Dean Custom Zone Bass Overview: Salient Features

Dean guitars make some really great instruments. The Custom Zone bass looks original, sounds great. Not only is it a good bass for beginners, in reality this would be a super bass for anyone.

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1Dean Custom Zone Bass 410 pounds1 Check

Dean Custom Zone Bass
Number of strings4
Weight10 pounds
Our top1
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The bass with a 5-year warranty is a bass to rock full with a lightweight and well-balanced body. The Dean Custom Zone bass is a bass that caught attention based on its shocking color and incredible finishes. The instrument is available in Nuclear Green coupled with the black hardware, is also available in Fluorescent Pink and Yellow. It is guitar that definitely attracts attention. Combine this with DR Neon bass strings and it will be even more of a look and since DR Neon makes strings in pink green and yellow. Those basses are made in China but owe their origin to the famous Zone bass which became a sensation in the 80s.

  • The body has kind of a Precision Bass;
  • The bass comes with basswood body;
  • The model is equipped with a passive P-bass style pickup;
  • Bolt-on neck;
  • The headboard, neck with a 34” scale and fretboard chiseled out of Maplewood;
  • The scale has a 1.5”wide nut. There are black block inlays and 20 frets;
  • There’s no pickguard. In the back has a control cavity that simplifies the addition of active electronics.

As for the neck, called “bolt-on”, we start by saying that it is the most exploited and appreciated type of neck. In these types of basses, the neck and the body remain two distinct entities simply juxtaposed to one another. The term is an incorrect definition, introduced by Fender that initially produced bolt-on necks.

VERY amateur bass player, and do it just as a hobby, so didn’t want to spend a lot for my bass guitar. Going into the purchase knowing full well “you get what you pay for” I am extremely pleased with how easily it plays. I had been playing on an equally priced starter Ibanez, and the Dean felt a lot more comfortable/easy to play in comparison, lot less finger fatigue. I did replace the stock stings with some Black Beauty strings, so that likely helped as well with the ease of playing, (and a pink guitar with black stings just looks really awesome!) but the Dean overall did feel more comfortable even before the string swap.
Michelle S

The union with screws and nuts are not widespread in the production of guitars or basses. This method is widely used in the production of electric guitars. In a normal bolt-on, the body and the neck are joined, in parallel fashion, with 3-4 (or more) screws. Since the head of the screws could ruin the wood, a rectangular metal plate is placed to distribute the force of the screws on the body, often displaying a logo and serial numbers.

Pros and cons

The fretboard is slim and stretches quite a lot in between the body and the headstock. Perhaps the flexible fretboard is quite convenient when it comes to setting intonation.

The outline of the neck has the features of a “Series Standard” (it has a C-shape and is very similar to Jazz Bass, and the pickup’s output is strong). The build quality is excellent and the lights weight of the bass gives the musician greater freedom of action. He can twist the guitar, wave it, and get up incredible somersaults. The Dean Custom Zone 4-String Bass stands out when it comes to plucking, slapping and etc.

There is still a little con; such bright colors of models cannot like everyone. Anyway, it’s a good rock bass especially for beginners. The Dean Custom Zone bass is not suitable for professional or very demanding users.

The topic of discussion among the bassists is on the use of active or passive pickups. The first ones are often chosen by the bassists of the rock bands, as they can offer an extra boost when you need to play gritty music and also allow a better control on the equalization that can be managed directly from the instrument. Models with passive pickups are much less sensitive to adjustments and are usually more reliable when playing on stage. The sound offered by passive pickups is also more natural. In practice, the choice on which pickup to adopt is very subjective and both have pros and cons to be evaluated.

The Dean Guitars brand was created in the mid 70’s by an American guitar luthier Dean Zelinsky, and his models were almost always related to the heavy metal genres. Dimebag Darrell, the late musician and songwriter of Pantera, was perhaps the one who made the brand better known and in response to it Dean Guitars produced throughout the time signature models of this guitarist (Razorback, ML, Rebel, and Stealth). Also, currently are among its endorsers Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Rusty Cooley, Michael Amott (Carcass), Michael Schenker, Vinnie Moore, Michael Angelo Batio, Facundo Coral (Coral)…

This bass guitar steals the show and will get folks talking. Everyone who plays asks to see it, touch it, hear it. The color is subtle in the pics compared to the guitar in person. Add glow in the dark green strings and neon green DiMarzio Nylon ClipLock to complete the look. Great tone, for the price – it’s a bargain. I was skeptical but Dean definintely makes a quality product.
Well-balanced body
The flexible fretboard
The finish of the fretboard is not of the highest quality
There is buzzing on the E-strings
The neck gives the feeling of fragility and to break into any moment

How to use the electric bass

When you start playing an instrument you usually choose an inexpensive product to refine your experience and then spend more when you feel ready to perform in public. The electric bass is one of the most played instruments and finds great appreciation even among the youngest. For this reason the market offers different models, specific for every need that may be had.

The aesthetics of an instrument like the bass has its importance and there are designs, colors and shapes that seem made to attract the looks of those who must choose which model to buy. Of course, in some models the color does not have a simple aesthetic function and can be used by manufacturers to hide flaws in the design of the device body. Perhaps it’s better if you focus on natural colors that leave a glimpse of the wood’s structure, so you can see any knots, gluing or defects that will affect the sound quality that the bass will produce. A very opaque color could hide the choice of materials not of the highest quality, even if the use of the conditional is of course a must, because there are very good basses even among those made with intense colors.

Knowing how to play a musical instrument is really gratifying because it is a way to convey emotions. If you do not want to be only passive users of music but you are inclined to be able to realize it, it is good to start as a child … but there is always time to learn! Provided you choose the instrument that best suits your style and your tastes.

The bass is a fundamental bridge for the life of every band: it is, in fact, the main not to say the only link between melodic and rhythmic parts. It is an instrument that, in fact, helps and can be said to guide the battery during the execution of the pieces.

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