotic Cutaway electro-acoustic guitar with a missing shoulder is the perfect instrument for those who require surprising sound and elegant style. With a body entirely in mahogany, this AXS Exotic guitar has a surprising and resonant top in the buttonwood.

The AXS Exotic provides a rich and powerful sound, and has a 20 fret rosewood fingerboard that offers elegance and comfort of execution. This guitar also features a rosewood bridge, die cast mechanicals, DMT electronics, 3-band equalizer, black hardware and a natural glossy finish.

Eko Ranger VR

The first edition of this guitar takes us back to 1962 when Eko decides to produce a series of folk guitar based on the popular Dreadnought shape, very fashionable in America in those times. The first 6 string guitar took the name of J54 and immediately had an immediate success in terms of playability and price.

To meet the demand of many loyalists, Eko continues the tradition of the Ranger with the Vintage Reissue series which includes various features such as the original models, such as the bolt-on neck, adjustable aluminum saddle, zero-fret and rectangular dots. Technically improved, it maintains the same combination of woods, with mahogany for back and sides and spruce for the top. A retro look thanks to the revisited pickguard keeping the typical shape of the past.

Electro acoustic guitars were designed to create varied sounds and melodies, for the enrichment of artistic genres different from conventional ones. It is a harmonic musical instrument equipped with pickups, a microphone or transducers. In electro-acoustic guitars, transducers and microphones are always used because conventional pads are not able to capture the vibrations of non-magnetic materials. This is evidenced in some elements of the soundboard and the materials with which these guitars are made.

Playing the electro-acoustic guitar is not a simple task, but like all string instruments with practice and time we are acquiring the necessary classes so that we always have a way to get ahead and of course, everything we look for with our strings, is reflected in the form of melody.

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  1. Lisbeth
    Guitar “Yamaha FG-700S”. I bought a guitar about a year ago. What can I say? Well, first of all, it's a very pleasant sound, each string produces a clear sound. The guitar is comfortable, suitable as left-handed and right-handed. The strings are made of quality material. On the neck there is a marking Yamaha. When I bought a guitar, complete with it I was given a guitar pick and case. There is one caveat though, if you strongly for a long time to clamp the string, you can earn huge blisters and pain in the fingers, however, it's not all guitars so depends on the type of strings. I was very pleased and if you decide to buy a guitar, I advise this type. Take it and enjoy the game.

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