Eternal and inexpensive Epiphone AJ-100CE Review – the more you play the better it becomes

This guitar made in Indonesia is a bright representative of the Advanced Jumbo models.

  • Type: guitar electroacoustic dreadnought, contains 20 frets.
  • Fittings: chrome plated.
  • Body: mahogany.
  • Upper deck: spruce.
  • Fretboard: pasted mahogany.
  • Cover: rosewood.
  • Pick-up: passive piezo pick-up Shadow P-4.
  • Strings: steel.
  • Scale: 25.5 “
  • Nut width: 1.68 “

The Acoustic Jimbo guitar is ideal for both beginners and professionals. This is a choice of many artists all over the world, for example Hank Williams and The Beatles – they chose these guitars for working at the studios and live performances. The fine cut provides easy access to the upper frets. It was designed according the 100-year practical experience of the company.

Epiphone AJ-100CE acoustic-electric guitar is solid model. It will be ready to serve you any time.

The best wood species

Fir that upper wood is made from is rich and saturated wood that breathes well and tends to get only better with time. So you can play the AJ-100CE as long and as much as you can. The mahogany wood for the deck was specially selected, and the bridge is made from a beautiful rosewood tree, it is glued in a certain place to provide stable tone and intonation. The guitars are withstanding a strong tension between the zero thresholds and the bridge, and the rosewood has proved that it is also a wear-resistant tree species and is good in combination with the top spruce wood deck. The cult Epiphone’s “E” is highlighted by a simple but elegant black coloring on the classical pickguard.

Revolutionary stereo pickups

Under the balancing aperture of Epiphone AJ 100CE n there is a patented Shadow pickup with low impedance NanoFlex. Unlike piezo, this unique, well-adapted sensitive material has a built-in active electronics that not only removes the vibration of the strings, but also the vibration of the deck, which gives a fine acoustic sound without sharp piezo pickups. NanoFlex is a revolutionary NanoMag pickup, fixed at the end of the neck bar, where pulsations occur in a significant amount.

Made by Shadow specifically for this model, the NanoMag has three Samarian-Cobalt magnets and a built-in active circuitry for capturing all the bottoms and all the tops. At your choice, a 1/4 “mono output is available that mixes both pickups, or a 1/4” stereo output, separating the two pickups. You get incredible multifunctionality and opportunities to create a wonderful acoustic sound in live performances!


The mahogany wooden neck has a:

  • scale length of 64.77 cm;
  • SlimTaper shape;
  • Rosewood overlay with dots inlaid
  • natural chrome hardware;
  • Epiphone AJ 100CE acoustic electric guitar has the iconic headneck of Sloped Dovewing (bent pigeon wing) completes the image with high quality pegs.


Reviews testify that this is a good guitar for its not high price, and it is qualitatively packed.

It provides decent sound and reproducibility and even already established strings behave themselves ok, but there are stable recommendations to replace them to more effective ones for better sound and playing. The finish of the guitar is very nice, the only minus that faced the users was the little sharpness of the neck, so you can hear the noise of the strings.

On the whole Epiphone AJ 100CE has a warm sound, and it is good for those who learn to play.

Similar instruments

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro FC of 6 strings

  • Hull shape: Dreadnought
  • Deck: Spruce
  • Mahagony lower deck / shell
  • Construction: solid wood
  • Polished shiny surface
  • Colored mechanics: Chromed Grover
  • Shadou Preformer preamplifier
  • Neckline: None

Alvarez Regent RD26CE dreadnought

  • Deck: Spruce
  • Griffin: Mahogany
  • Lower deck / shell: Mahagony
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood (pink tree)
  • Construction: Multilayer glued
  • Saddle : Synthetic material for bone, with string compensation (different drunk under each string for precise adjustment of individual scale)
  • Stand: Rosewood (pink tree)
  • Mechanics: Chrome
  • Head: The outer layer is made of rosewood
  • Edge finish: Polymer material, white
  • Pick-up: Bi-Band
  • Six-string
  • Neckline: Yes

Epiphone AJ-220S VS

  • The form of the case: Edvansd Jambo (advanced jumbo)
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Stand: Rosewood (pink tree)
  • Edge Finishing: Polymer material
  • 6 strings
  • Cutout: No

Epiphone Pro-1 Ultra VS

  • Hull form: Dreadnought
  • Deck: Spruce
  • Lower deck / shell: Mahagony
  • Griffin: Ocume
  • Markers (inserts) of the fretboard: Point
  • Surface: Polished shiny
  • Construction: Deck made of solid wood
  • Width of upper flange: 42.7 mm
  • Saddle / sideways: Grate Teh NewBown
  • Pre-amplification system: Shadou Preformer preamplifier
  • Pickup: Nanoflex Single Pickup
  • Number of strings: Six-string
  • Neckline: Yes

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