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Old companies know how to do stuff. Young companies are trying to introduce innovations to impress the users. Bugera company is what happens when experience meets the innovations.

Bugera Company

Bugera is a young British company, that produces audio equipment. It seemed a bit strange, that new company was trying to enter the market in the year 2000, but no one could stand aside from the products of high quality, that Bugera was manufacturing.

Innovative configurations, new schemes and great marketing made Bugera what it is know. One of the leading European audio equipment manufacturers.

There is a lot of worthy production, manufactured by Bugera, however our hero today is the amplifier 115 TS. We`ll take a brief look at related products as well, but a bit later.

Physical Parameters

Knowing how the amplifier sounds is important. Knowing how it works is great. Knowing how much it weighs and where you will be storing it is essential. Therefore let us start this review with checking the most basic characteristics out.

The weight The amplifier weighs 60 pounds (which is more than 26 kilograms). It is quite heavy, so, unless you are a trained person, you`ll need some help with delivering it to the studio and installing it.
The dimensions Bugera 115 TS is 16.8 * 23.1 * 18.4 inches (which is 406,4 * 584,2 * 467,4 in millimeters). Despite being not the largest amplifier in the World, it is pretty big, so if you have a small hone studio, think in advance about where you place it.
The material Everything here is default: plywood and metal grille. Corners have extra protection and the grille is great, so durability is great. I would say, that material was picked as a perfect compromise between durability and compactness.

Well, this is for the basics. I bet you are interested in the technical part much more, so let us review that as well.

The Technical Parameters

Here it comes:

Sound producing system

The cabinet has a superb 15’’ speaker, that has been developed and engineered by the manufacturer himself, for providing the best sound experience. There is an adjustable electro-dynamic driver as well. The power of cabinet is 1600 Watt, which is quite a lot to be honest. The produced sound is really loud and powerful.

Inputs and outputs

There are basic quarter inputs and outputs, as well as professional speaker connectors.

These were the essentials. There are two more things we need to know more. The features, that the manufacturer himself is proud of and the actual sound test. Let us check the features first.

The Features

Extensive internal bracing

This thing is good, because it provides great low end responsibility. Or, speaking simpler, the amplified sound will still be the sound of the guitar, not the sound of amplifier.

Recessed handles

They make the transportation easier and do not spoil the process of using, because of being really compact and convenient. One of those features, that you do not really pay much attention to, but still appreciate.

That 15’’ Speaker

I`ve already mentioned that it is great, but have not mentioned why. So, it is a speaker engineered and manufactured in England, that provides extra warmth and depth of sound due to its` special construction. Probably not the rocket science level, but still a decent invention.

There were several smaller features, like vinyl cover, for example, but I think that instead of mentioning them, I should rather describe the sound qualities.

The Sound Test

There are some pros and some cons, but I would say that overall quality is really decent. Here is what I exactly mean:


  • Reasonable quality of sound

There was no distortion and feedback. The sound is warm, clean and clear. Mids, highs and lows sound exactly as they have to. Nothing to complain about here really.

  • Loud and powerful sound

1600 Watt of power is more than enough for making the sound be loud. This cabinet is good enough not for practicing only, but for the first performances as well.


Well, honestly there was nothing to complain about, however you should understand, that the cabinet by itself will not do all the job. More equipment is needed to make the whole amplification go smooth through all the way. Let me show you some of the products, that will be the perfect addition for Bugera 115 TS.

Related Products

Bugera produces not the amplifiers only, but lots of different audio equipment as well. As the products from the same manufacturer work better together, let us take a quick look at the related stuff.

Bugera BT 210 Ts

This yet another cabinet from Bugera, which provides excellent amplification by itself, but works even better when combined with other Bugera products. Bugera BT210TS is lighter, more compact and less powerful, than 115TS, therefore it can be called a mini-version of that amplifier. All the other parameters remain pretty much the same.

Bugera Veyron Mosfet 1001

This is a great amplifier, that has a lot of adjustability options, is really powerful, and is designed in the way to be combined with the Bugera cabinets. Combining the power of cabinets with adjustability of this thing, will result in making the sound be really professional

There is much more worthy equipment on the market, but describing it all will take quite a lot time, so, if you did not find what you need here, just surf the net a bit more, read the feedbacks and so on.


Summing things up, I made the shortcut of the most important information from this article.

  • Bugera is a young company, that unites experience of engineers with innovative ideas.
  • BugeraBT115TS is a great cabinet, that makes loud and clean sound. However it requires some more equipment for providing the best sounding.
  • Bugera makes all the related stuff, so you`ll be able to easily make the full amplification construction.

Well, this was it for this review. I wish you good luck with mastering the guitar.

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