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Best bluetooth speakers under $50 – Reviews

best bluetooth speakers under $50

As you know, Music is an indispensable thing in life, it makes life a lot more enjoyable. However,  you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy a big speaker to enjoy music because the current market is cheap Bluetooth speakers. are very popular.

If you’re looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker, it doesn’t look like you are expecting much in sound quality. There is no bad or good product based on the technology it offers, but it will be good or bad for you based on your personal needs and preferences. You can find several options for under $50 budgets that still deliver good audio performance, many offer at least a few other extras.

As a result, you can sort out your preferences or usage before you have a product.

This article guides you through choosing the best Bluetooth speakers for under $50.

Top 10 best bluetooth speakers under $50

1. Anker Soundcore Flare Mini

The Soundcore Flare is a great value in the sub $50 bluetooth speaker segment.

Overall, the Flare offers good sound, a waterproof design, and can even withstand total submersion in water, making them ideal for poolside use offering a great experience. The LED light display is a bit gimmicky but it’s definitely a treat and it’s fully adjustable.

The Anker Soundcore Flare 2 is one of the best Anker speakers for listening at home. It is designed to deliver 360-degree sound with bass-oriented acoustic performance. The speakers feature dual drivers and a passive bass radiator combined with BassUp technology to deliver deeper bass. The speaker offers a total sound output of 20 watts in total, which isn’t bad considering how compact the speaker really is.

2. JBL Clip 3

If you are a fan of JBL’s mini speaker line, Clip 3 is one of the best products you should buy. Not only for the price but also for the best strap bluetooth speaker, JBL has designed a metal ring around the speaker body that is then attached to the key chain. This is very convenient that you will not be able to lose or forget to bring this hook when out. In addition, it has got many improvements in appearance and battery life compared to the JBL Clip 2.

But the downside is that you cannot replace it when the hook is damaged or changes to a hook with a different color. However, you do not have to worry about this because looking at the finished and durable quality, this hook will take a long time to fail.

In terms of technology, JBL Clip 3 is integrated with noise cancellation when you talk.

In terms of sound, the speaker cannot produce stereo effects or produce loud volume, it works well in the bass and mids range so buyers of these portable speakers often listen to EDM or Rock while taking the speaker out.

JBL Clip 3 is suitable for active young people who regularly move or exercise. You can wear Clip 3 on the back of your pants when running, or hang on your bike while cycling. Even when it rains, you can use it comfortably with the IPX7 waterproof standard on Clip 3.

3. EWA A106 Bluetooth Speakers

The EWA A106 is probably the smallest Bluetooth speaker on our under $ 50 product list. It is about the size of an egg, with a top design made of a thin aluminum sheet and a hard plastic body.

Despite its compact size, the EWA A106 mini speaker can produce clear sound with impressive bass range and loud enough volume to fill the room through high-performance drivers. Furthermore, the sound can become deeper and deeper if you place the speaker on a surface such as a wooden table or sound amplifier.

EWA A106 is perfect for picnics, running, biking and other outdoor activities as it is resistant to rain, dust, snow and impact. For the price, we recommend the EWA A106.

4. Sony SRS-XB12

ā€˜Despite being the smallest and cheapest model in the Sony ExtraBass line, the SRS-XB12 is still the first choice for many music listeners on long trips. That’s why I think this under $ 50 SRS-XB12 is perfect for those who like a speaker with bass range and take it anywhere.

The biggest advantage that makes me always decide to choose the SRS-XB12 when going anywhere is compact. The SRS-XB12 has the size of just the palm of the hand, the weight is also moderate, so it is very suitable for carrying around in a backpack.

What surprised me when using this portable speaker SRS-XB12 is that the sound quality goes beyond the compact size of the speaker. Inside this speaker there is only one driver on the top you can easily see and below is a passive diaphragm to enhance the bass range of the speaker. Thanks to this passive diaphragm, the bass is reinforced more firmly, not as dull or lacking as loudspeakers in this size. In fact, the SRS-XB12’s bass range is quite solid, powerful and has no feeling of encroaching on the midrange.

5. Anker Soundcore 2

On a tight budget, the Anker SoundCore 2 bluetooth speaker is a very bright option. In the ‘Best under $50 bluetooth speaker’ list, Anker SoundCore 2 must have a place in it.

If you are familiar with the original version of SoundCore, when you look at SoundCore 2 you will see that these two speakers do not have much difference in appearance. Version 2 is still covered by a rubber film that helps protect the speaker from physical damage and moisture. Talking comes with IPX7 water resistance, a slight but very practical upgrade over the original. The new waterproof feature ensures the SoundCore 2 can dive 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes unharmed, perfect for use in the pool or in the bathroom.

Despite its compact size, SoundCore 2 is capable of playing extremely well. Its two 6W drivers plus a passive radiator deliver a sizable amount of bass compared to its tiny stature, but it’s only slightly outperformed, not really loud. Anyway, it made an impression on me. The mid and treble bands of the speaker are balanced, consistent with the musical taste.

6. DOSS SoundBox Touch Portable

If you want a good quality wireless speaker with a sleek, stylish design and a low price, try the DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless Speaker. It’s the best-looking wireless speaker on our list.

Another great feature of this speaker is that the top panel is made of capacitive touch and is very easy to use. You can directly manage your music with the touch of a finger.

This wireless speaker from DOSS provides stable sound quality, playing time about 12 hours if you set the volume to about 75%.

7. Tribit Xsound

Tribit XSound GO has a very minimalistic and quite elegant design, with no accents on the design. Tribit XSound GO’s shape is quite similar to the previous Sony SRS XB-20 model.

Tribit XSound GO is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 standard, although not the latest standard, but this is the Bluetooth standard that is still used a lot on mobile speakers due to its high stability.

Tribit XSound GO also has a built-in conversation microphone on the speaker body, allowing you to take hands-free calls or call a virtual assistant.

Water resistance is also a strong point of Tribit XSound GO. Not many models in the same price range are equipped with IPX7 water resistance like the Tribit XSound GO.

Tribit XSound GO’s battery capacity is up to 4400mAh for a maximum usage time of up to 24 hours continuously. An extremely good number compared to the same price range speakers.

8. OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth

The speaker has a distinctly triangular cylindrical design from other products that can be mounted upright or placed horizontally, which enhances its sound quality.

This speaker is a bit louder and clearer than a smartphone’s built-in speaker, but can’t compare to most of the other more capable speakers we’ve tested.

While it’s still much better than hearing a smartphone’s built-in speaker, the Oontz Angle 3 is the worst-sounding product in our cheap pick. But if you’re looking for a product that delivers better audio performance then we feel the Anker SoundCore and Tribit XSound Go are speakers with the better sound quality for those on a tight budget.

However, with loud volume, clear bass, water resistance and great battery life, this is still a product you can choose for your outing.


JBL JR POP speaker is a mini bluetooth speaker designed for extremely friendly children on the market today. Clear, completely waterproof sound performance and built-in, affordable LED lights are the striking features of this line of speakers, obviously a design suitable for young people, impressing Powerful for music lovers.

The speakers can emit a pretty loud sound, don’t emit a deep bass that vibrates the whole room, but at maximum volume, the sound might be louder than you’d imagine for a kid’s speaker. You can limit the volume level in the sound settings on your phone or tablet.

10. JBL Go 2

With a small boxy design, JBL Go 2 gives users a variety of color options that match personality with many users.

The front uses a metal mesh surface with paint even the JBL Logo with signal lights behind the screen, but with the metal mesh surface, it will easily be dented after a period of use. In return, the speaker is made of expensive plastic, to withstand the impact and drop of water.

JBL Go 2 has a neat, solid, controlled and precise bass strip on each beat of the music. When placed right in front of the speaker, this speaker works best with the opposite listener, loud enough and with enough beating force for listeners to enjoy. Thanks to the passive diaphragm helps to recreate the sub-range a little bit more, avoiding contemporary music that lacks the bass range

In return, when the higher the volume, the bass will lose gradually and this is not complaining, partly just to protect the speaker screen from breaking.

Buying Guide

Do you think such best sound quality Bluetooth speakers can’t cost less than $50? You are wrong. There are models on the market that will impress you with their best quality sounds and give you a great experience for as little as $50 as we promised.

When choosing to buy bluetooth speakers, most of us pay attention to two factors: price and quality. So how is the new line of speakers with good quality and reasonable price? Please rely on the following criteria to identify.

1. Speaker power

To evaluate whether the bluetooth speaker is good or not, capacity is one of the important factors. So focus on how much power the amplifier can deliver. The greater the capacity, the higher the intensity of the sound, the sound quality is also closely related to the volume emitted by the speaker.

If the power source from the amplifier is large and the loudspeaker is emitted, it is a high-quality speaker because the sound is louder and sharper. Theoretically, speakers with a capacity of 10W or more give good and realistic sound. But in fact, for many bluetooth speakers with a capacity of only 3W, you can also experience high-quality music.

2. Sound quality

For a novice, should buy any type of bluetooth speaker to have good sound quality, it is not easy. Usually, a mid-range product will satisfy the needs of the most popular users. For those “connoisseurs” of music, with more strict requirements, they should buy high-end lines.

In sound, we have 3 main sound ranges, including bass (bass), midrange (mid), and high sound (treble). A good bluetooth speaker product will show all 3 of these sound bands in the best way. There are many specialized genres of music that tend to favor one type of sound, if you are not inclined to a certain genre of music, you should choose to buy equipment that is good in all 3 tones.

Small speakers are often difficult to fully express. The sound is too low or too high. If you are cheap, buying some unbranded bluetooth speakers usually does not have a good listening experience. Because there are unclear sounds of bass or the singer’s voice is not as clear as it is.


So which bluetooth speaker is the best under $50? JBL products are the most sought-after by many people because of a variety of models and products in many segments. Each type has outstanding advantages. If you are using it in a room, you should prioritize good sound quality and sleek design. If you use it outdoors a lot, you should prioritize water-resistant, mid-range capacity and compact design for easy portability.

When using bluetooth speakers you should also pay attention to a few problems:

– Do not turn on the max volume speaker because even if the sound is still good, it still affects the driver’s life.

– Do not let the battery charge for too long, it will cause the battery to bottle easily and quickly damage.

– Do not open the speaker diaphragm when it is sealed (put in a pocket or face down) will distort the sound.