Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 700

A good guitar should have a mix of parameters such as volume, personality, projection, harmonics, resonance and sound queues, dynamic response, balance and naturalness to which the musician will attribute greater or less importance depending on his sensitivity and the areas of use of the instrument (executive techniques, preferred music genre, use in groups or as a soloist, etc.).

Choose the best acoustic electric guitar under 700

Let’s start with Breedlove Guitars. Breedlove is an American brand of guitars with more than two decades of experience in the manufacture of instruments, its Breedlove Pursuit Nylon recommended for guitarists of medium or advanced level, and it is a guitar that is characterized by having a sweet sound and being easy to touch.

  • The Breedlove Pursuit Nylon comes with the body in cedar for the top; this wood helps to compensate the tone of the instrument, giving brightness and clarity.
  • The body comes in Mahogany for the back and sides, this wood of high resonance gives body to the sound of the instrument.
  • The neck comes in Mahogany, this wood gives the necessary resistance to support the tension of the strings, and the wood chosen to help with the tone of the fingerboard is rosewood, a very common combination given the tone it gives to the guitar.
  • The bridge is in bone (this piece usually has a high wear).  The frets come in nickel, this material gives a sweet sound to the instrument, and it is the most used for this type of guitars.

The Breedlove Pursuit Nylon comes equipped with a microphone and pre-amp Fishman, one of the best brands for this type of parts; this system comes with a tuner included which makes things a little easier. It includes a control of low, one of high and a phase inverter, something interesting is that it includes USB input to connect to a PC or devices that are compatible with this element as an input receiver.

Lag T200ACE

The T200ACE guitar is produced by Lag, a French company founded by master violinmaker Michel Lag-Chavarria.

  • The ACE features a solid red cedar top with mahogany back and sides.
  • The mahogany neck is surmounted by an Indonesian rosewood fingerboard. The headboard is made of solid Indonesian rosewood with a linseed oil finish. It is nicely decorated with a maple inlay of the Lag logo.
  • The radius of the fretboard is 15.75 inches like a Martin that typically has a 16-inch radius.
  • The strings pass through an Indonesian rosewood bridge.

The saddle is made of black resin that provides a solid contact point for each string, as well as the graphite nut, which has dimensions of 43 mm (about 1.7 inches).

The StudioLâg Plus preamplifier offers five settings: Natural Folk, Bluesy, Studio Rhythm, Fingerstyle and Jazz, as well as the bypass. The flat neck is a little wide and offers an abundance of finger style work space. Likewise, the action is quite low, but the strings have a lot of space to vibrate. This guitar offers a rich tone with incisive and articulated bass. But what stands out is the ability to produce a shimmering sound of harmonics.

The T200ACE acoustic guitar is equipped with a Shadow Nanoflex piezo pickup under the bridge saddle. With a system on board the pre StudioLâg Plus, it is rather unusual. Instead of using an EQ with fixed bands, it uses a rotary switch that selects between five analog presets: Natural Folk, Bluesy, Studio Rhythm, fingerstyle and jazz. The Lag T200ACE guitar offers an interesting package, in a nutshell, it sounds much better than an instrument under $700 with excellent tones, a nice look and a good playability.

Epiphone Masterbuilt Zenith Classic

The Epiphone Masterbuilt Zenith Classic is an arch top electro acoustic guitar, characterized by a solid spruce board, flamed maple back and sides and classic “f” holes. Like the first generation “archtop guitars” the Zenith Classic has a compact body. It is very comfortable, without compromising the sound quality. It’s a perfect instrument for the guitarist looking for a sound that blends perfectly with the other instruments, but also for the solo guitarist looking for an electric tone with a high acoustic component. The eSonic HD electronics with Shadow Nanomag pickups are excellent for live performances, being able to generate a faithful and dynamic sound. The Master Volume and Master-EQ controls are placed within the lower “F”.

Recommendations on how to choose an electro acoustic guitar

The first thing is the neck.  It’s really the most important thing to talk about because if the neck is not well planted or if it’s too heavy the guitar is impossible to play. An acoustic guitar, then, more than the classical guitar, has so many fret and these do not have to be rough but pleasant to play to the touch. In fact, if they are rough or protruding this means that the guitar is botched and they will hurt their fingertips rubbing on them not allowing you to work with passion to this thing. Another thing is the distance of the strings from the neck. Because one must be easy to play and the sound must spread with a certain grace. If the strings are too close to the neck it is easy that the sound is choked and that it is not at all easy to make a chord of chords choked because they are close to the wood.

One of the most important aspects, always linked to the general and constructive quality of an acoustic guitar, is that the assembly of the various components is impeccable. It will benefit the sound quality that the instrument will be able to produce. If we want to check how a guitar is put into the assembly we can always put it against the light. By putting it against the light we can be able to see if there are any cracks or there are problems with cracks or parts not assembled properly. This also serves to understand if these cracks will then grow larger.

Wood is also fundamental for the quality of the guitar. A better type of wood is able to reproduce a better sound, this is equally clear. The wood that is most used for a soundboard is fir wood (always solid) or cedar wood. A lighter wood will lead to a sharper sound as a darker wood will tend to lead to a more severe sound with more obvious bass.

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