Eden EX 110 Review – Quite Convinient

Picking a new cabinet isn`t that easy, especially if that is your first one. However, there are certainly some models that you should take into consideration before the other ones. Eden EX 110 is one of them.

#BrandModelRatingRMS Power HandlingImpedanceOur topCheck
1 EdenEden EX110-4-U Bass Cabinet 300 Watts 4 or 8 ohm1 Check

2Trace ElliotTrace Elliot 1×10” Elf Bass Speaker Cabinet 300 Watt 8 ohm2 Check

3AmpegAmpeg SVT 210 AV 100 Watts (mono) 1 x 8 ohm (mono)3 Check

Brand Eden
Eden EX110-4-U Bass Cabinet
RMS Power Handling 300 Watts
Impedance 4 or 8 ohm
Our top1
Check Check

BrandTrace Elliot
Trace Elliot 1×10” Elf Bass Speaker Cabinet
RMS Power Handling 300 Watt
Impedance 8 ohm
Our top2
Check Check

Ampeg SVT 210 AV
RMS Power Handling 100 Watts (mono)
Impedance 1 x 8 ohm (mono)
Our top3
Check Check

About EDEN

Back in the days (in 1976, if you want to know an exact date) a group of professionals has started a company, that was producing amplification devices for musicians. The whole history of EDEN has been smooth.

Dedication to creating the instruments was so high, that players started using company`s devices a lot. The company`s main slogan is “High fidelity for low frequency”. The engineers are creating the equipment that makes it possible to show the exact behavior of the device.

Now, EDEN is selling its` devices in 60 regions all over the World. They have models for all types of players. Today we`ll take a look at EX 110 – the one for those who are only starting their way to the top.

Technical Parameters

I think, that it is really important to start with describing of what this piece of equipment is like physically. Knowing the weight, the dimensions and the material that amplifier is made of really helps while planning your studio and having the first impression.

The WeightEden EX 110 weighs 25 pounds (which is slightly more than 10 kilograms). This might seem a little bit too much for an inexperienced person, but in reality, professional amplifiers weigh much more. Of course, it is not the compact one in casual meaning, but is rather compact in the World of amplifiers.
The DimensionsThis device is almost a perfect cube with dimensions of 14.8’’ * 12.5’’ * 14.2’’ inches (which is 376 * 317 * 360 in millimeters). Again, looks like a big one, but when you compare it to more professional stuff, you realize, that is rather small.
The MaterialNothing really outstanding here. The first reason why budget models are called budget, is because they are made of cheap materials. Plastic body, wires of soft metals, etc. Won`t break during careful transportation, but I`d rather not put it in the hot or wet places.

Okay, now, that you can imagine what Eden EX 110 feels like in real life, let us talk more about its` insides. First of all, let me tell you about the technical insides of this piece of equipment, and later we`ll proceed to the sound test. So, the following features are included:

  • 1*10’’ full range speaker. Full range means that the volume of sound will be complete. The radius of speaker is big enough for providing powerful vibes and being loud enough for small performances.
  • 300 Watts powerful handling. While there are much more powerful things in higher price ranges, this one is powerful enough itself. Although the amount of consumed electricity might seem rather high, the quality of sound is worth it.
  • A steel handle. While at the first sight it doesn`t look as an advantage at all, you`ll be grateful to the developers a lot, while carrying this thing. Engineers didn`t save up, when developing this part for sure, because it is really durable and comfortable thing.

Honestly, this amplifier is rather simple, so it doesn`t have way too much unusual features. Anyway, features are good for nothing, if the sound quality suffers, right? So let us check it out.

Sound Quality Test

While there is not such an amplifier which will sound perfectly, this one managed to be quite a positive surprise. I am saying in advance, that Eden EX 110 is a bang-for-a-buck for sure. Here are the main pros and cons of it:


  • Full range of Bass frequencies

Not every amplifier in higher price range can show results as good as this one. Great low ranges along with really nice high ones make the process much easier both for active and passive players.

  • An easy-to-handle one

There are not much things in this one to be confused about. If you are a new player, you`ll not lose yourself in hundreds of knobs and handles, however…


  • Lack of adjustability
However, if you are an experienced one already, you`ll feel, that there is not that much stuff to adjust. Might be a bit of a problem.
  • Rather silent sound

I mean, it is still loud enough to wake your neighbors or make a small performance for your friends, but there are little chances, that you`ll be heard, if there are more than 30 people around.

Full range of bass frequencies
An easy-to-handle one
Good sound quality
Compact size
Lack of adjustability
Silent sound

With that being said, let us take a look at two different models, that might be suitable as well.

More Considerable Devices

Let me show you some nice and balanced amplifiers in this price range, which are great as well.

Trace Elliot 1*10’’ Elf Bass Amplifier

This one is a bit more compact (17*17*17 inches and 20 pounds of weight). It is a well-balanced and nicely sounding amplifier. Won`t cost a lot, and will serve for a while. However, you`ll definitely need an upgrade if you`re planning to be developing your guitar skills.

  • Trace Elliot ELF 1×10 10″ 300 Watt RMS Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet. (1) 10” 8 Ohm High Efficiency Neodymium Full-Range Driver
  • RMS Power Handling: 300 Watts. Angled Baffle. Durable Painted Cab. Dual Paralleled Speakon/Phono Combo Input Jacks
  • Recessed Top Rear Handle. Built-In Cradle for ELF Bass Amp. Heavy Duty Metal Grille
Light weight and compact size
Great volume
Good clean sound
Lack of adjustability and built-in functions
Not suitable for big concerts

Ampeg SVT 210 AV

This is one of the opportunities of the next samples in your amplifier collection. This one has twice as much power, as the previous devices (it has two 10’’ speakers), while still remaining really small and suitable for a home studio.

  • LF Driver: 2×10 Eminence Speakers
  • Same Infinite baffle design as other SVT Cabs
  • RMS Power Handling: 100 Watts (mono)
  • Frequency Reponse (-3dB): 58Hz-5kHz
  • Usable Low Frequency (-10dB): 40Hz
Quite powerful
Highly respond level
Easy to carry around
Not suitable for big concerts

There is much more amplifiers worth considering, to be honest, but mentioning all of them would`ve taken a lot of time. My best advice here is to look for as much feedback as possible.


Summing things up, I am going to repeat the most important moments of this article:

  • Eden is an American company, producing equipment (mainly amplifiers) for guitar players. Their devices are known for being suitable and providing sound of high quality.
  • Eden EX 110 is a compact amplifier, that still provides decent and well-balanced sound, loud enough for practicing and small companies.
  • Although the technical insides are not outstanding, Eden EX 110 has everything for a player.
  • There are other models, that may fit your requirements even better.
Tip:With that being said, I would like to remind you, that you should rather spend more time playing the guitar, than choosing the equipment. If you are a new player, this will be really useful. Good luck.

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