Cheap Acoustic Guitars: Overview

Acoustic guitar for beginners is price range around $100: in this price range we find the cheap acoustic guitars suitable for those approaching this instrument for the first time.

Acoustic guitar for sale cheap

Of course, in this price range you will not find cheap Gibson acoustic guitar. The origins of this historic company sink into the world of acoustic guitar, a world to which Gibson has donated important innovations such as the invention of archtop, F-shaped guitars that today are electrified, but at the time were exclusively acoustic. The Gibson acoustic guitars are instruments of excellent quality and have an unmistakable, warm, enveloping sound. Example, HPV415W, a high-end guitar innovated by historical models and characterized by excellent woods, like Sitka spruce for the top. The price is around $1600. Perhaps this is the most inexpensive model Gibson.

If you are looking for a good guitar of this type, we suggest you look at the Eko proposals, an excellent Italian brand, or Epiphone (Gibson’s economic line). Epiphone acoustic guitars are the ideal choice for those looking for good instruments at affordable prices. In the electric as in the acoustic, the brand belonging to the Gibson stands out in fact for the production of good-quality models at competitive prices, ideal for beginners.

Fender, Yamaha and Ibanez also offer interesting economic models. At the first place in the ranking of the aspects to consider in order choosing a product that is of good quality is to evaluate the neck, which must be comfortable. In addition, a quality acoustic guitar boasts fret (the metal bars distributed along the fretboard) pleasant to the touch. If they are too rough or excessively protruding, they are an indication of a poorly executed construction that will result in reduced use. Even the distance between strings to neck is an element to pay the utmost attention, above all because to master at best some typical techniques of this instrument it is necessary that the fingers can move on the strings easily and without getting too tired.

Yamaha F310

If you want to find out what the good acoustic guitar you should definitely consider the Yamaha F310. This is a “dreadnought” model that has been praised by most users because of its exceptional sound. The dreadnought acoustic guitar, the most famous form in the world and used by all the best brands, takes its name from a historic warship and possesses a wider harmonic case in the rear area giving a more powerful and rich sound both of bass and of highs.

It is among the best-selling Yamaha acoustic guitars: the sound generated by the strings and body in fir and meranti is sweet, bright, metallic but warm. The Yamaha F310 is intended, in particular, to an audience of beginners or those who resume playing after a long time, is an instrument that does not disappoint the expectations of even the most demanding fans.

Quality of the materials of this model more than fair, careful finishing, a nice clean and sober design and a good ease of use. The fact that it is the best-selling acoustic guitar in the United Kingdom, a nation very rich in musical tradition, is already a guarantee on the quality of the product and on the goodness of one’s own choice.  To be played at its best, it will require, like all, that the characteristic “calli” are formed on the fingertips of the hand. Compared to many others, however, the strings are softer and are handled with less effort.


  • Body in fir and maranti that give a unique timbre
  • Rosewood neck and fingerboard for a better and easier movement on the fretboard
  • Robust mechanics, Yamaha quality
  • Black pickguard not to ruin the guitar in accompaniment
  • Beautiful finishes on the body
  • It weighs only 2.4 Kg

Many reviews underline the comfort of its low action, perfect to start playing.

Yamaha C40

This guitar is the perfect price-quality ratio as it is among the best low-end guitars. The Yamaha C40 has a full size. Despite being among the best cheap acoustic guitars, for its materials and finishes is not a second-rate instrument. It is perfect for beginners: top made with fine spruce, bridges and tuning forks of rosewood and mahogany sides, these finishes make it has a sound box with excellent sound. It consists of a tuning machine of acceptable quality which does not tune easily.

Technical details:

  • Color: black
  • Finish: Brightness – Black and white
  • Neck: Nato
  • Fingerboard: rosewood
  • Bridge: rosewood
  • Top: Spruce
  • Back and sides: Meranti
  • Depth of the body: 94-100 mm (3 11/16 “-3 15/16”)
  • Weight: 3 kg

Among the disadvantages: size adapted for adults, not recommended for children; it does not have frets with guide marks; the body is not made of solid wood.

Ibanez V50NJP-NT

Ibanez is one of the most prolific brands in the production of acoustic guitars, with a wide and diversified offer that is able to satisfy everyone’s tastes. The Ibanez V50NJP-NT is an acoustic weighing about 4 kg, a respectable dreadnought while being so economical. In fact you can find it on Amazon at a really affordable price. Its most important feature is that it has a soundboard in fir and therefore very loud and loud on the highs, but the whole sound box is mahogany that brings out the best harmonics in the low tones.

  • Body in fir and agathis wood
  • Acoustics that stand out for highs and lows
  • Rosewood neck for a better and easier movement on the fretboard
  • Chromed mechanics, beautiful, robust and well finished


Fender is a well-known brand in the manufacture of instruments and amplifiers, its guitars have always stood out for their bright and clear sound. The Fender FA-135CE is an electro acoustic guitar ideal for beginners. The Fender FA-135CE is a two-piece electro acoustic guitar, built under the traditional two-piece system where the body and neck are fitted and glued together.

The body caps are glued under the traditional system, the front cover comes with X-brace system, very common in this brand, this makes it more resistant to stress. It is a large guitar; the model body concert helps you gain resonance, so we will have a high volume instrument in our hands. It comes with a cutaway that allows you to easily reach the highest frets. It comes equipped with 20 medium frets, the neck is thin which allows a more agile execution and uses metal ropes.

The Fender FA-135CE comes with a combination of unconventional woods for this brand; the neck is in Nato, a wood that is used as a replacement for the Maple thanks to its resistance to tension. The top is in laminated pine. The back and sides come in tilo, a common wood in the lower ranges of brands such as Ibanez or ESP. This is generally found in low-end guitars because it is a lower cost wood, however it is of good quality because it is resistant. It is one of the most used types of wood since it is light and offers an excellent balance between low and high tones.

The Fender FA-135CE comes with a Fishman Ion-T, this is a basic model but it has EQ controls for bass, mid and high, this allows you to adjust the sound of the instrument when being amplified, these Pre amps are by nature a little bright, with this you can modify the final sound a bit.

Fender CD-60S

This guitar features a classic side design of fine mahogany, a body and rosewood fretboard. It is easy to use although it could be a bit heavy. It has excellent acoustics and projection. It is a good choice for beginners looking for quality at a good price.

The wood used for the construction of the guitar has a great impact on its quality and on the type of sound it is able to produce. By comparing prices, you will notice how much the choice of a type of wood affects the final cost. It would be better to choose a soundboard made of solid fir or cedar wood while, in general, the use of a light wood is associated with a more acute and crystalline sound, a dark wood instead of a more full-bodied sound with bass. Even the choice of paint impacts on acoustic performance: the guitars with glossy paints are beautiful to see but do not allow the wood to “breathe” and return a more boxed sound. Better to opt for a more natural model, to the benefit of the quality of the music that you will be able to produce.

Epiphone EJ-200SCE

If you are a lover of Rock or Country this guitar fits perfectly to your standards; the Epiphone EJ-200SCE is an electro acoustic guitar with a beautiful body design and limited edition frets, nothing to envy to high-end guitars. This guitar is not only attractive for its appearance but for its sound and acoustic quality.

It has a Palisander system on the bridge which gives a better tension to its strings accompanied by an elaborate pegbox which makes the guitar detune. It has a built-in tuner thanks to the eSonic2 configuration system in each pickup. As a result, each one has a different equalization, being able to efficiently control the volume and sound of your guitar. For the quality of this guitar its price is perfectly adapted being one of the best products in our selection of best cheap acoustic guitars. This is perfect for amateurs and professionals.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Excellent materials
  • It has a built-in tuner.
  • Independent pickups
  • It is heavy

TS Ideen 5331

Among the “eminent” brand guitars the advice and opinions of the customers we have been considering are quite unanimous in reporting that the TS Ideen 5331 is an acoustic guitar, but very good quality, perfect for beginners, with a not obvious and decidedly economic design.  It weighs only 1.7 Kg.

This acoustic guitar has a body with a missing shoulder totally in basswood colored in black and a birch neck with a rosewood fingerboard. The extensive use of the basswood, an unmarked light wood but with brilliant tonal qualities on the tops makes this guitar ringing and very performing, capable of offering better sounds on the treble.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • The digital tuner has anti-slip rubber clip-on
  • Offers a warm, crisp and powerful sound
  • The manufacturing materials are of a more than acceptable quality
  • It is a very comfortable and lightweight guitar to handle
  • The design of this guitar is very beautiful, careful and with good finishes
  • Includes multiple accessories (padded case, black strap…)
  • An ideal pack for those who start in the world of the guitar
  • It is a very basic guitar, indicated for beginners, since the quality of it is adjusted to its cost


The Stagg SA40MJCFI-N is a guitar made in China; it is of very good quality, with excellent acoustics and amplification system. This guitar is of classic design elaborated in rosewood and mahogany, nothing to envy to the rest of the guitars of our selection. It is full size Mini Jumbo. The price is quite attractive and goes according to their functionalities; in fact it represents very well our list of the best cheap acoustic guitars. It has a Fishman Isys volume tuner and volume regulator.

Other budget brands

  • Aria: Japanese brand; economic and medium range;
  • Baton Rouge: German brand; economic and medium range;
  • Cort: South Korean brand; economic and medium range;
  • Crafter: South Korean brand;
  • Duesenberg: German trademark;
  • Lag: French brand; economic and medium range;
  • Lindo guitars: English brand; economic band;
  • Musikalia: Italian brand; economic and medium range;
  • Seagull: Canadian brand;
  • Sigma (Martin economic line): medium range.

Best cheap acoustic electric guitar for children and young guitarists

Fortunately, there are more and more young people who choose to devote themselves to a musical instrument, and the market has responded to the trend by offering products designed specifically for children. And the world of acoustic guitars is no exception. The acoustic guitars for children have a smaller size compared to adult models, cheap prices and features that make it easier to use. If you are looking for an acoustic guitar for children, here are our most interesting proposals: EKO TRI Mini Natural (from the Eko TRI Miniseries) is an acoustic guitar with a lighter natural color. This guitar also boasts solid top body, a beautiful design and a sound of all respect, despite the small size.

Ashton Sl29ceq

The Ashton Sl29ceq is attractive for its variety of colors on the market, especially blue with its shiny finish. Despite having amplification systems, it is a fairly light and comfortable guitar. The body of the Ashton SL29CEQ is finely crafted in maple, rosewood and American basswood, which makes it a fairly durable and durable guitar. It is perfect for beginners.

Technical details:

  • Body Material: Maple
  • Main material: American basswood
  • Neck: Palisandro
  • Fretboard: rosewood
  • Batteries: 19 V required (s), included (s)
  • Guitar bridge system: fixed
  • Amplification system: B-Band T35
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Product weight: 2,8 kg

One of the most important aspects, always linked to the general and constructive quality of an acoustic guitar, is that the assembly of the various components is impeccable. It will benefit the sound quality that the instrument will be able to produce. A small trick to check the quality of the materials and the presence of any fragility in the points of tension, such as gluing the bridge on the soundboard, is to observe the guitar against the light. In this way you will be able to evaluate the presence of any cracks, even very thin ones, which could grow with time. The models made by the best brands should provide a good guarantee in terms of quality of materials and assembly, but a visual inspection is always advisable.

Cheap left handed acoustic guitars

Adapting a right acoustic guitar to be played by a left-handed person is normally a non practicable operation, unless a massive operation is performed on the bridge (with some tricks it is possible to adapt any instrument (or almost) for use “lefty”). The bridge normally has a fixed angle designed to match the octaves with the strings set for a right, and you cannot reverse this angle, unless you unplug the bridge and replace it with a new left handed (practice strongly inadvisable, especially if you do not have the experience and knowledge necessary to re-assemble it in a precise and stable way, with the certainty that it will hold and remain in place). Exceptions to this are obviously the guitars whose bridge is not fixed but is mobile (for example the old Eko Fiesta or the Zerosette A1) and therefore easily configurable to be used by a left-handed.

Consider some suggestions from brands offering for left-handed guitarists.

Ortega R121L-3/4 Nylon String Left Handed

This acoustic guitar is made of spruce and mahogany, offering a powerful projection with excellent heat, sonic. Its size of 3/4 is perfect for younger musicians and even touring musicians. With its affordable price and traditional appearance, the R121L-3/4 is a must-have for beginners.


  • 3/4 scale is perfect for young beginners
  • Spruce top offers an excellent acoustic projection
  • Mahogany body adds sonic warmth to the overall tone
  • Fretboard and bridge in walnut that improve the overall sound
  • Mahogany neck offers comfortable playability
  • Satin finish offers smart appearance and allows the wood to breathe the
  • Bridge of 12 holes of Ortega and 2 ways truss rod
  • Includes deluxe soft case for storage and transportation

Yamaha FG820L Left handed acoustic guitar

Yamaha FG820L is from the exquisite series of FG800 acoustic guitars that have been developed by extensive research and designed to offer the latest technology that Yamaha has to offer with the unique characteristics of the legendary range of instruments. With a newly designed scalloped reinforcement model to increase volume, projection and tone and with mahogany and solid spruce to produce a warm and soft tone, the FG820L is truly a beautifully crafted guitar.

The FG series of acoustic guitars from Yamaha started in 1966 in the form of the first guitar with the goal to offer great quality instruments at prices suitable for tighter budgets, now the FG series has become one of the world’s bestselling acoustic guitars to always keep up with the original nature.

Vintage V300 Left handed acoustic guitar

The Vintage V300 features a solid spruce top, offering a versatile tonal character that responds superbly to numerous musical genres with ease. The tonewood spruce also produces a crisp and articulate sound with a wide dynamic range and clear, focused sound and creation of deep bass, warm mid and brilliant high singing. The solid top is accompanied by oriental mahogany back and sides, producing resonant warmth with a distinct quality. Used as rear and side panels, mahogany beats a fleshy mid-range and an incisive, woody tone, with much depth and complexity that will satisfy most musical genres.

Built in oriental mahogany, the neck infuses the V300 folk guitar with beautiful warmth, resonance and a transparent finish at the top. The use of mahogany for the body and neck improves its natural resonance, allowing it to respond superbly to numerous techniques and musical genres with ease. The neck is topped with a rosewood fingerboard that adds warmth and clarity to the overall tone, while its smooth surface provides a comfortably energetic gaming experience.

The Vintage Acoustic Guitar features a small and curvy folk body shape, delivering an incredibly comfortable gaming experience while offering plenty of projection. Its curvaceous design sits comfortably around the musician, providing a regular performance suitable for beginners. Its shape promotes finger-style playing, offering a soft, luminous tone with a large low-end response for added bass and volume.

How to use an acoustic guitar

The choice of a versatile and captivating instrument like an acoustic guitar has the merit of approaching music, expanding the way to express itself through study and constant practice. We have gathered here some guidelines that can work as a beacon and indicate the practices for a correct and responsible use. The choice of a model of acoustic guitar also passes from a careful evaluation of the parts that compose it. Before and after purchase, we advise you to check if there are any cracks or small signs of wear in the neck or in the area of ​​the sound box.

The neck is one of the main parts of the instrument. In conjunction with the body it is good that it is practical to hold and allows an agile and precise movement of the hand. Pay attention that your fingers do not suffer even in the areas where the metal bars are positioned.

It seems obvious but not everyone chooses an instrument based on the dominant hand. If you are left-handed, it is good to refer to an instrument specifically designed and built for those who use the left hand to pinch the strings and the right hand to make the chords.

A good quality guitar is usually made of wood, a material which, however resistant, must be given due consideration. In this way you will have the certainty of not compromising the potential and the ability of the instrument to perform at its best. We advise you to opt for a case, better if semi-rigid so as to keep the guitar safe for a long time and in every situation.

Having clear how and what components a guitar is made of will allow you to put yourself in case of problems and get the best in terms of sound and ease of use.

For those who are at the beginning, it is essential to rely on the help of an electronic tuner. It is an instrument that, positioned near a string or fixed in a point of the handle, allows a quick and functional intonation. When you decide to play a guitar it is good to address the best way to pinch the strings. This is not a definitive choice, but it is a good idea to try and clear the field of uncertainties and doubts right from the start, which is placed on a plectrum or freehand.

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    I like this guitar, it pleasantly surprised me, firstly it is the price/quality ratio, secondly it is the sound. This guitar I bought when I was just starting to learn to play the guitar, then I had two guitars this and Valencia CG180, teachers in music school liked Valencia CG180, although I was more comfortable playing the Yamaha C-40, I liked its sound, its design, and I did not want to go with a guitar is the same as all, as in music school almost all were guitars company Valencia. Feel free to buy this guitar and you will be pleasantly surprised. Also, the guitar is pretty good design, so if you like it, you can be sure of its convenience and good sound.

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