Davison Guitars Overview: with the Accessories and at an Exceptional Price

Davison guitars are makers of affordable instruments, electric and bass guitars. A player of any level can show his abilities with these guitars. What’s more, they come with a starter package delivering novices everything they may need.

ModelRatingScale lengthWeightOur topCheck
1 Davison Guitars Full Size Electric Bass Guitar 25.5”21.4 pounds1 Check

Davison Guitars Full Size Electric Bass Guitar
Scale length25.5”
Weight21.4 pounds
Our top1
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A very convenient kit

Learning to play the guitar like everything else in this life requires time and effort. Many people buy the guitar, and when they realize that playing is not learned by having a guitar nearby, they end up abandoning it in a corner of their home. That’s why, in the case of people who start from scratch, we recommend buying a cheap guitar.

Why? Because there is a real possibility that after a significant outlay, after a couple of months the guitar will be stored in the case. A low-end beginner guitar will not have the sound and feel of a mid-range or high-end guitar, but luckily low-end instruments have improved a lot in recent years. You can be sure that they are suitable for learning and will give you a good service. There are sets of guitar for beginner + amplifier from 100 euros in internet stores. These sets are suitable to start with, although very cheap. Davison guitar company offer electric guitar and bass guitar packs. Packages are available in several colors. At a minimal cost you can get all the essentials to start.

The package includes, in addition to the electric guitar – a model with fretboard and neck screwed in maple and body in basswood – humbucker pickup, an amplifier is equipped with a headphone jack and an overdrive mode, case strap. The string tension is higher compared to a 24.75” Stratocaster and this represents, in a certain sense, a challenge for the beginner.

This is a great deal for a beginner. It has good sound, nice look, and comes with everything you need to get started. One thing to note, the strap it comes with is way too small! Won’t even fit over a child at full extension. So if you’re going to buy this, make sure you get a strap as well. You may also want a tuner as mine came way out of tune. The amp is loud enough for bedroom practicing, but you’ll want to upgrade if you plan to play out. Tony

Of course, any novice who decides to devote himself to rock tones dreams of a sophisticated Stratocaster or a trendy Les Paul. The day you’ll have a variety of guitars with awesome pickup combinations are sure to come. But at this stage, the most correct option is a simple instrument on which you need to learn how to play correctly. The Davison full size electric guitar is one of the few models that do not need tuning. You buy not only a guitar but also get a full starting package. Thus you have more opportunities for the same money. The look, design and ergonomics of guitar will definitely like it.

Of course, the instrument has its cons. First of all, this concerns the materials from which parts of the guitar are made. The wood used for the body, and its quality, plays a role in how the guitar sounds. It is a soft and relatively affordable wood, although it is also used in very expensive instruments. Basswood was often used for Fender Japan in the 80s and 90s. Although it is made of softwood, it has a rich, warm tone with a mild sustain. The material used for the Chrome Bridge, humbucker pickup, strings and etc. is also not better quality.

Comes with a starter package
Very beginner friendly
Good sound
Good-looking finish
The construction is really good
The strap it comes with is way too small
A little buzz sound

Are these Davison guitars good?

Your first guitar is very important choice. The instrument should be comfortable. It must have highly playable. We can say that the Davison guitar is trustworthy. With simple and neat designs it is light and at ease. But we want to remain extremely honest. The construction is really good. Of the electronics, it leaves something to be desired. One of the potentiometers or knobs is permanently folded, but at first glance it is not noticeable, although at the time of rising or lowering volume it feels strange because it moves. The markers of the positions on the neck appear to be plastic but aesthetically look good. As for the finish, it’s flawless. The sound is not so much, and the resonance is good, because the neck attached to the body very well transmits the sound.

Characteristics of Davison full size electric bass guitar

  • Body: alder
  • Bolted maple neck and rosewood fretboard
  • Good-looking glossy finish
  • Playability is enhanced by the supply of humbucker
  • Chrome-bridge system and diecast tuners
  • 30 watt peak amplifier

Kit includes an amp case strap and cable.

Since the most important criterion for any guitar is the sound it should be said that this guitar is suitable for heavy rock tone. In its genre, the Davison guitar sounds good and will serve for a long time.

Where are Davison guitars made?

Many years ago the first Japanese and Korean guitars appeared; of course they were copies or economic series of models and brands USA. Today, many of these guitars have become better than the matrix and there are brands that are quoted highly. Now that process is happening with the Chinese. There are Chinese products well manufactured, and depends more on the quality control policy of the parent brand than anything else.

Before buying a cheap, economical guitar, we recommend that you check a series of technical aspects: that it has no lever, that it has a fixed bridge and that the neck is glued to the body and not screwed. The less complexity is a better in first guitar. It is also convenient to pay attention to the type of frets, whether they are brass or not, and, above all, that there are not a few frets higher than others, since this will cause the string to fret. It is also important to analyze the tuning fork, whether it is straight or curved.

The best Electric Guitar Packs for Beginners

Think that behind these sets of start there are first brands that have been manufacturing electric guitars for decades (Gibson, Fender, Ibanez), they come very complete and are very affordable. They are usually composed of an electric guitar, amplifier and more accessories. We are going to see three of the best electric guitar packs that currently exist in the market.

The Fender Stratocaster is the universal icon of the electric guitar and the Squier is the brand of Fender for the electric guitar initiates with the Fender emblem that gives you confidence.The Fender Stratocaster, popularly known as “Strat” is an electric guitar model designed by Leo Fender in 1954, which is still manufactured today. Since its introduction, it has been such a success that it has been imitated with varying degrees of success by different brands -particularly Asian ones-, some of which started in the business selling these copies. Even certain models are produced under the authorization of Fender, for example “Behringer”; but the form of the guitar headstock is still patented, so it cannot be copied. In the Squier Stratocaster guitars, the design is accurate since the brand belongs to Fender.

For a little more you can have a Squier to the SRV or a Telecaster. SRV and TELE: The pack consists of a Squier electric guitar, perfect for blues, rock and country, and a Fender Frontman amplifier and an initiation DVD, a tuner, holster, strap and picks.

Along with Fender, Gibson is the other most famous brand of guitars in the world.  Epiphone is Gibson’s brand of affordable and quality guitars. There are first class guitarists who play Epiphone instead of Gibson. The star model of Gibson is the Les Paul (without forgetting SG, Explorer…) and that’s why Epiphone has decided to take out this pack. It consists of an Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar, good wood; the amplifier is not a marvel but more than enough to practice at home, strap, holster, clamp tuner, cable and picks.

Bought it purely to use with Rocksmith 2014. Works well with the Rocksmith program although level still isn’t as high as with electric guitar. My acoustic/passive electric bass didn’t provide enough of a signal for the program to detect. This Bass has just the one pickup, but does have individual adjusters at the bottom of each string to ensure proper pitch on the frets. Neck has tension bar adjustment. Excellent bass and amp for the price. Would buy again. M. Griffith

Ibanez is a Japanese company with a reputation for making hard rock, metal and even jazz guitars. They also make legendary effects pedals. They are usually very comfortable to play because the necks are flatter than normal and have finishes to play with speed. The Ibanez Jumpstart IJRG200 is based on the legendary Ibanez RG series, a guitar that you will see among many metal guitarists. In addition to this electric guitar the pack includes a 10w amplifier, Ibanez case, headphones, strap, cable and picks.

Choose according to the pickup

The pickup is an essential part of the electric guitar; it basically represents the sound of the guitar itself, so the heart of the instrument could be defined. The pickup can be of the single type (also called single coil), mounted above all on instruments made from what may be defined as the best brand on the market, that is, Fender, especially on models such as the Stratocaster and the Telecaster, where the sound it is bright and sharp.

The double pickup, also called humbucker, mounted on most of the guitars for heavy metal, gives a more pushed and less defined sound than the previous one.

There are also other types, albeit less used, but if you are a beginner you should go on the safe side starting with one of the two proposed solutions and make a comparison of prices to fit your initial budget.

Our recommendations

If you are thinking of buying an electric guitar you cannot certainly throw in your eyes and bring home any product. Evaluate your needs well, especially if you are a novice, because the choice of the most suitable instrument could condition, in positive or negative, your future passion for music. So think about the price based on your budget, make a ranking among the guitars that you like and make sure that they have a positive review among the various musicians who are using them.

If your style of music is shooting to pop, indie, blues … in general, because there are many nuances, guitars like Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson are used … if you are looking for a heavier sound, hard rock is not used so much (although yes in classic heavy metal) but, the typical electric guitars for this type of style are models like: LTD, ESP, Washburn, since they have a characteristic sound.

If you do not know how to play, you will not know how to differentiate the sound of a super guitar with that of a cheaper guitar. With which, to begin it is better to adapt to your level. What we recommend is to buy an electric initiation guitar and therefore set you among the group of guitars for beginners. Not necessarily to start playing you have to buy the guitar of your dreams, try an economical one and experiment, and look for your character in the instrument.

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  1. If referring to Davison guitars, one of those come across (worked on that for a friend). Body looks plywood and the pickups & electronics are of the cheapest variety, & they installed a curved-bottom nut into a flat slot. Aside of that, this is a kinnda good piece

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