TOP 10 famous music speaker brands in the world

The world of audio equipment has never been as vibrant and bustling as it is today, this is the gathering place of many famous brands of music speakers. Let’s Musiety take a look at the top 10 world-famous music speaker brands in this article!

01. Speaker brand JBL – USA

Since its inception, the JBL Brand has affirmed its name and position in the market of providing audio equipment. And so far, there has not been a brand of the world that has broken the leading position of this cult music speaker brand from the US.

JBL has always demonstrated the level of a leading music speaker brand with extremely quality products to serve all the audio needs of music enthusiasts. JBL music speaker models are always highly appreciated by Audiophiles both for the quality design and the durability that it brings.

From products JBL karaoke speakers, JBL Bluetooth speakers, JBL soundbar speakers, JBL HiFi music speakers… to devices in a professional sound system in the hall and stage. JBL’s models of products are extremely rich and diverse, with all models, in all different categories, with different power levels from small to large. This also means that the price of them is also extremely suitable for cheap, medium to high-end products.

The sound of JBL speaker models is often presented with deep bass, clear mids, and clear highs, which are suitable for many popular music genres on the market today from young music, dance, remix, to quality lyrical songs. In addition, with a fairly detailed and delicate design, JBL music speakers easily fit into the room spaces installed today in Vietnam.

02. Bose music speaker brand – USA

The Bose brand was founded by Mr. Amar Bose, headquartered in Framingham, West Boston, USA. As a prestigious American brand of music speakers, Bose specializes in providing quality audio lines from home audio, sound filters to theaters, karaoke speakers, and Bose Bluetooth speakers. , subwoofers, high-power treble speakers are equipped for the stadium, and sound systems on famous cars around the world…

Bose products are very diverse in types and designs such as Bose portable speaker, Bose soundbar, Bose Karaoke speaker, bose Bluetooth speaker… giving users in Vietnam a lot of choices. quality with many different prices as well as different purposes

Bose speaker models have a smart, youthful, modern design, listening to music in the genres of golden or lyrical music or their deep and solid bass also makes fans hunt and use. If you are looking for a good smart music player for your family, you can consider choosing this company’s product.

03. Brand Tannoy music player – UK

Tannoy comes from England, a country known as the “Royal Kingdom”. This is a unit specializing in the production of upright music speakers and bookshelf music speakers on the market, The music speaker models brought to users by Tannoy are all super audio products, belonging to the class and The upper level of conventional music speaker devices.

Tannoy loudspeaker models have a high-end design, equipped with leading advanced and modern technologies with in-depth research on the technology and capacity of the speakers. The obvious highlight of this company’s music speakers is the top-notch coaxial driver technology that delivers a very unique sound that is unmistakable. Tannoy speakers are especially loved by audiophiles for their HiFi music sets.

Owning Tannoy speaker models is that you will show your level of play as well as affirm your position in the music scene!

04. Wharfedale music speaker brand – UK

Wharfedale is also a popular audio brand from the UK, with a wide range of speaker products in different price segments, for different needs: from home music, karaoke to home theater needs. professional sound systems.

The sound quality of the Wharfedale speaker products is also highly appreciated with the elaborate, meticulousness to bring you wonderful audio experiences. In recent years, Wharfedale has won the hearts of many customers around the world, including Vietnam with quality music speakers.

The Wharfedale Music Speaker models are well worth buying and experiencing, with a sophisticated design that easily fits into any room space, combining the ability to transmit HiFi music quality with a soft sound, With clear, detailed mids, these speakers give audiophiles an impressively distinctive experience.

05. Jamo music player brand – Denmark

Jamo is a speaker brand from Denmark known in Vietnam with a lot of quality music speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers. Their name is derived from the names of their two founders, Preben Jacobsen and his brother-in-law, Julius Mortensen. This is a speaker brand that has won a lot of love from Asian music listeners, especially in Southeast Asia.

The design of the appearance of the Jamo music player is also very elaborate and focuses on making a strong impression on customers right from the first encounter. In terms of sound, the jamo speaker models bring impressive HiFi sound, with soft, detailed mids, clear highs, and warm bass, very suitable for listening to golden music, lyrical music.

The sound absorption of Jamo speakers is quite sophisticated, so they especially require specialized music amplifiers to match properly so that they can show their full potential.

06. Brand Yamaha Music Speaker – Japan

The Yamaha brand from Japan is a world-famous Asian audio brand and is not inferior to the popular speaker brands in Europe. YAMAHA’s audio products are spread on many fronts from audio for listening to music, watching movies to karaoke, halls, professional sound systems, business sound systems… With affordable prices, suitable for customers’ budgets, and the variety and richness of models, products, and especially Yamaha speaker models quickly affirmed their position in the sound field.

The most prominent in the product lines of YAMAHA, the YAMAHA music speaker models provide a simple, sophisticated design that easily fits into the room space, along with a series of advanced HiFi audio technologies that deliver great sound. Quality with strong bass, detailed midrange listening to golden music, lyrical music is quite perfect. At a relatively cheap price, YAMAHA music speaker models are a perfect choice for you whenever you have a need to own a pair of quality cheap HiFi music speakers for your sound system.

07. B&W speaker brand – UK

Bowers&Wilkins also known as BB&W is a quality audio brand from the UK, established in 1966. Over more than 5 decades, B&W has never disappointed customers with great products. with perfect sound quality. In the 70s – 80s, B&W speaker products were the devices that stormed the market. To this day, they are still extremely popular and are available in almost all countries around the world.

– 1960: The first Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers were built in the South of England
– 1966: John Bowers begins assembling speaker systems in the workshop of his electronics store in Worthing, South East England. Production of the first Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker: P1
After a £10,000 inheritance from a satisfied customer, John Bowers founded his own speaker manufacturing company.
– 1968: Models: DM1 and DM3 were released to deliver high-quality sound
– 1981: Established Steyning Research Facility (SRE)
– 2000: The company expands into the car audio portfolio and transforms the performance of the 800 Series with the development of the Diamond-dome tweeter.
– 2006: 40th anniversary, new product launch: Signature Diamond
– 2016: marks its 50th year with the launch of two new flagships, the 800 D3 speakers and the P9 Signature headset. Bowers & Wilkins begins a partnership with EVA Automation to develop a new Formation platform that delivers leading-edge wireless technology.
– 2019: The company develops the latest technology of cable-free listening, first implemented by Zeppelin Air in 2011.

B&W music speakers are well known in Vietnam for their Hi-End music speakers, uniquely designed quality HiFi music speakers that easily fit into luxurious and high-class room spaces in the middle of the city. or apartments, private villas. The sound quality of B&W speaker models is usually quite special with detailed and clear high-midrange, extremely suitable for golden music, lyrical music, read music, high-quality Hi-res music. from the system of CD players, dedicated vinyl players.

08. Brand Harman Kardon Music Speaker – USA

Established quite early, Harman Kardon Company laid the foundation in the audio field in 1953 by Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon. The combination of the two has brought great success to Harman Kardon over the years. This is an audio company that is quite famous for its quality speaker products for home audio and car audio systems, after more than half a century of establishment and development, Harman Kardon is increasingly asserting itself. its position in the world audio market.

– The brand name Harman Kardon is also taken from the 2 letters in the name of the two people who founded the brand that day. While the two founders of the brand have their own strengths, the combination of them has brought great success to Harman Kardon over the years.
– Up to now, the company has acquired many famous audio brands such as AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon®, Mark Levinson®, and Revel®. HARMAN is admired around the world by audiophiles, musicians, and venues where they perform.

Among the speaker models of H/K (Harman Kardon), the Harman Kardon bluetooth music speaker has been becoming its main product with a beautiful, smart design with impressive multi-room capabilities that are easily displayed. position in many of today’s audio systems. Harman Kardon speaker models are featured with deep, long bass, detailed mids and impressive highs, especially suitable for today’s young music and dance music.

09. Klipsch music speaker brand – USA

The brand Klipsch is quite famous in the world, founded by Paul W. Klipsch in 1946 and began to produce the first loudspeakers. At that time, turntables were quite popular, but the sound quality of the speaker system was not complete. That’s why Klipsch’s sound engineers create trumpet-shaped loudspeakers for a more vibrant and realistic sound. Those are the famous Klipsch horn speakers until now.

Over the years, Klipsch has maintained its position in the US and international markets. They both sound good and have a nice design. Klipsch loudspeakers are manufactured to the strictest standards of their founders.

The outstanding feature of Klipsch music speakers is that the top-notch treble throat delivers an impressively magical sound unlike any other brand in the world, combining advanced technology for a rather soft mid-range to be heard. golden music, lyrical music, Hires music is extremely top-notch.

10. Brand music speaker Piega – Switzerland

Piega Switzerland abbreviated as PIEGA was founded in 1986 by Leo Griener and Kurt Scheuch, this is an audio company specializing in the production of world-famous loudspeakers with sound quality that has been confirmed through many years of development. While Leo is in charge of running the company, Kurt is a genius designer. And the two continue to run the company to this day.

– Aluminum enclosures were introduced by the company in 1989.
– Ribbon treble speaker technology is also an advantage leading to the success of Piega. For 28 years, Piega has always optimized, improved and optimized its Treble Ribbon technology. All tweeters are handcrafted at the company’s headquarters located on the shores of Lake Zurich, Switzerland.

Above are the Top 10 famous music speaker brands in the world that you can refer to when you have a need to buy and use audio equipment. They will bring you the most wonderful, exciting and unforgettable experiences!


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