Hotone Thunder Bass Amp Head Review – Controls, Features And Price

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1Hotone Thunder Bass Ampeg SVTBass
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2Hotone Mojo Diamond Fender TweedTiny body and loud, sweet sound
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3Hotone Heart Attack Mesa Boogie RectifierClassic hard rock high gain sound
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Hotone Thunder Bass
Based OnAmpeg SVT
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Hotone Mojo Diamond
Based OnFender Tweed
Tiny body and loud, sweet sound
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Hotone Heart Attack
Based OnMesa Boogie Rectifier
Classic hard rock high gain sound
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You might’ve never heard about Hotone Audio, as it’s not the most famous company in the industry. However, these guys have exactly what it takes to win over the regular customers – high-quality gear for a low price. Their amps are on par with the leaders of the race and you won’t be disappointed by the solid mix of reliability, durability, flexibility, and affordability. Today we’ll talk about Hotone Thunder Bass – an amazing bass amp head that costs 105 dollars.
Tip:It looks a bit like an Alien tech, and that’s one of the coolest things about this manufacturer: it strives to impress the potential clients with its somewhat unusual designs.

But a fancy look isn’t the only thing that makes this head stand out. The award-winning and crowd-pleasing Nano Legacy series includes ten models, and they all have something unique to offer to the world. Thunder Bass is a 5-Watt-strong micro amp head and is heavily inspired by the Ampeg SVT. The tone it generates is surprisingly high-quality for such a low-budget model and you have a decent amount of control over the final sound. Plus, this thing is really tiny and will fit in your backpack with ease. Get this: it weighs only 1 pound, which is approximately 0.5 kilograms. How did the engineers manage to make it so small and still capable of great things?!

Learning More About The Hotone Thunder Bass Amp Head

With this “baby”, you get an aux input for your MP3 player or Smartphone and an output for the headphones for silent practice late at night. Obviously, since heads don’t feature speakers, you’ll need to connect it to a cabinet. Hotone Thunder Bass is compatible with 4- to 16-OHM cabs. I’ll go ahead and say it: this is the tiniest bass amplifier on the planet, and even though it can’t compete with the bigger and more expensive models, it’s still one of the best options in this price range. If portability is #1 on your list, then it doesn’t get better than this amp right here. It might look funny sitting on a huge speaker, but you’ll get used to that.

On the control panel, you’ll find a Gain knob, a Volume knob, and a pretty awesome three-band equalizer with Bass, Middle, and Treble. An FX loop is also included. And that’s actually it. For a beginner/entry-level amp head, that’s more than enough. I mean, if you’re a pro, you probably won’t consider buying the Hotone Thunder Bass Amp Head. But if you’re a newbie, the tones it generates and the flexibility it offers will be just right. Besides, it looks like a million-dollar piece of tech, even though it does cost approximately 100 bucks. Thanks to the amazing design, it will also serve as a wonderful present to a bass player you know – like a niece or a nephew.

Messing Around With The Controls To Find A Perfect Tone

With Thunder Bass, you’ll get a rich, strong, balanced bass tone from the Golden Era with just a tiny bit of overdrive. The bass guitar players know that this is like the perfect combination. If you own an intermediate-level guitar and a cabinet to run everything through, you’ll be able to create some wonderful bass tones without even tweaking anything that much. For some up-tempo funk music,

Tip:I’d highly recommend boosting the highs and maybe also the lows a bit for a bright yet warm tone with enough power to cut through even the tightest mix. For the slap technique, this setup will also work.

For a thick, rich, wider sound, push that gain a bit higher for lots of overdrive. Don’t overdo it, though, because you might end up with something completely different. Classic rock likes the bass guitar to be more aggressive with more distortion than usual. If you crank up the gain knob, you’ll get more attack on those notes and, again, the guitar will poke through a busy mix. As you can see, there are enough settings available with Hotone Thunder Bass. Despite the modest set of controls, there’s a lot of space for sonic maneuvers. So, keep experimenting and trying new things until you find the tones that suit your music best. Be careful with the Gain knob, though: too much of it will ruin an otherwise amazing tone. For hard rock, however, crank it up to 11.

So, Is This Amp Worth It Or Not?

To be fair, everything that I just said applies to a number of other industry-leading amps available today. The small amplifier heads of our time are nothing like the old models. Despite the tiny size, they are quite powerful and sound decent. So, what is the biggest selling point of Hotone Thunder Bass?

First of all, it comes with a tone that’s much bigger and more “expensive” than you might think. Second, even though the Volume-Knob-EQ set of controls is pretty basic, you won’t always find a 3-band EQ on an amp head. Third, that FX Loop is perfect for adding any external effects to the chain and introducing even more sounds and tones to your bass guitar.

While 5 Watts aren’t nearly enough to fill out a venue of any size, for practicing at home and doing some jamming with your buddies in a basement, they are just right. As a single-channel solid-state amplifier, Thunder Bass is all about precision. And, of course, it is quite small: it’s a 2.34” x 5” x 2.95” box that looks more like a cooler, a piece of tech from the future, or a box that’s about to go off, which is cool. As we already learned today, it can generate warm, rich, round tones for the bass guitar, especially if you work the magic with the equalizer. And, it automatically detects the OHMs of the speaker cabinet – an awesome feature indeed.

  • Inspired by the ampeg SVT, high quality tone with volume and gain controls
  • 3 Band eq controls for shaping your tone
  • Speaker out can automatically fit cabinets of different impedances (4-16 ohms)
Great tonal range
Clean Sound
Maybe: no speaker emulation effect
Build quality

Hotone Mojo Diamond

  • Inspired by the legendary fender “tweed” amps of the 1950’s
  • Extremely compact configuration for portability
  • Volume and gain controls, 3-band eq
  • Speaker out can automatically fit cabinets of different impedances
  • 18V dc power supply
Great tone
Headphone out
Maybe: there are noises
Cheap stuff

Hotone Heart Attack

  • The heart attack design is based on the mesa boogie rectifier
  • High quality tone with volume and gain controls
  • Speaker out can automatically fit cabinets of different impedances
  • Headphone output jack is very convenient for practicing and recording
High gain with a three band EQ
Light and portable
High price
Maybe: there may be background noise

The Verdict

Hotone did a solid job with this thing. They managed to fit “big” sounds inside this little amp, making it equally portable, reliable, and “rocky.” With some bass amps, you’re forced to “stay in the shadows” and just do the basic bass player’s part of supporting the drummer and the harmony. But with Hotone Thunder Bass Amp Head, you are more than welcome to step into the light and play some killer solos on your instrument. Forget about hauling huge amps around just to have a nice rehearsal with the band members.

Remember:Put this small amp in your bag and get there in no time. For 105 dollars, this is one of the best deals you’re ever going to get!

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2 Responses

  1. Edie
    I'm pretty sure that you have not previously faced Hotone Audio and more with Hotone Thunder Bass, but you can not appreciate the benefits of a product before you buy it and do not try to use it. Not always the equipment at a low price may qualify for good quality, but when the manufacturer only goes to the market, it is usually the opposite. Not enough well-known producers only gain their fame by improving the quality of their products with firms with a stable rating. Therefore, I decided to turn my attention to brands that were previously unknown to me and test their quality. My attention was attracted by the new Hotone Thunder Bass, in my opinion it is relatively cheap, it's hard to find something really good at that price, despite the fact that this bass amplifier also has a peculiar design that can not be estimated. In addition to the fact that the amplifiers already have a custom design and a higher price, this device attracted me interest. Amplifiers weighing less than one pound I have not met, so it's a miracle how such a small device can put all the necessary details. To my surprise, manufacturers promise the same functionality as the larger amplifiers, and I really got to know that. In addition to the volume control, the headphone jack also has a three-band equalizer. Perhaps this is not the best model for appearances before the audience, but for beginners Hotone Thunder Bass will be a good toy. It is a pleasure that you can adjust everything you need and adjust the sound as you like. Of course it's worth mentioning that you should not expect more from it than this device can give, but I can not complain too. It's good for jazz music, and for the year. You need to focus on which of the styles of music you most habitual and according to him to adjust the amplifier, so that he worked correctly, although it is no secret to anyone. From myself I can say that this amplifier from the category of new generation, he obviously should pay attention, at such a budget price, he will be a great gift, either for yourself or for friends. Most of all, I like the fact that the Hotone Thunder Bass is manufactured in a variety of colors, as the design also has its own impact. For a pleasant, color amplifier of small size, it's nice to look at it. To conclude, I can say that the bass in conjunction with Hotone Thunder Bass, over which hour to sit and adjust the equalizer in such a way that the sound is in line with expectations, this will turn out to be a great duo. You always have to start with something, and at the beginning, as a rule, the main issue is the budget, so it's a great choice for anyone interested in the world of music. I recommend according to your own experience.
  2. Lisbeth
    Hello dears! Today I would like to tell you about my experience with Hotone Thunder Bass. This model costs a little more than a hundred dollars, and I think that the ratio of price and quality of this model, the highest that can be. It seems to me that the creators of this model have put the maximum productivity in such a small “box”. Hotton Thunder Bass surprised me with the variety of features and the possibilities that open up if you know how to use it. I would also like to note that the creators have tried very well on the design of this model. It is pleasant to take it in hands and to use it not only because of high functionality, but also because Hotton Thunder Bass is simply beautifully executed. In the end, I would like to say that I recommend this model to everyone.

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