Fender T Bucket 300 review: rich and resonant sound of moonlight

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1Fender Bucket 300 CE Laminated flame maple and laminated mahogany10.3 pounds1 Check

2Washburn HB35WRK Maple8.6 pounds
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3Rogue RA-100D Spruce11.43 pounds
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Fender Bucket 300 CE
BodyLaminated flame maple and laminated mahogany
10.3 pounds
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Washburn HB35WRK
8.6 pounds
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Rogue RA-100D
11.43 pounds
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This elegant guitar is a marvelous dreadnought with the robust electronics. It combines slick visual appeal in combination with light playability and authentic, typical acoustic sound. Go ahead and conquer the stage or amaze your friends at the local party! They will estimate your skills!

Fender T Bucket 300 review

This acoustic-electric guitar has rich, resonant tone of the acoustic instrument and its sound fully takes over you in a moonlit night. The top is made of traditional laminated Maple, the Mahogany back side has smooth lamination as well. The guitar is adorned with scalloped bracing (the “X” letter can be guessed). The neck, which is also made of maple (3 pieces), is limited with a “C”-shaped profile.

Tip:This guitar is standardly equipped with Rosewood fingerboard of 20 frets.

Fender T Bucket 300 is featuring Fishman Isys III pickup system, active preamp and tuner. Also it is fitted with volume and tone controls GraphTech NuBone nut. The guitar comes with a compensated saddle. Take a chance at your romantic date, make your loved one “melt” while hearing your heartfelt song!

The unrepeatable amplified performance of this stylish guitar is given by Fishman pickup system, plus the instrument also presents a wide variety of onboard controls.

Tip:The built-in tuner will help you keep intonation the way you need and it is conveniently placed.

The presented Scalloped-X bracing of Fender T-Bucket 300 is thinner than usual so the inside pattern of the instrument has taken less wood material which has reduced the soundboard weight. As a result the T-Bucket 300 has a great advantage of more freely resonating top, you can get better tone and more nuances. These are some nice bonuses, aren’t they?

The “bridge” to the enchanting sound

You can hear the real acoustic sound of the instrument, it is not too soft or too brittle. No one could stay indifferent with clear sound, enhanced sustain, tonal consistency of Fender T Bucket 300 CE: cutaway acoustic electric dreadnought guitar which makes us enjoy the marvelous sound due to the bridge saddles and GraphTech string nuts as they completely eliminate troublesome binding of the strings.

Tip:The guitar will serve you a long time if you do not keep it damp and provide proper care. Great performance, long workability and outstanding appearance is what you can get from this instrument.

Fender Bucket 300 CE Characteristics

  • Rosewood fingerboard;
  • Marvelous Moonlight Burst color;
  • Enjoy the glossy finishing;
  • 20 frets: the connoisseurs of vintage style will appreciate them;
  • White binding which gives stylish and luxurious look ;
  • Fender T Bucket 300 CE length of the scale is usual and has the measuring of  25.3″;
  • The fingerboard radius is 300 mm (11.81″), it is made of Rosewood;
  • The nut widhs is 43 mm;
  • Flawless appearance is completed with side white-colored dots ( #12 has special “F”);
Solid Tone
A couple of unique aesthetic details
Maybe: strings sometimes buzz
Maybe: difficult to press on the lower fret at first

Customers’ reviews of Fender T-Bucket 300 CE

According to the reviews, it is an excellent economy class guitar. The Fender T Bucket 300 acoustic electric guitar which comes straight from the store does not need to be specially tuned, you can play it at once.
Only one drawback is that lack of tuner seems to be a problem for plenty of users.

Users like the sound, appearance, playability. A lot of people praise the appearance of the guitar. Fender T Bucket 300 CE V3 acoustic electric guitar price/quality ratio is estimated at the highest level.
This guitar is easy to hold, no inconvenience has been noticed among the users, and it’s also very easy to play. The sound is powerful, even without an amp the instrument sounds great. The “moonlight” color is amazing for plenty of customers who bought the guitar. It just like in the picture.

Let’s take a look at the analogs

Fender T-Bucket 300 CE Sunburst is a “sister” of our guitar but it has a different color. This dreadnought is made for right-handed users and provides easy access to all frets. Perfect sound while playing with a connection and extensive customization possibilities make it the favorite guitar among many musicians. The conveniently located built-in tuner allows you good overview while playing. Fender T Bucket 300 CE Sunburst is equipped with Dura-Tone strings of 880 L (012-052).

Washburn HB35WRK

Hollowbody guitars are typically lighter and more resonant than their solid body counter parts. This gives a somewhat mellower tone to the guitar making it well suited to Jazz, Blues or Rock. The HB35WRK features a double cutaway and includes a solid maple block in the center, increasing sustain and reducing susceptibility to feedback in high volume situations. Deluxe features include flame maple top, gold hardware, split block inlays and Grover 18:1 tuners.

  • Maple body Flamed maple top Double cutaway semi-acoustic body
  • Upper deck: Cedar (array);
  • Gold hardware Bound f holes Multi laminate binding Rosewood fingerboard
  • 18:1 gear ratio tuners Maple neck Neck
Quality of constructed
Great fretboard
Quality of tone
Maybe: a little neck heavy

Rogue RA-100D Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

It is a decent instrument for the beginners. This traditionally designed dreadnought with excellent, full tone has high ratings among buyers. Real Spruce tops, cast switches, 25-1 / 2 “scale and a Rosewood fretboard are easy to set up and stay tuned for a long time. Providing saturated, resonant sound, this guitar is great for camping or is perfect as your second guitar. Each example comes with genuine Martin’s strings in order to provide high-quality sound right out from the box.

  • Genuine spruce top
  • Die-cast tuning machines
  • Nato neck
  • 25-1/2″ scale length
  • Bound rosewood fretboard
Low price
Maybe: plays and sounds just as good
Maybe: requires constant tuning

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  1. Lisbeth
    I played different guitars, but when I saw this work of art, I fell in love with it. A great tool(the ratio of price and quality at the highest level), the upper deck of the fire maple(there is ash, anyway, so write in the specifications), shell and rear deck is made of mahogany. The appearance of the tool (compared to the classic CD-60 CE) has improved significantly, on the twelfth fret logo of the company, beautifully inlaid socket. But in addition appearance has improved and timbrel qualities. The guitar sounds great even if it is not connected, so I liked it very much. Highly recommend. Skeptics say that Fender was making a bad guitar... But clearly not in this case.

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