Fender Frontman 10G Amplifier Review – Specs, Sound Quality and Price

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1Fender Frontman 10G 10w6 inch1 Check

2Vox Pathfinder 10 10w6.5 inch2 Check

3Orange Crush 35RT 30w10 inch3 Check

Fender Frontman 10G
Speaker6 inch
Our  top1
Check Check

Vox Pathfinder 10
Speaker6.5 inch
Our  top2
Check Check

Orange Crush 35RT
Speaker10 inch
Our  top3
Check Check

Fender is probably the most popular and recognized company in the industry of musical equipment. These guys know their stuff and have been supplying the world with top-notch gear for several decades, raising the bar every single time. They are equally famous for their guitars and amplifiers, and today we’ll talk about Fender Frontman 10G, an incredibly capable and affordable amp that will serve you with honor and dignity. It’s a known fact that the amp can make it or break it for you, especially if you’re playing the electric guitar and want to achieve great tones on a budget. Is that even possible? Follow me in this Fender Frontman 10G review and find out!

Tip: Important note: while big, strong, heavy amps are great for large venues and outside gigs, they’re not very practical. Smaller amps like the one we’re discussing in this article are much more practical and you can use them for practicing in your room, rehearsing with your buddies, and take them with you on a road trip. FF 10G is a wonderful tiny product that offers the portability, affordability, and ease-of-use of a small amplifier and still comes with a big enough sound to impress your neighbors. The Fender Frontman 10G guitar amplifier might not be on top of the “food chain”, but for the beginners, it is just the right pick.

Getting To Know The Frontman 10G Better

The main thing: the full name is Fender Frontman 10G 10 Watts Eletric Guitar Amplifier. Alright, now let’s get up close and personal with this amp and see what it’s really all about. First of all, you gotta know that it’s good for 10Watts of power, and for smaller venues, that’s more than enough. The 6-inch speaker will be able to handle even the hardest rock and roll music you throw its way. The onboard controls are pretty standard: you’ve got knobs for treble, bass, volume, gain, and overdrive. Remember: Fender 10G Frontman is a solid state amp, not a tube amp. But the tones it generates are still very much satisfying and musical. You’ve got:

  • 1/8-inch output for the headphones;
  • 1/8-inch Aux  in;
  • Similar as above and a 1/4-inch instrument in.

Ok, that’s pretty much it for the Fender Frontman 10G specs. The majority of experts in the field claim that for an amp that weighs only 3.8 kilograms (8.5 lbs.), that’s more than impressive. It’s safe to say that if you’re in the market for a solid multi-purpose amplifier to pair with your favorite electric guitar, this model is arguably the best choice.

Fender is known for creating gear that suits a wide range of musicians; this amplifier is capable of impressive tones and offers the owners enough tweaking options for achieving that heavenly sound. The tube-emulated overdrive is definitely a nice feature as well.

One Of The Finest Offers On The Market

The aforementioned headphone jack is a nice addition, especially for the musicians that are forced to practice in tiny rooms. Add the trademark Fender quality and the good looks, and you’ll get one of the finest offers on the market, period. The Fender Frontman 10G amp is all about efficiency. These days, the leading companies, including Fender, are spending enormous amounts of resources on creating exceptional equipment that is intended for certain groups of folks. So, who will 10G appeal to? The beginners will most definitely like what it has to offer. Even the pro guitarists will appreciate the steady tone, control options, and economical price.

Versatility and reliability are its biggest selling points. As a starter amp, the Fender Frontman 10G prevails. As mentioned earlier, it weighs less than 4kg, which allows you to take it with you wherever you go. Back in the day, mini-amps used to be limited and had a so-so sound. These days, they are slowly taking over the entire market. The Fender baby delivers on all of its promises and is an all-around great bang for the buck. For the practicing guitar players, it’s important to have gear that’s easy to carry around and to plug in, and this good-looking, well-designed, and generous amplifier is all about satisfying the owners and helping them conquer new musical heights

Economical price
Even the pro guitarists will appreciate the steady tone and control options
Good-looking and well-designed
You simply won’t be able to deliver a loud enough sound with enough bass

What Else Do You Need To Know About This Amplifier?

You can crank this amp up for that lovely distortion and keep abusing it until the saturation comes forward so that your killer metal riffs sound just right. At the same time, once you dial it back down for a clear sound, the tone will change completely, allowing for the more country, pop tunes to shine through. That splendid Fender tone is there, even though this is a low-priced amplifier. Thanks to the closed-back design, you’ll get more bass than usual. That speaker generates tons of tones for a small amp and you can connect other instruments to it, like a bass guitar, a keyboard. Or, better yet, plug in your favorite ukulele and crank distortion up with the Fender Frontman 10G guitar combo amp!

With the gain control, you can drive the amp hard or soft, depending on your current mood and the musical genre. The volume knob only sets how loud the output of the amp is, without affecting the tone. The clean/overdrive switch on the front panel will allow you to quickly jump between the two. Bass controls the low-end frequencies; Treble controls the high-end frequencies. As we’ve already established, this is a crowd-pleaser and students, beginners, and even touring musicians that do small-venue gigs will love the fact that this wonderful amplifier costs less than anything else that’s capable of producing the same level of sound quality.

How Does It Sound In Real Life?

Fender managed to become the biggest player in the game by delivering quality, reliability, and that trademark level of precision that no other company can match. They took their time with the Fender Frontman 10G 10 Watts model and made sure that the low-budget musicians had something special to work with.

Great little amp! If like me, most of your practice is done in a lounge or similar, you want to be able to play around and have it so you can hear it, but too loud and you’d get complaints from neighbors! This is perfect, you can add overdrive and turn the gain up, really makes it sound grungy and mucky, I love it! Solid too, you can tell it’s well made. You can connect a MP3 or mobile phone into this amp too and play along to any song, can use headphones as well. You don’t get any cables with this amp, if you’re new to guitar playing and buy a guitar and this amp, you will need to pay a cable too! Sophie

Again, for a gear that costs well below 100 bucks, the available features and controls are simply unmatched. True, there’s only one channel, and you’ll need to be constantly switching between clean and overdrive, but that doesn’t interfere with the creative flow.

The aux input I mentioned earlier allows you to plug in your MP3 player, phone, or any other gadget and practice your guitar parts to drums or an entire ensemble. The speaker is loud, louder than most on the market. However, please keep in mind that when you push it too hard, a lot of the bass frequencies will go away because of the small speaker. And while the Bass knob will help you to bring some of that back, for a medium/large venue, you simply won’t be able to deliver a loud enough sound with enough bass. But hey – we don’t usually buy small amps for that, right? In a small room, the Fender Frontman 10G is a beast, period.

Fender Frontman 10G VS. Other Capable Small Amps

So, this amplifier is a fine addition to your collection, no doubt about that. But  what  about  the competition?

Vox Pathfinder 10

Well, the biggest rival is probably the Vox Pathfinder 10. It’s also a solid-state combo with a 6, 5-inch speaker and 10 Watts under the belly. And while Frontman comes with the classic Fender sound, this amp is all about that legendary Vox flavor. So, in a way, it’s a matter of personal preference.

It costs 80-90 dollars and will please the tweaking enthusiasts with gain/tone controls, a 2-band EQ, and the iconic chicken-head knobs. You can make this amp work both in a studio setup and in a small venue for a banging performance.

Solid-state combo
Vintage looks and tone
Versatile sounds
No aux input

Orange Crush 35RT

Another great option to consider is the Orange Crush 35RT. If you’re not new to this, then I bet you’ve already heard about this wonderful “toy.”

From the first glimpse, you might think that the 35RT isn’t really cut for this kind of thing – heavy rock-n-roll, but once you get to know it better, you’ll see that it looks great and is probably the best-sounding small amp. With a 10-inch speaker and 30 Watts of power, this monster is capable of great things. It weighs 10.4 lbs.

The clean channel sounds amazing, and not only for a tiny amp, but generally good. The dirty channel, in turn, will wake up the spirit of Cobain. Aha, it is that good.

At the same time, it is quite expensive and costs 260 dollars. Yes, you can buy almost five Frontman 10G amps for the price of one 35RT! Still, people really love to compare these two, and so we decided to give you a perspective on the Orange wonder. Definitely not an inexpensive option, and, as far as the beginner and intermediate guitar players are concerned, the sound quality isn’t really 5 times better – not even close.

It looks great
The clean channel sounds amazing, and not only for a tiny amp, but generally good.
Some complains of poor sound quality at lower volumes

The Verdict

Summing up, let me just say that every once in a while, a special piece of equipment comes around to steal the show, and the Fender Frontman 10G electric guitar amplifier is exactly that – special. It will definitely get the job done and have your back every single time.

  • And what about the Fender Frontman 10G price – is it really that inexpensive? I keep saying that it’s affordable, and now it’s time to find out exactly how much it costs. This amazing amp will be yours for just 60 dollars! For a gear that good, this is almost like getting it for free.
  • The iconic Blackface design is there, and it will make your room look cool and all kinds of fun.
  • This amp doesn’t break up, which can’t be said about most of its competitors. So, get your friends together, plug in your electric guitar, bass guitar, microphone (for the vocals), and drums, and let’s start jamming!
  • With Fender, you can always rest assured that the gear won’t let you down.
  • Sure, we always want more, like a 2-channel setup, a strong enough bass response on higher volume levels, more control over the sound, a mightier speaker, and maybe even a tube amp switch. But even without all that stuff, the Frontman 10G guitar amplifier is impressive in more than one way. Kudos to Fender for creating yet another exceptional amp for the low-budget musicians!

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  1. I actually have one. As long as you stick with the clean channel and run your own overdrive into it, it's quite decent for what it is.
  2. I'm a musician of some 50 + years not to be confused with a good musician. I know a few things. I've had a number of amps big and small. I have most of my gear in our man cave. Wife happy!!! But I like upstairs.. so an acoustic has to do. Bought this little guy to keep peace. It absolutely fit the bill. Great sound, decent overdrive, loads of volume no reverb (bummer) but nice price well worth it. Easy to stow. Bride still happy.. me too.
  3. I understand that the Monoprice amp might have some problems out of the box, I can fix it. I also understand that the guitar will likely need to be set up, I can learn/figure that out.
  4. I was torn between this amp and the 20 W version but liked the small size. When it arrived I could not wait to plug it in but it gave off a terrible buzz which I just could not get rid of. I returned it the very next day for the 20 W Winner which arrived yesterday and that i am very happy with. I actually highly recommend spending an extra $40 on the Champion. You get effects and a lot more bang for the money.
  5. Your best value guitars will probably be on the second hand market. For instance , early 80s Ibanez Blazer, Roadster, or Roadstar Strat style guitars will give you a reliable axe that can be made better yet with new pickups and may cost very little. Look for anything that's well built but does not have the glamour brands around the headstock

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