How to choose the best living room speakers?

The living room is a space for the whole family to entertain, play, and bond people together. Exciting music, classic football matches, extremely dramatic and tense movies… All will be great if you enjoy them with your loved ones. And even better when you own a modern, high-quality living room speaker system. To have a satisfactory living room music speaker system, what do you need to do? Musiety will tell you how to choose the perfect living room speaker system?

What is your primary need?

In order to choose a living room sound system, you must determine your needs correctly. This will help you choose the correct and appropriate equipment in that sound system. Specifically, how many square meters do you choose to listen to music speakers for the room, how much does it cost to invest?

What is your primary use? Listen to music, sing karaoke or watch movies, play games. In case your living room sound system is mainly used for karaoke singing then you need to prepare a set of full-range stereo speakers and need to have a suitable Amply. If you’re looking for a loudspeaker in the living room, a 2.1 sound system is enough to meet that need. If you want to enjoy better and better sound, use a 5.1 sound system. If you want to enjoy the classic matches, to listen to music, watch movies or tv shows, do not forget to equip your living room sound system with a high-quality, big-screen TELEVISION.

Three types of a basic sound system

Full-range stereo speakers: A traditional style system, producing 3 bass (low) – mid -treble (high) sound bands used to listen to music and sing karaoke. For example, the Bose 301 series V speaker, the paramax D88 speaker is chosen by many people to listen to music and sing karaoke.The speaker is meticulously produced on direct/reflecting techniques, with a scientifically arranged bass and treble speaker that helps the sound have a wide and even angle. In addition, there are a few brands like JBL that are quite popular because they have a beautiful design and a fairly quality sound.

Sound system 2.1: This system is usually a 2.1 listening speaker usually has 2 speakers of small size or more that take charge of bass – Mid-Treble sound frequency ranges, usually the bass will be many so the bass speaker system capacity is quite large. Many 2.1 music speakers are designed in 2 lines and 3 lines for sound quite good and professional.

Multidi way audio 5.1: This is a system commonly used for movie speakers, with at least 5 or more speakers to enhance the sound placed around the room, giving the listener a sense of large space. This system includes stand speakers, suround speakers, center speakers, subwoofers. This speaker usually gives Dolby Digital or DTS standard sound, reproducing vivid surround sound.

Request for a speaker system to listen to music in the living room

Any sound system must meet 3 bands of Bass, mid, and treble sound for listeners to feel full and clear sound.

  • Treble (treble): Clear, clear and distortion-free when listening at high volume
  • Bass: Powerful, solid and has a depth that does not cause chest pain when listening at high volume.
  • Mid-tone: The lyrics of the karaoke singer or singer, the sound of the instrument is clear and detailed.

The sound of the whole system must have a harmonious combination of 3 bands of bass, Mid, and treble to create a clear and pleasant sound for the listener.

Speaker support device

If the speaker system does not have an amplifier, you should rely on specifications to determine the power of each channel and combine the amplifier in a reasonable way. For example, if you have a 100W/channel speaker, you should choose an amplifier with equal or higher power. With music speakers, the amplifier capacity can be smaller than the speaker capacity, so that set up the speaker for the living room you need to be consulted in advance.

Music source: The source of music is quite important for a professional orchestra, you can use the CD player, combining the DAC adapter to give the best quality sound.

Currently there are also many products integrated “all in one”, the speaker system is integrated amplifiers and sound management, images are quite good.The features of guiding, managing the connection on the television screen, controlling all connected devices to the system only from the remote of the system…

2. Locate devices in the living room speaker system

Locating the devices is very important. Because this isn’t just about helping you enjoy the best sound quality. Where to place music speakers, how the device sounds has a great influence on the aesthetics of the living room.

You should not place the television or screen in a position opposite the light. Because of this, the image will be dazzled, not only you can not see it, but also affect your vision.

Music speakers should be arranged on either side of the television, in the corner of the house or hanging on the corner. Especially do not place them outside the door. As they will be affected every time you open the door as well as the sound quality will be interrupted.

Speaker devices should be located in locations near power outlets. This helps you not to prepare the electric people, lose their aesthetics. You not only pay attention to the harmonious combination of sound quality, but also pay special attention to the harmony of form.The living room is considered the most important and important place to take care of in your home.

3. Living room speaker positions for the best sound quality

– Position between listener and speaker

To enjoy the best sound quality, you need to determine the position and distance between the listener and the music speaker. Usually, you should choose the music listening position in between the 2 speakers. Then, between you and the music player devices will create a triangle together. Your location will fully converge what is most quintessential in the music speaker. That position is called the negative peak.

In addition, the position of the speaker should not be too far away from the listener. Because of that, the sound quality reaching the listener’s ears has been gradually weakened. No more powerful and best sounds. However, you should also not place them too close. They are very prone to buzzing and glare when you listen.

Some distances you should refer to

  • If the TV size is 32″ then the shortest distance from the Sofa to the screen is 1.2 m and the furthest is 2.5 m
  • If the TV size is 42″ then the shortest distance from the Sofa to the screen is 1.6 m and the furthest is 3.2 m
  • If the TV size is 47″ then the shortest distance from Sofa to the screen is 1.8 m and the furthest is 3.6 m
  • If the TV size is 50″ then the shortest distance from the Sofa to the screen is 2m and the furthest is 3.8m
  • If the TV size is 60″ then the shortest distance from the Sofa to the screen is 2.3 m and the furthest is 4.6 m

– The position between the music speaker and the wall

According to the research of experts as well as the actual experience of customers, the distance between the speaker and the back wall for the best quality is 1/3 of the room space. As such, the sound quality you hear will feel wider and deeper.

For standing speakers, you should place them at least 1m away from the wall so that the speakers can fully promote their music playing ability.

4. How to arrange and install living room speakers

Sound is affected by many factors, the correct speaker arrangement helps to add aesthetics to the room while ensuring the best sound quality, .. and of course, each person’s listening experience will be different.

Put the music speaker on the shelf

Placing the living room speakers on the shelf is a very easy way to arrange and arrange the speaker sound system. Installing such speakers is also very easy for cleaning and sanitizing the device. For living rooms with a large area, placing music speakers on the shelf is also highly aesthetic. However, this is not a good solution for small rooms. They will give you a feeling of entanglement, cramped.

Hang music speakers on the wall

You should hang the speaker in a position at least 15cm away from the wall to avoid the phenomenon of bass reverberation affecting the sound quality of your music. The ideal speaker mounting height is at least 2m above the floor. The distance between the 2 speakers is 2.5m for the best sound quality.

Hanging speakers is suitable for living rooms that are not large, with moderate space and area. When hanging speakers to listen to music, you definitely have to rely on the support of brackets and speakers. Note that when hanging speakers to listen to music, you must not pay special attention to the aesthetics of the living room. This is especially important and necessary.

Factors affecting living room acoustics

Living room furniture: objects in the house will affect the level of sound reflection such as carpets, curtains, chairs, people, walls, ceilings. You need a reasonable layout and design for the sound system to bring out its full potential.

Adjust speaker position: Please listen and adjust gradually to feel the sound bit by bit, if you want to improve the sound you should choose genuine products to ensure the sound, in case you don’t have it, please look carefully. required parameters before selection.

Aesthetics. Make sure the connection lines and signals must be hidden to ensure aesthetics. It is recommended to wire in the wall or brace.

Musiety hope that the above sharing about music speakers will be useful for you when choosing the highest quality and standard living room music speaker system. You can go to  Musiety  for authentic and enjoyable experiences. From there, making decisions and making choices will become easier and more accurate for you.


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