Fishman Loudbox Mini Review – The Classics

#ModelRatingWeightDoes it have a wireless function
Our topCheck
1Fishman Loudbox Mini 19.7 pounds
no1 Check

2Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge 25 pounds
yes, works autonomously up to 12 hours2 Check

Fishman Loudbox Mini
Weight19.7 pounds
Does it have a wireless function
Our top1
Check Check

Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge
Weight25 pounds
Does it have a wireless function
yes, works autonomously up to 12 hours
Our top2
Check Check

Finding the perfect balance between the price and the quality isn`t that easy. That`s why finding the one perfect amplifier is so satisfying. I am not saying that LoudBox Mini is exactly what you need, but it is exactly what the balance is.

Fishman Company

Fishman was founded 35 years ago by a group of professional sound engineers. They didn`t have any original ideas, but they had a lot of experience and dedication to their business. Therefore their instruments and equipment were always of the highest quality.

As the President of  Fishman says himself, it was the hard work and extended quality control, that helped his corporation reach the top. Nowadays Fishman pickups, midi controllers and amplifiactors are suggested to be the best in the World.

Today we will take a closer look at Fishman Loudbox Mini – one of the most popular sound amplificators by Fishman. You`ll also find a brief review of one more representative of  Loudbox Mini series: Loudbox Mini Charge.

Technical Characteristics

Before diving deep into specific features of this amplifier, let us learn some general information about it. I am sure, that knowing weight, physical dimensions and parameters of durability of this amplifier will help you a lot with planning a studio and future transportation.

The WeightFishman Loudbox Mini weighs 20 pounds (which is nearly 9 kilogramms). It is a leight-weighed amplifier, that doesn`t require any special equipment for transportation.
The DimensionsThis amplifier is 12’’ * 13,7’’ * 9,7’’ inches (which is 305*349*247 in milimeters). As you can see, it is a small rectangular box. Loudbox Mini will not occupy much space, and will fit even in the room-studios.
The MaterialLoudbox Mini is made of plywood and has a thin metallic grille (it is removeable) covering the front panel. Light hits and careful transportation will not damage the device, but hot sun or water may cause some troubles.

Okay, so that now you imagine how big this amplifier is and how much it weighs, let us talk about more specific things and some exclusive features.

Sound Producing Mechanism

Speaker and Drivers

Fishman Loudbox Mini has one 10’’ baffle speaker and two drivers: the 6,5’’ woofer and 1’’ soft dome Tweeter. They work at the power of 60 Watt with total impedance of  6 ohm.

Tip:This power is enough to produce sound as loud as 108 DB (which can be compared to the loudness of subway or chainsaw). I should also mention that Master volume function is available, so distrtion levels are reduced to the position, where you do not feel any distrtion at all.

Inputs and  Outputs

There are two main channels: one for the instrument and one for the microphone. It`s possible to sing along to the melody you play, or to make a duo performance with a friend of yours. There are also ¼ auxillary inputs for dynamic microphones.


Front panel has some basic controls as well as some more specific. The basic ones are the phase control, the gain cobtrol, the control of highs, mids and lows for the instrument and gain, low and high controls for the microphone. There are unique controls for reverbation voice effect, chorus and master volume. The last, but not the least, the power button is located on the front panel as well.

Tip:The rear panel isn`t as rich in controls. It only has AC switch and the power switch.

You`ve probably noticed that there are some non-basic things available, so let us make a final stop before checking sound test results and take a look at the features that this amplifier has.

The features

Auxillary inputs

Although these types of inputs are pretty common in the modern amplifiers, you still do not meet them in every device. The quarter and the eighth jacks make it possible to connect a mic, an MP3 player or a laptop to your amplifier. So that it is possible to use an amplifier as a monitor, or as a recording studio device.

Additional adjustability

Basic budget amplifiers usually have only basic controls, like sound EQ. Fishman LoudBox Mini however has the reverb effect for both instrument and microphone (it really helps to hide some minor mistakes while performance) as well as chorus effect, which makes sound at least two times more juicy. Voice reverb will make the sound more vintage and the performance more atmospheric.

Phase switch

Feedback can spoil sound a lot, however the phase switch kills the biggest part of feedback before it is even possible to hear. So, whoever uses Loudbox Mini doesn`t need to worry that sound will somehow be spoiled because of technical issues. Loudman says “no” to the feedback noise.

When I am teaching young guitar players to play, I always say, that when the time comes for them to purchase the first amplifier, they should pick the one, that has a lot of adjustability. Practice learning is the best type of learning for sure. Switching all the knobs and listening to how they change the sound helps to understand the nature of sound better than anything else does. Ian, 41, Music Teacher

However, there shouldn`t be way to much adjustability, because it quite easy to get lost in all the combinations, so my personal advice is to stop at the model that has between four and six options. That way, one can learn a lot faster, than any other,

Well, now you basically  know all the theoretical part about this amplifier. That time has come to take a look at how it acts in real life.

Sound Test

Being super good on the paper, this amplifier turned out to have its` downsides on practice. However, considering the price and the mini-size of the device, I am still rating it 9 out of 10. Here is why:


Loud sound and great power

For an amplifier as small as this one, the power of 60 watt and loudness of  over hundred dB is superb. I would say, that this item is capable of handling a small country band performance all by itself.


Fishman Loudbox can do a lot of job by itself. It is an amplifier for two guitars (with separate channels, so each can be adjusted individually), an amplifier for a mic, a speaker, a recorder and so on. It`s like a small studio in a box.

High adjustability

There is a lot of stuff to adjust. I mean a lot. Highs, lows, mids, EQ, reverb, chorus. By simply changing these parameters here and there you can get an outstanding and unique sounding.


Lack of subtle sounds

Tip:Well, a budget device can not be all so perfect. While showing great results during band plays, it is no so good while acoustic and solo sessions. Sound isn`t warm at all, and the tones can not be heard properly.
  • Fishman’s lightest and most portable amp yet
  • The Loudbox Mini packs 60 watts of clean acoustic power
  • Two channels featuring Fishman’s legendary preamp and tone control designs
  • Digital reverb and chorus for the instrument channel & reverb for the microphone channel

We are using Fishman Loudbox Mini during our recording sessions. This little amplifier does its` job really nicely. We connect two guitars to it simultaneously  and they both sound right as we expect them too. I mean, they are loud, they fulfill one another, while still remaining individually noticeable. This amplifier has been in our studio for a year already, and we are still not planning to change it to anything else. Jessica, 26, Blues Band Member
Summing things up, I should say that Fishman Loudbox mini is a great choice for the garage bands, that formed recently and want to start recording. It will do for solo players as well, but if you are looking for the best result, I recommend looking for something less powerful, but more gentle.

Built-in chorus
Small and light
Maybe: low Bass
No antifeedback function

LoudBox Mini Charge

In case you were wondering, there is sort of deluxe version of  Loudbox Mini available. It is named LoudBox Mini Charge.

To imagine what it is,  just think of classical Loudbox Mini, that has the following features:

A rechargeable battery

The built-in battery takes 10 hour to be fully recharged. Afterwards it can provide up to twelve hours of wireless work (twelve, when using the amplifier with low volume, around eight with average, and four, when playing with the full power). I don`t think it is really worth mentioning all the advantages that high portability of this device provides.

Slightly heavier

Well, the battery itself is big enough. Although it has little influence on dimensions, the  Loudbox Mini Charge weighs one pound (half a kilo) more than its` standard version. Not a large number, but still worth keeping that in mind.

  • Includes a Microphone, Cable, Mic Stand, and Geartree Cloth!
  • Rechargeable battery power
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity
  • Dedicated Instrument and Mic Channels with Input Gain Controls
Loud and clear sound
Longer battery life
Maybe: sounds a little warmer
High price

Will come in handy

#ModelRatingSpecificationOur topCheck
1Fishman Loudbox bag Sturdy construction
1 Check

2Dual Footswitch Power Supply: DC 9 V, dry battery/9 V 6F22 (carbon), 6LR61 (alkaline)
2 Check

Fishman Loudbox bag
SpecificationSturdy construction
Our top1
Check Check

Dual Footswitch
SpecificationPower Supply: DC 9 V, dry battery/9 V 6F22 (carbon), 6LR61 (alkaline)
Our top2
Check Check

Bigger package

Well, the package includes the charger and some wires.

Now, if I were to recommend some equipment for buying along with the amplifier, I would say, that following things will make your life easier:

Fishman Loudbox bag

It is a cheap and stylish bag, in case you are used to carrying your amplifier around. Will come in handy multiple times. By the way both Loudbox Mini and Loudbox Mini Charge will fit.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Strap included for ease of transport
  • Fits loud box mini or loud box mini charge
Convenient the shoulder strap
Fits tightly
High price
Maybe: there is not enough cable storage

Dual Footswitch

Foot switch is a must-have item if you are using more than one input. It allows to quickly switch between ports and adjust basic things, like muting the sound or making it more powerful.

  • Each footswitch can be assigned latch- or momentary-type
  • Stereo input jack for single stereo cable connection
  • Can be used with a wide variety of instruments, rhythm machines, guitar amps, etc.
Compact Design
Build Quality
No power switch
Battery a must sustain


Now you know all the necessary basics about Loudman production and are ready to make your own choice.
In case you want to get back to learning this information once more, but do not want to save the whole review, here is the shortcut of the most important moments:

  • Fishman is a worldwide known company, that manufactures different audio equipment of high quality for more than thirty years.
  • Loudbox Mini is a compact sound amplifier, easy to carry and store. It is rather durable as well.
  • From the technical point of view Fishman Loudbox Mini outperforms most of amplifiers in its` price range. It is loud and powerful, has a lot of adjustability. However the device lacks sound warmth.
Tip:My final recommendation is to spend a lot of time practicing. The amount of practice has the biggest impact on how good you will sound, while amplifiers are only the side equipment. Good luck!

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  1. Lisbeth
    I think that this sound amplifier is very convenient. It is easy to carry around the city in a car without extra transportation in a truck and so I believe this model is relatively light and comfortable. I also want to say that "Fishman Loudbox" has quite a stylish design and at the same time excellent technical characteristics. I also appreciated the fact that the Fishman LoudBox Mini has a reverb effect for both the instrument and the microphone and it is very convenient and comfortable. Overall I will rate this model 7/10 because I think there are still some flaws in the sound, but overall I like it.
  2. Lol…got this baby a few weeks ago, to play some of the acoustic solo parts, and it was like the perfect for the job. So.Much.Power. I mean it looks tiny and light, but playing on a country yard of a large art museum because I was worried about filling that large of a space. I needn't have worried!
  3. has anyone used one? im fed up with dragging around a pa with regard to little acoustic duo live music evenings. the other half already offers one and i can get 1 for about $200 in completely new shape. we dont require much sound reinforcement as well as for anything that does we have a large pa. do these small beasts cut it? ive played thru one rapidly and it didnt sound 1 / 2 bad, just wondering if anyone has more experience along with one.
  4. I played with the fishman loudbox performer (discontinued) for a couple years immediately doing acoustic gigs. Amazing amp. DI features. If the mini is anything including the loudbox performer, do it.
  5. Of course. Just get it up on a seats and you're good-to-go. I use got a small restaurant standard acoustic gig in a few days as well as I'm not even likely to load-up my PA voitures. It can in a town an hour or so aside though... so I confess which I'm a bit stressed regarding not having a spare/backup for the. I may try to select another up before then.
  6. I actually required one of them home this past year, however the Baggs Para Traditional DALAM that I also got simply sounded much better, and so the Feeling got returned. Yet Constantly remember which palanca it had been and I'm sure could possibly be excellent.

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