Dean EAB Fretless Acoustic Bass Review – Getting Started

Dean`s fretless acoustic bass is the great device to start getting acquainted with fretless guitars. It comes at a great price and has all the balance in the World. Check out the article to learn more about this guitar.

Dean Guitars

Dean Guitars is an American manufacturer of musical instruments. Although the company is comparatively young (it was founded in the 70s), it is already recognizable and respectable. The main idea that Dean had had back in the days was to create the guitars playable for everyone, that would have an original design as well. Dean managed to reach his target, as he created lots of fresh guitars, including his famous fretless acoustic bass.

Technical Parameters

Let us start the review of this item with taking a look at its` technical characteristics. First things to check are the materials, the dimensions and the strings.

Material Dean EAB has fretless body made out of mahogany. The neck is mahogany as well, while the top is spruce and the fretboard is performed of rosewood. This set of materials is really great. Mahogany is really durable material, that at the same times sits in hands in a really comfortable way.
Dimensions This is a full-sized guitar. It has 34’’*14’’*1,6’’ (which is 863*356*41 in millimeters) dimensions. Body shape is original, so it does sit in hands in a bit unusual but a really comfortable way. The guitar will be comfortable for adult players and teenagers, but children may struggle to handle playing it.
Strings The guitar comes with casual metal strings. They are tunable and stay tuned for a long time. They provide nice and sonant sound, but if you are a first time player you`ll for sure have a bit of a trouble with fingertips. It`s OK if you can handle it, but if you can`t replace the original strings with nylon-ones.

Dean EAB fretless is only available in a right-handed version. So, this is more or a less classical budget guitar. It is for sure “bang-for-a-buck” as the materials are really of high quality and the device is balanced overall and has solid construction.

Finally in this paragraph I should mention that EAB in the name stands for electro-acoustic bass. This means that guitar can be played in two modes: the classical acoustic one and electric. Let us go to the second part to find out how it sounds in both of them.

Sound Test

So, the guitar was tested in two modes. Here is what the results were.

  • Acoustic mode. Dean EAB Fretless has been really good in acoustic mode. In fact, it is able to outperform more expensive guitars easily. The bass, the balance, the volume of the sound – all the parameters are just spectacular. The sound was clean and nice.
  • Plugged-in mode. Well, honestly it wasn`t equally as good in this mode. Although everything seemed normal, there was nothing outstanding. While being played in electric mode it sounded as a casual budget device.

Dean EAB Fretless should be considered as an acoustic guitar firstly. There is the possibility to start learning some electric guitar basics as well, but classical potential is much bigger.

Worthy Opponents

Although Dean EAB is a decent guitar, there is a lot of other guitars in this price category that are worth considering as well. Here are some of them.

Gold Tone Electric Bass Guitar While Dean`s item is electro-acoustic-bass this one is strictly electric-bass guitar. This means that Dean is more suitable for people who have not decided what they want yet, while Gold Tone is better for those, who have already decided to play bass guitars.
Gold Tone M-Bass Guitar This yet another Gold Tone product, that belongs to more expensive series. It is a decent guitar, really durable and solid, but again it is strict bass.

Dean`s electro-acoustic bass guitars are more suitable for the beginners, who already know something about music, but are not yet confident what exactly they want to play. They come at an affordable cost and will serve for a long period of time. What is important as well is that this guitars are saving their value for a long time, so even when you decide to upgrade, it is likely that you`ll be able to re-sell your guitar for decent amount of money.

Summing Things Up

So, making a conclusion I would like to say, that Dean EAB fretless acoustic bass is a bang for a buck for sure. It is really well-built (in fact, material is the that is used while manufacturing professional guitars), it has multiple modes to play, so you`ll be able to pick the style you`d like to develop your skills in.

However, there is a huge amount of other decent budget guitars for beginners as well, so be careful while making a pick. Dean will be a nice choice if you are not confident about yourself yet, but there might be some better options if you already found your style.

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