Top 9 cheap Bluetooth speakers under $150, listen to the best music in 2021

You have 150 dollars and want to choose a quality genuine Bluetooth speaker but don’t know which one to choose because there are too many Bluetooth speakers on the market today!

$150 is an impressive cost, enough for you to choose genuine quality Bluetooth speakers for your travel, picnic, or party music needs.

But the question is in that price range, which Bluetooth speaker models are worth choosing? Don’t worry, let’s take a look now: Top 9 cheap Bluetooth speakers under $150, listen to the best music this 2021 before you choose!

The best bluetooth speakers under $150 to buy

With a huge promotion, Jamo DS2 Bluetooth Speaker As a cheap Bluetooth speaker model with a compact mini design that can hang a backpack is extremely impressive, Jamo DS2 Bluetooth speaker offers the perfect choice in the price range with the following features:

  • Compact, lightweight mini design, with hooks available for easy hanging on bags, backpacks or even on clothes.
  • Impressively clear sound, with power 3.5W and frequency response from 150Hz to 20KHz
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Play music via SD card
  • Connect FM radio
  • 4 hours battery
  • Receive incoming calls quickly right on the speaker

JBL GO 2 speaker is a Bluetooth speaker cheap, mini with a price of less than $150 for you to choose with features such as:

  • Sturdy, modern design and many bright colors to choose from (up to 12 colors)
  • IPX7 . water and dust resistant
  • Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology.
  • Powerful JBL brand sound in an ultra-small size.
  • Built-in microphone on speaker with noise cancellation technology
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 5 hours of continuous use
  • Smart LED indicator for battery status and Bluetooth connection status
  • Compact design, convenient for travel, picnic…
  • Connect the 3.5mm jack via the AUX port easily when your device plays.

As the 2021 version of the JBL Go2 speaker, the JBL G3 speaker is perfectly improved in both sound and design, with a slightly higher price than go2, this is still a genuine cheap Bluetooth speaker choice under $150 for you. Speakers include salient features:

  • Stylish, compact, dynamic and colorful design
  • Possesses IP67 . water and dust resistance
  • Stream wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled device with bluetooth 5.1 connectivity
  • Battery 5 hours, Full charge in 2.5 hours
  • USB-C charging port support
  • Striking, fashionable colors with a rich palette of colors: Black, Blue, Blue, Pink, Red, Camouflage, Pink, Green and White

With a price tag of a little over $100, the Sony SRS-XB12 speaker is a quality choice for you to take anywhere with the following features:

  • Compact, mini and delicate design in a variety of colors to suit all your personal tastes.
  • EXTRA BASS™ technology with impressive bass.
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology
  • Great battery life listen to music continuously for 16 hours.
  • Standard waterproof dustproof IP67.
  • Connect an extra XB12 speaker to create a stereo effect.
  • There is a 3.5mm port for connecting to a PC, or a phone if you don’t want to use Bluetooth wireless connection

As a bluetooth speaker product with a price of less than $150 that is receiving great attention from JBL in 2021, the JBL Clip 4 Speaker is a compact speaker model with impressive features such as:

  • JBL’s latest 2021 design is compact, outstanding, fashionable, stylish, and full of dynamism
  • Waterproof and dustproof IP67 standard for ultimate portability, take it anywhere
  • Bluetooth v5.1 for the ability to play music files with better quality, more stability
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life recharges in 3 hours via a powerful USB-C connection for extended fun
  • The upgraded Carabiner strap attaches directly to the speaker, for perfect suspension.
  • Speaker colors are extremely diverse (up to 13 colors), free for you to choose according to your preferences

Don’t buy it, this quality mini Bluetooth speaker is currently being heavily discounted for less than $150, perfect for you to own, with outstanding features such as:

  • Stylish design, compact mini with a weight of only 0.390 kg, easy for you to take anywhere
  • Powerful sound full-range with 2 40mm drivers combined with a 40x83mm passive bass combined with a High-Efficiency Digital Amplifier (2x 6.5W)
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof standard helps you no longer worry when taking the speaker away into water and dust environments. Help the speaker achieve maximum durability
  • The control system is simplified and easy to use
  • Special simple Bluetooth pairing can pair two speakers Envaya of the same type to form a stereo system

As a great cheap Bluetooth speaker under $150 for the elderly, or young people who are passionate about FM radio, the JBL Tuner FM speaker is impressively designed with outstanding features.

  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker Radio: Enjoy traditional FM radio stations with RDS.
  • Bluetooth wirelessly streams high-quality audio from your smartphone or tablet to the speaker.
  • Excellent sound quality JBL brand
  • The built-in rechargeable battery supports up to 8 hours of use
  • The scrollable backlit LCD display allows easy viewing of radio station details.
  • 5 Direct Preset Buttons: Easily tune into your favorite stations with the 5 FM radio presets.
  • Compact mini design, with light weight including one-handed moving handle
  • Powerful, detailed sound, with power levels up to 20W RMS
  • Improved bass performance, with the built-in 2 bass passive 2 leads to sound warm and deeper
  • Play music via Bluetooth wirelessly
  • 4800mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 12 hours of continuous playtime
  • IPX7 Waterproof Design: Can be completely submerged in water to a depth of 1 meter for 15 minutes.
  • Fast USB-C charging in 2.5 hours
  • Built-in small speakerphone allows you to take calls (when there is an incoming call on the phone playing music on the speaker) at the touch of a button
  • Choose from a variety of 11 colors to suit your taste: Desert Sand, Mustard Yellow, Dusty Pink, Gray Stone, River Teal, Fiesta Red, Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Steel White, Forest Green, and Squad .

The final product with a price of less than $150, is the super cheap Bluetooth speaker SONY SRS XB23 with outstanding features such as:

  • Compact design with extreme portability with a lanyard so you can easily take it anywhere.
  • Impressive EXTRA BASS ™ sound technology
  • The extremely impressive “X” (non-circular) driver design, precisely calculated by SONY engineers, delivers a more impressive new style of sound.
  • Water resistant, extremely strong dust IP67 standard, even very good Anti-Squirt.
  • 12h battery life ( EXTRA BASS™ mode: Up to 10 hours)
  • Has speakerphone to answer calls hands-free
  • USB Type-C® charging port
  • Wireless streaming via latest Bluetooth technology 5.0

Above are: Top 9 cheap Bluetooth speakers under $150, listen to the best music in 2021, hope that with these shares can help you choose the perfect quality genuine Bluetooth speakers priced under $150. Any comments or questions, you can comment right below to receive the earliest answer.


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