Fender Squier Сhamp 15 Amp Overview: Amplifier for Novice Bassists

If you do not know how to choose a good guitar amplifier you could rely on the Fender brand that certainly needs no introduction and is in itself a guarantee of reliability. Among the guitar tube amplifiers we recommend that you analyze the Fender Squier champ 15 amp.

Sound and power

The Fender Squier champ 15 amp is clearly an amplifier for amateurs. Among the strengths highlighted by the guitarists there is the great ease of use, ideal for those who are beginners. It is good for those who are just approaching the instrument or for those who want a limited power amplifier (only 15 W) to practice at home or maybe take it on the road. So you do not expect some kind of performance, although to look at the price you should intuit it. It has two inputs and there is also a headphone output.

Although not a novelty for amplifiers of this magnitude, the possibility of playing on headphones is a positive thing. There are five potentiometers: one is for the volume, followed by three that allow you to act respectively on highs, mids and lows and finally there is a presence potentiometer.

Considering the cost and the wattage, we can consider the quality of the sound acceptable: of course, to those who are used to other amplifiers, the sound may seem weak. Like many Fender amplifiers, it’s not quite ideal if you’re looking for an amplifier to try and play some kind of “harder”.

Nevertheless, despite the compact design, the performance of the Fender Squier champ 15 as many guitarists emphasize is surprising and unexpected. It is characterized by the very clean sound and the versatility which comes from the gain control selectable to obtain a remarkable range of sounds, ideal for different musical genres.

The sound cleaning of this Fender will give you a lot of satisfaction, especially if you own a guitar of the same brand.

Compared to other similar models, the Fender Squier champ 15 amp impresses with its extremely compact dimensions and remarkable lightness that makes it ideal for transport.

Dimensions and transportability

As you can imagine, the amplifier measures are very compact. There is a metal grid to protect the speaker. The shell to protect the circuitry is very solid: there are the plastic corner guards as additional protection against possible impacts. The rear closure ensures a better response in terms of performance. On the top there is a practical carrying handle: by the way, the amplifier is very light. At the base there are four anti-slip rubbers for a correct and effective stability. As for the aesthetics that say: we have not found any particular news. The appearance is in line and similar to that of the common amplifiers.

Those who compare prices and performances should also pay attention to the size of the amplifier, especially if they intend to transport it from their homes to the studio. The most practical systems from this point of view are the combos that combine in a single structure the three fundamental components of the amplifier and that is, preamplifier, power amplifier and speaker. It is, therefore, a model that also integrates volume controls and effects, all in one. The cost, too, is generally very low.

Having an amplifier with a compact design and low weight means being able to position it almost anywhere and, above all, transport it in a backpack with extreme comfort.

Valves or Transistors

If you are going to buy a guitar amplifier you should first ask yourself if a valve (tube) or transistor model is suitable for your needs. The difference lies in the technology used that gives life to a different sound. Tube amplifiers – generally more expensive than others – have a much warmer sound and harmonic distortions are less annoying. It could be ideal for music genres such as rock and metal, where you might prefer a more dirty and full-bodied sound. In the case of jazz, on the other hand, a more faithful and less distorted sound is required.

The amplifier, becoming an integral part of the guitar, helps to define its sound and, therefore, its personality. This is why it is difficult to identify the right model or the best brand. Despite the small footprint of some amplifiers, the power and sound output can be surprising and unexpected. The advice is to opt for a device that produces a sound as close as possible to their tastes – clean, bright, warm – without neglecting the kind of music that can express better or the favorite guitarist to be inspired.

One of the parameters to be referred to be the power expressed in watts. If you plan to use the amplifier only in your room to practice, you will not need a model that is too powerful. In this case even 15 W could be sufficient; greater power could irritate neighbors. If, on the other hand, you think to use it in the company of friends for small jam sessions and performances, you will need a more powerful model that allows your guitar to be heard in the middle of the drums and other instruments. In any case, it is important that the performances are adequate with low and high volume.

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