Fishman Tonedeq Review – Nice Preamp

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1Fishman Tonedeq 1/4” mono instrument input, 1/4” amplifier output Powered by 9-volt battery (not included), or Fishman 910-R power adapter1 Check

Fishman Tonedeq
Audio 1/4” mono instrument input, 1/4” amplifier output
Powered by 9-volt battery (not included), or Fishman 910-R power adapter
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1Fishman Loudbox 120 watts, bi-amped8” woofer, 1” soft dome tweeter1 Check

2Fishman Loudbox Mini 60 watts with Master Volume6.5″ woofer, 1″ soft dome tweeter2 Check

Fishman Loudbox
Power 120 watts, bi-amped
8” woofer, 1” soft dome tweeter
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Fishman Loudbox Mini
Power60 watts with Master Volume
6.5″ woofer, 1″ soft dome tweeter
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Nice preamp is a key to improving your performance quality from simply good to the great one. This is where Fishman`s equipment will come in handy. Reliable, convenient and powerful it will meet any requirements.

Fishman Company

Fishman became popular not because it had any revolutionizing technologies. The reason people have always been choosing Fishman is because the quality of the production, which is superior to any other equipment. Fishman is the company that is directed not by the businessmen, but by the professional sound engineers

As the President of  Fishman says himself, it was the hard work and extended quality control, that helped his corporation reach the top. Nowadays Fishman pickups, midi controllers and amplifiactors are suggested to be the best in the World.

Today we will take a closer look at Fishman Tonedeq. This is a high-quality preamp, which, as the manufacturer claims, is a perfect thing for an acoustic musician.

Fishman Tonedeq

Physical Characteristics

The first thing experienced musician always thinks about is where he will store all his equipment. I believe you should think about this as well, so let us take a look at the weight, the dimensions and the material first.

The weightFishman Tonedeq weighs 2.5 lbs (slightly more than one kilogram). That is a reasonable weight for the preamp. The device is really compact and will fit in any studio, no problems with that.
The dimensionsThe device is 5.3’’ * 9.5’’ * 2,2’’ (which is 136 * 241 * 56 in millimeters). Again, there should be no problems with carrying and storing it.
The materialThe preamp is made of plastic. While the body itself is durable enough, the functioning part is rather gentle, so better be careful with that.

The basic information is behind. Let us now take a look at more specific characteristics:


The preamp has following controls: Tone control (4 band EQ with middle, low, selectable lowcut and treble) and feedback control (selectable phase invert destroys all the feedback, making sound clean). Having these controls is enough for adjusting sound on high levels.


This one has a lot of effects. There are dual reverb, delay and chorus, as well as simple tremolo or flanger.


There is one charger input and a lot of audio inputs and outputs. There are the basic ¼ instrument and ¼ amplifier outputs, a balanced XLR one and D.I output. Having them all is enough for playing an instrument and getting a strong and clean sound from it.

Finally, before checking this amp in action, let us take a look at the features, that are considered the most important in this preamp.

The Features

Pure circuitry

The sound in this preamp goes directly from input to output, staying as clean as it was before amplification, but becoming louder at the same time. All the rich and warm tones of instruments are preserved, which improves the life of acoustic player a lot.

Class A-Preamp

This is a class A preamp with high impedance. In case you forgot this, let me remind, that equipment with high impedance is highly preferable for passive pickups.

Advanced four band EQ

Four band EQ provides a large spectre of opportunities for sound adjustment. The tones controls, especially the low-cut make the playing process unique and unforgettable.

All this is nice to read, but how does this preamp function when it has to do its` job in real life? Let us figure out.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Loud and clean sounding. I didn`t find any distortion or feedback. All the cleaning mechanisms work properly, which results in great volume.
  • High adjustability. There is a lot of adjustments that can be applied to the sound, even without 4 band EQ mentioned above. Adding a correct layer of reverb, delay and chorus on your sound will result in making your guitar sound much more expensive, than it is.


  • Body quality. Surpisingly, but the body quality is rather bad. Even the wood-looking parts are plastic. This doesn`t affect the sound, but I would still prefer a wooden body.
  • Slow pitch registration. If you are a super aggressive player and enjoying playing in a really fast manner, than you might have some issues, because this preamp does not always register all the pitches.
Tip:Well, overall it is a great preamp, that has its` pros and cons. And if you are looking for equipment, that would improve the sound quality even more, I have something to show.
Compact design
Sound quality
Not phantom powered

Related Products

If you need a louder and richer sound, you should definitely have an amplifier as well. While I always recommend purchasing all the production from the same manufacturer, let us check some Fishman amplifiers.

Fishman LoudboxLoudbox family is one of the best series by Fishman. Loudbox classical amplifier works at high power and has unique and innovative speakers. It pairs perfectly with other Fishman production. However, it occupies quite a lot space.
Fishman Loudbox MIniSo, in case you have a small home studio, Fishman Loudbox Mini will come in handy. It is really compact, and won`t occupy more room than a microwave. It still remains rather powerful and suits Fishman preamps and pedals nicely.


Honestly, there is a lot of worthy amplifiers in this price range, so you do not need to purchase exactly the named ones. Surf the internet, check the feedback, count your money and take the final decision.

Fishman Loudbox

  • The Loudbox Artist packs 120 watts of ultra-clean, bi-amplified acoustic power
  • Features two versatile channels that can each accept an instrument or mic input
  • Input channels feature 3-band EQ and feedback controls
  • Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Echo, and Slap Echo effects
Small and powerful
Maybe: versatile amp for a passel of small-to-medium size gigs
Maybe: no need for digital effects.
High price

Fishman Loudbox Mini

  • Fishman’s lightest and most portable amp yet
  • The Loudbox Mini packs 60 watts of clean acoustic power
  • Two channels featuring Fishman’s legendary preamp and tone control designs
  • Digital reverb and chorus for the instrument channel & reverb for the microphone channel
Built-in chorus
Small and light
Maybe: low bass
No antifeedback function


Before closing the review, look through the shortcut of the most important moments once more.

  • Fishman is an old company, known mostly for its` products quality and reliability.
  • Tonedeq is a great preamp that has a lot adjustability and built-in effects. It is powerful, but could have been better built. There are might be minor troubles with pitches as well.
  • Amplifiers will make the sound even more powerful, so if you are looking forward to playing in front of audience or practicing with your band, get some, even cheap ones will do.
This is for this review. Good luck with mastering the guitar.

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2 Responses

  1. Edie
    If you need to find a preamp of good quality, comfortable and powerful, then you will need Fishman Tonedeq, I have been looking for a preamp for a long time to meet all my requirements and only a month later I came across it. Having read the characteristics first, it was hard to believe that all my desires would be satisfied, but my good friends recommended this model because they use it themselves. In my opinion, they are all alike, but this is my opinion as a beginner. Friends who have used music equipment for a long time and keep on this career, know what they are talking about. Therefore, I will try to tell you about the advantages of this over-amplifier, which I already mentioned in the use. Since the device is small, there will be no problems with its installation, which already takes a certain number of problems. That is, this over-amplifier can be worn with you, because of its compactness and low weight. Of course, it's not always necessary to wear it, but if there is such a need it will not be a problem. The very design at first glance is reliable, although it is made of plastic. Altogether, as with the likes of other equipment, it is necessary to be precise with the over-amplifier. During the use of three months on it, no scratches, while sometimes it was necessary and carried with them. Therefore, the material from which it is made can be considered reliable. It has the tone control performed by the 4-band equalizer, also there is a feedback control in the form of a discrete switch. All this is enough for me to adjust the sound, to the tone that I need. The power amplifier has one input charger and several inputs and outputs. That is, this device has everything you need to create high-quality music, all the warm tones are stored, because the sound goes directly from the exit. Separately, I would like to focus on the appearance of Fishman Tonedeq, the design is at the same time simple and it can be seen that the details are made qualitatively and tastefully. Therefore, this over-amplifier wants to be placed in a prominent place, so that not only hear its work, but also admire the appearance. At first glance it seems that the case is made of wood, but in reality it is all plastic, I do not think that it affects something besides weight, so this option meets me. Therefore, I can conclude by saying that this firm is well-known on the market, first of all because of its reliability, checked over the years, and Fishman Tonedeq deserves recognition as it is checked by time and quality of work.
  2. Lisbeth
    In my personal opinion, this model from the brand "Fishman" - is not the best in its product line. Firstly, I think that the price of this model does not match the quality. I'm not a fan of this company, but this time I did not like the quality of their products.

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