How to Choose the Best Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker

Are you in need of Bluetooth speaker quality to listen to music in the bathroom? Which type of Bluetooth speaker should I choose? Follow the article:  Five Ways to Choose the Best Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker below by Musiety for useful information and choose to buy a suitable and quality bluetooth speaker in the bathroom!

Choosing a quality Bluetooth speaker that suits your preferences is difficult, choosing a suitable Bluetooth speaker for the bathroom is even more difficult, to help you choose the best Bluetooth speaker models for your home. Take a look at the best bathroom with Musiety:  Five Ways to Choose the Best Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker below.

1. Choose a Bluetooth Speaker for Bathrooms based on protection against water and dust (IP-X)

Choosing Bluetooth Speakers for Bathrooms based on the speaker’s waterproof and dustproof index is a smart choice for you, usually to match the bathroom Bluetooth speakers will have a waterproof rating of IPX7 or higher.

IP –X waterproof rating:

IP  (meaning: Protection prevent ingress) is an international standard that measures the dust resistance and water resistance of a certain device. “IPXX” has 2 digits. The first X in the IP code indicates the degree of protection against solid objects including dust. The 2nd X digit represents the level of water-resistance of a device. Detail:

Best Bluetooth Speaker for bathroom
Best Bluetooth Speaker for bathroom

Current IP and IPX Waterproof Standards On Bluetooth Speakers:

– IPX1: Vertical waterproof: Water falling directly from the top in a vertical direction will not harm the headset device

– IPX2: Waterproof to vertical drops of 15 degrees: This indicator indicates that when water drops vertically down to an angle of 15 degrees, the device is resistant and not in danger of drip water location

– IPX3: Waterproof to 60-degree vertical drops: This indicator indicates that when water drops vertically down to a 60-degree angle, the device is resistant and not in danger of drip water location

– IPX4: Waterproof from all directions

– IPX5: Waterproof from all directions, Spray from the nozzle (6.3mm): With a strong nozzle directly in the direction of the nozzle (6.3mm) into the device will not cause harm

– IPX6: if the speaker has this coefficient, it means that it can withstand strong water forces, in any direction and from 12.5mm away without damage.

– IPX7: This waterproof speaker can be submerged in water up to 1m and for 30 minutes it’s still okay.

– IPX8: the speaker can be submerged 1.5m deep and for 30 minutes

-IPX9: Full protection against high-pressure water

2. Choose a Bluetooth Speaker for Bathrooms based on their battery life

One of the most common situations is: waterproof bluetooth speaker turns off when you are listening to your favorite sound. This will be very inconvenient for the enjoyment and experience, the music will be interrupted immediately, you will feel uninspired in the process of relaxing with music, and it may not be safe for you to plug in the charger at the moment. while your hands are wet, it can easily lead to electric shock (like you forgot to dry your hands).

So you need to choose a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a built-in battery of 5 hours or more – long enough for you to use them when taking a shower. (Tip: Charge the speaker once a week so you can use it every day).

3. Select Bluetooth Speaker with built-in voice control

Voice control is one of the features to note and should be, this function will help you complete the simplest operations such as changing songs, turning off / stopping / skipping songs… in a simple way. simple but fast. Meets all your requirements well, providing the most convenient and optimal listening experience possible, without having to travel, on-site to calibrate the speaker (so the speaker will remain completely dry). All you have to do is issue a voice command, the speaker will serve you quickly and efficiently. (In addition, some high-end models can also mix and pair with other speakers in the house. your).

4. Choose Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker Based on Speaker Power

Depending on the purpose of use, you will choose the appropriate speaker capacity. Currently, speaker power ranges from 2W – 20W. If you have a need to own a device for personal use, small space, 3W – 5W  seems to be the right choice. But if the product is to serve large parties outdoors, camps then you should give preference to the higher power type, above 7W.

5. Select Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker Based on connection technology

You need to see which Bluetooth speaker devices support the Bluetooth technology connection standard to know the optimal ability when linking to the devices. The typical connection distance is within a radius of about 10m between the speaker and the device. Supporting old connection standards will sometimes experience jerky, hum, loss of sound, or even failure to connect. (You should choose a speaker with a Bluetooth device that is 5.0 or higher).

Suggest some suitable Bluetooth speaker models for the bathroom:

Above are 5 Ways to Choose the Best Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you get useful information and choose for yourself a suitable Bluetooth speaker model for the bathroom. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below to receive the earliest response.


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