Dean Vendetta XMT Electric guitar with tremolo: review, opinions and analogs

A stylish electric guitar made in the body of Paulownia with convenient 24 fret neck.

If you are a beginner and have a question about buying a guitar for as minimum price as it is possible with maximum good sound and ergonomics, take a look at Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar. We are glad to represent the review of this budget guitar.

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1Dean Vendetta XMT Dean vintage tremolo bridge25.5″1 Check

2Dean Vendetta VNXMT Electric Guitar Tremolo24.75″2 Check

3 Schecter C-1 SGR Fixed25.5″4Check

4Dean EVO XM Fixed25.5″3Check

Dean Vendetta XMT
BridgeDean vintage tremolo bridge
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Dean Vendetta VNXMT Electric Guitar
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Schecter C-1 SGR
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Dean Vendetta XMT review:  Dean, it is nice, but you still need to do your homework!

This instrument is the China product. Low-cost guitars can be divided to 3 types:

  • Frankly cheap, and that is what we have to deal with;
  • Inexpensive ones, where the good characteristics, unfortunately, are smeared with rather poor execution;
  • Not the expensive ones, which really are more valuable than their price demonstrates.
We assume The Dean Vendetta belongs to the second type: the build quality is not that great, but the features are marvelous. You can use is as long as you want, the period of use depends on your carefulness.

What comes to the mind first: The Dean Vendetta XMT is an inexpensive “workhorse” for unskilled beginners who do not know how to really appreciate the quality of the neck or sound yet.

Tip:If you don’t really need a Stratocaster, but you are looking for light weighted guitar with double cutaway and an interesting neck, The Dean Vendetta XMT turns out to be your best choice.

Do not compare it with excellent instruments from the US or Japan! If you do not expect the highest result, then this guitar is perfect. It is perfect for beginners, light, well-equipped and, actually, different from the most guitars for beginners.

It can be upgraded. This guitar will suit not very tall people who want a full-size guitar or for those who do not need a heavy guitar.

The guitar has an arrow-straight neck and excellent soldering in the control cavity, the components in the control cavity can be improved.


24 fret is a long scale, the guitar has a tremolo and featuring:

  • String-through design;
  • Tune-O-Matic-style non-trem bridge;
  • 1 master tone, 1 master volume, 3-way toggle switch;
  • 2 different neck and bridge humbuckers.

The switch is convenient and allows you to change modes during the play quickly and without much effort.

The inside of the control panel has good soldering. Nevertheless, black noise protection paint is applied badly.

The guitar is light. Due to the pick-ups and the light body, sound may be too warm or soft, but the important thing is that the guitar is extremely convenient and inexpensive! The newcomer will not feel a sonic difference at an early stage of his experience. The guitar can be upgraded.

“Very black” can color your fingers. The neck is excellently straight, however, an insufficiently polished surface can damage the fingertips, get it polished yourself.

The tuners work fine, they can be compared to the Schaller tuners on the more convenient Squier guitar.

Double humbuckers are average, but for a low-cost instrument and a beginning guitarist, they are quite normal. Do not compare them with BurstBuckers, DiMarzios or Seymour Duncan SH pickups. They are easy to replace when there is a need for a better sound. In general, the sound is decent, its quality is a bit not perfect and not very clear but it is better than average.

Finishing of the body is impeccable, smooth and attractive. Finish on the neck needs substantial refinement. The neck is rough, the frets are incomplete. The neck ends look, as if they were made in a huge hurry.

Electronics is below the average. After a few years of use it will be noisy. This is a guitar for 100 $.

In general, it is a very playable instrument, with a comfortable body, designed for hands of any length.


Asian Dean Instruments have noticeably lost in quality, they need to be finalized, so that the manufacturer does not lose his face completely. They need to improve:

  • The neck.
  • The electronics.

Price-quality ratio

Dean Vendetta XMT with a price of 165$ assures us that this guitar is the excellent option for a country trip, for vacation and for any other trip where you do not want to take an expensive instrument. You can also find the guitar for even $99, in conclusion we can say it is a nice inexpensive one.

You can always replace the sensors to make the sound better
It is a great solution for a budding guitari
The guitar is light weight.
Is extremely convenient and inexpensive
The inside of the control panel has good soldering
The switch is convenient and allows you to change modes during the play quickly and without much effort.
Finish on the neck needs substantial refinement.
Electronics is below the average
Black noise protection paint is applied badly

Sound Contrary to fears

Defying the existing fears, the Dean Vendetta XM Tremolo Black guitar does have the sound of rock metal guitar. It’s hard to objectively assess the real quality of the sound as the instrument price speaks for itself. But the guitar allows to “express musicians’ thoughts”, and this is really important. You can always replace the sensors to make the sound better.

The most frequently viewed reviews

  • Everything is not expensive, pegs are cheap, nevertheless, they function normally, potentiometers do not wheeze, the painting cheap but everything is neat, normal, without any complaints.
  • There is no fret buzz, the guitar stays in tune.
  • You can change the sensors like the others did. If you’re having trouble keeping it tune and notice the bridge lifting up too much, just add in a couple of anchors if you have weak ones on your guitar.
  • The guitar is light weight. You can feel the metal that separates the frets by your finger running along the edge, but don’t be afraid to be cut as it is not sharp enough.
  • The guitar comes with a whammy bar, you just need to install it yourself. The period of use depends on your treatment.
  • It looks pretty rocky, not heavy, there is no imbalance, the neck does not outweigh, the neck may seem wide, but it’s a matter of habit. Metallic black looks really dramatically and brutally.
  • An interesting guitar selling as a “thrash metal”, and you can achieve that play style and tone. The emphasis on this and picking approach makes it very smooth to get that sound.
  • It is a great solution for a budding guitarist, friends have already bought one more as a gift to a person, you can imagine how the guy was glad to get it after, for example, Jolana.


Dean Vendetta XM Tremolo Black is not expensive like Fender, and gives more softness and gentle sounding than Ibanez. The guitar sounds exactly not worse than Ibanez RG-270 for $ 300. It can be compared with good models of the Cort.

As for Fender & amp; PRS, they are much more expensive, but this Vendetta can give you a very cool change of pace different from those guitars, but still keep that tone.

Dean Vendetta VNXMT Electric Guitar with Tremolo

The guitar does not look overburdened because of Paulownia light wood, but it gives powerful punch in output as the solid body is the secret.


  • Stylish looks;
  • 2 powerful humbuckers – all notes sounds clearly;
  • Inlay: Pearl Dot;
  • 43-mm screw nut.
A soft tone with low pitch and expansive space for mid tones is what we have as a result due to the utilization of the Paulownia wood. The tonal quality is bright and it is achieved due to the bolted maple neck.

Rosewood fretboard provides a good low and high tones balance and smooth sound amplification, without excessive hum. Due to the tremolo you can add the effects. Double rod prevents deformation of the neck due to the weather conditions. Curved edges and satin finish make the playing easier.

The guitar provides a clean warm sound, improved sustain  and a pronounced tone. The period of use depends on your treatment.

Tip:One pickup is on the fretboard, and the other one is on the bridge. There anti-corrosion protection. Change the step to achieve an amazing wavering effect.

You can change the tension of the string.

Сlean warm sound, improved sustain and a pronounced tone.
Good low and high tones balance and smooth sound amplification
Stylish looks
All notes sounds clearly;
Maybe: can color your fingers

Schecter C-1 SGR

C-1 SGR by Schecter offers an outstanding number of frets to experiment with

This Electric Guitar for beginners by Schecter won’t let the guitarist feel limited as the high amount of frets (12th one has a unique design) is its distinctive feature. Also see the other characteristics:

The walnut fretboard has pearl dots
Black chrome hardware
It is designed to be beginner-friendly
Some buzzing between frets
Maybe: the pickups aren’t very good

Dean EVO XM Solid Body Electric Guitar

This 24.75″-scaled guitar has Paulownia body, tune-O-Matic bridge, maple neck, it is sold at a price of about 130 $, and featuring:

  • Rosewood fingerboard;
  • 22 frets;
  • Powerful DMT designed humbuckers;
  • Inlays: White Dot;
  • ABS Black Nut;
  • 3-Way Toggle Switch,1xVolume and 1xTone controls.
Good sound
A good option for beginners
Some users complain about the build quality

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