Fishman Tonedeq vs Platinum Pro

Two Fishman’s. Two almost different EQ’s. Lots of different opinions.

I’ve collected all of them and proceed with my own opinion. And you know what?

#ModelRatingTone ControlBattery Life
Our topCheck
1Fishman ToneDEQ 4-band EQ with Bass, Middle, Treble, and selectable Low Cut12 hours2 Check

2Fishman Platinum Pro EQ 5-band EQ with sweepable Mid and adjustable Low-Cut filter30 hours1 Check

Fishman ToneDEQ
Tone Control 4-band EQ with Bass, Middle, Treble, and selectable Low Cut
Battery Life
12 hours
Our top2
Check Check

Fishman Platinum Pro EQ
Tone Control5-band EQ with sweepable Mid and adjustable Low-Cut filter
Battery Life
30 hours
Our top1
Check Check

With its preamplifiers, Fishman aims to deliver full control of the sound in the hands of the guitarist, who can handle the microphone and finish it to their taste to send it done and finished directly to the mixer. ToneDEQ and Platium Pro pre-amplify, equalize and finish the sound.

Fishman ToneDEQ

Unlike the irreducible electric guitar, acoustic guitarists do not always rely on the classic rig composed of instrument, chain effects and a personal amplifier. For them, the choices are broader; less standardized and can vary depending on the situation.

Preamplifier is a term widely used in music and generally in the phases of recording and reproduction of sound, to indicate a particular electronic circuit that, receiving incoming signals of very low power, typically coming from microphone or pick-up cells, re-outputs amplified enough to be accepted by the inputs of other electronic devices, such as mixers, power amplifiers or even electronic effects.

The Fishman Tone DEQ is the ideal solution for the acoustic musician. This professional pedal is equipped with a quality Class A preamplifier, and a high impedance input, a must for every passive pickup. The Fishman ToneDEQ is a complete solution for modeling your own sound without having to carry heavy amplifiers.

It is a pedal preamp complete with effects, tone controls, a compressor and a level booster. The internal electronics are completely analog, with the exception of digital effects. However, these are added together with the dry sound, so as not to affect the integrity of the original signal.

  • The ToneDEQ consists of environmental effects such as delay and reverb, chorus-modulated, flanger, and tremolo modulations, and a final section on tone-shaping.
  • This offers a compressor, a volume control with the possibility of boost and three knobs for highs, mids and lows.
  • An additional selector allows you to make a cut on the most serious frequencies, in order to prevent the generation of “resulting” notes and beats.
  • With a high-quality preamp, dual effects section, tone controls, a compressor, level booster and a balanced D.I. — it’s got everything you need in one box
  • Flexible outputs include a 1/4″ amplifier output and XLR D.I. output for the lowest noise possible
The ToneDEQ is complete with a jack output to enter a dedicated amplifier and a built-in DI that allows you to send the sound unaltered on the counter, counting in fact on a small personal mixer with everything you need to have full control over your tone.

Compact design
Sound quality
Body quality
Not phantom powered

Platinum Pro EQ

The main concern of the acoustic guitarist is how to resume the sound of his darling in the most faithful way possible. We all know that the microphone in front of the instrument is the quintessential form of sound information gathering, a bit like the brothers of the electric field placing their trustworthy Shure, AKG, Neumann and transduction in the face of the cone of the very wide amp.

Tip:At the same time, however, the acoustic knows that managing that is aimed at the hole of the guitar is not a simple task.

The Pro-EQ Platinum has preamplifier, equalizer and XLR D.I.: it earns a mention of merit for the elegant package! The outputs and the inputs are on the sides: on the right we find the input (1/4 “ jack, 10MOhm impedance) and the input for a possible power supply (9V, not included); on the left the balanced output (XLR, impedance 600 Ohm) and two unbalanced (1/4 “jack, impedance 1 kOhm): among the latter, the second is called tuner/send and is only influenced by the gain, being positioned upstream of the equalization; it is useful for connecting a tuner or for recording.

Tip:The device, in addition to the aforementioned external power supply, can be powered with a 9V battery or via Phantom Power, which, when present, automatically disconnects the battery. All the controls are placed in plain sight.
  • Completely redesigned from the ground up, the all-analog Platinum Pro EQ universal instrument preamp delivers incredibly accurate sonic detail for any acoustic instrument.
  • 17-volt, high-headroom, discrete Class-A preamp
  • 5-band tone control with sweep-mid and low frequency filter

  • Integrated fully-chromatic digital tuner

Exceptional preamp sounds
Built-in tuner
Maybe: dim LCD screen
No microphone input

Set Up Your Preamp

As soon as the guitar is connected, we must make sure to calibrate the input gain to avoid distortion by adjusting the Input Gain knob and keeping an eye on the LED clip/low battery: the same light also signals the exhaustion of the battery and is placed near another LED that lights up when the Phantom power is present.

Remember:An accurate adjustment of the gain allows you to better use the Smooth control, which has the function of “softening” the sound when we play loud, especially in strumming: it is a compressor that acts on the high frequencies.

Let’s now examine the equalization section, which is borrowed from the Fishman Prefix Plus, mounted on numerous electro acoustic guitars. To combat the hideous feedback, the Platinum Pro-EQ is equipped with two different controls: the Notch potentiometer intervenes on the lower notes (from me to sol of the sixth string); if the feedback affects this range, we have to do is turning the Notch until the latter “holes” the frequency involved.

Tip:The switch Phase is instead dedicated to combat feedback on the medium-low frequencies (from la on the sixth string onwards): this switch reverses the phase and is effective when the trigger is caused by the vibrations of the guitar that add up to those of the amplification system.

And now let’s devote ourselves to the equalization controls: two slides are dedicated to bass and treble, with +/- 12 dB excursion and cut-off frequencies of 60 Hz and 10 kHz respectively; Brilliance is instead dedicated to the highest frequencies, in order to enhance the harmonics and, in fact, the brilliance. In detail, this is a band-pass centered on 10 kHz (+/- 9dB) and with 7 kHz bandwidth.

Tip:The averages are semi-parametric, i.e. we have a control to decide on which frequency to intervene (with a wide range that goes from 250 Hz to 5 kHz) and a slider for the exaltation/attenuation (+/- 12dB); the Q (camber) is fixed at 0.5.
Remember:By intervening on the two controls, we can cut certain nasality or heat a somewhat cold instrument; or, as an additional weapon against feedback.

We conclude with the Pre/ Post and Ground/ Lift switches; the first intervenes on the balanced output, placing it upstream or downstream of the equalization controls. The Ground/ Lift switch eliminates noises arising from ground loops.

Tip:Finally we connect the guitar and taste the quality of the Platinum Pro-EQ: the sound is full-bodied, beautiful. The double Notch + Phase system works well, just a little of patience and the potentiometer surgically eliminates the disturbing frequency.

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  1. Lisbeth
    I use the Fishman ToneDEQ model and I want to say that I am happy. I saw the model Platinum Pro EQ from his girlfriend and I think that the design and characteristics of the best Fishman ToneDEQ and I know it firsthand, so if in front of you is the choice of which of these two models to take, feel free to take Fishman ToneDEQ.
  2. Alex
    I'm an aspiring musician and only recently started to study this issue. I heard that Fishman is famous for the quality of his products, but still I can not choose between Tonedeq and Platinum Pro. Write please in the comments that you like more?
  3. Lisa
    A great device to record,as well as mount and play it.The sound is clean and high quality! According to this article,everything is written, including all the nuances of the device.

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