Ibanez GSR205BWNF Overview: Excellent Sound, Low Price, Ergonomic Neck

Ibanez GSR205BWNF is a high-quality and reasonably priced model from the GIO series. This is a 5-string bass guitar with an active timbre-block. The bass guitar has a balanced, rich sound, the original style of the deck and head of the neck.

ModelRatingNumber of stringsWeightOur topCheck
1Ibanez GSR205BWNF 510 pounds1 Check

Ibanez GSR205BWNF
Number of strings5
Weight10 pounds
Our top1
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Ibanez GSR205BWNF is the five-string model

Ibanez guitars are among the favorites when we talk about those models that are sold on the market and that and that are reviewed in the memory of the musicians forever. Ibanez offering different models is one of the brands that many musicians around the world prefer.

Ibanez GSR205BWNF is edgy and powerful instrument equipped with everything is necessary to produce an excellent sound. This model has the same high quality parameters as the expensive guitars of the brand Ibanez. The instrument is popular among bass players who play classical and contemporary rock music, instrumental music.

For the money a great bass guitar and very playable and came with a lot of packaging so it was very safe for shipping. Like the pick up arrangement with the two volume knobs. And the boost definitely gives it some kick and can’t play without the boost on actually. Great guitar! bfl2125

Despite its cost, it looks very solid.

  • The body is made of mahogany in natural walnut color, guitar fittings in black;
  • The bass guitar is equipped with a maple neck with a classic rosewood fretboard;
  • The markers of the frets are made in the form of white dots;
  • Fastening of the neck to the deck is made on bolts;
  • The deck has a fixed bridge from the manufacturer (Ibanez B15); the distance between the strings is 16.5 mm. The number of fretboard modes is 22 of Medium size;
  • Electronics is represented by two passive humbuckers Dynamix and an equalizer Phat II.

The Ibanez GSR205BWNF is sold at a medium/low price and is therefore proposed as a transitional instrument for players who have made progress on a four-string model, wants to take a technical step forward.

Has a balanced, rich sound
Looks very solid
This model has the same high quality parameters as the expensive guitars of the brand Ibanez
On board gain causes feedback when pushed too high
Strings rattle against the frets a bit

How a 5-string bass guitar works

One of the discriminating factors in choosing a bass is the number of strings. The models with four strings are the easiest to use and therefore more suitable for those who want to learn. Those with five (or more) strings are designed for those who have been playing for some time and have achieved a superior technical level.

The five-string bass is undoubtedly the most common among extended-range instruments. The most usual tuning in this type of bass, Si-Mi-La-Re-Sol, provides five extra notes in the serious tessitura of the instrument, and is very popular in bass players of all genres. Less common is the practice of tuning the instrument in Mi-La-Re-Sol-Do, used for example by jazz and flamenco bassist Carles Benavent; almost always reserved for jazz artists and soloists of the instrument, it largely eliminates the need to constantly change the position of the left hand during solos.

Tip:In either case, the addition of an extra string gives the musician access to a greater number of notes for any position. The five-string bass rivals the standard four-string bass in popularity, and is widely used in studio by session musicians who appreciate its greater versatility. In addition, many bass players find it more comfortable in their execution because the strings are closer together, compared to the bass of four strings.

The sound is good and in principle it can be played in any style, from blues to metal. By the way, fans of heavy styles it especially will like. With the sound you can experiment. The tone block includes knobs for changing the tone, the volume of each sensor separately and the active amplifier. The guitar supports the system well. Particular attention should be paid to the neck of the instrument.

GREAT Bass! Unboxed and it turned right up. Sounds great and had excellent string action. no BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. The price point will move on these once the word gets around so buy now. Rick

This model is equipped with a so-called “high-speed neck” which is a feature of the Ibanez bass guitar. The distance between the strings is 16.5 millimeters which is less than the bass guitars from Fender. In this regard, playing the guitars of other manufacturers is a bit unusual. Nevertheless, the neck allows you to play complex drawings a little faster. If you first picked up a bass guitar and before that played an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, then with this model you will quickly master a new instrument for you.

The electric bass is a fundamental instrument in any music group since it constitutes, together with the percussion, the very foundations of any musical ensemble. The essence of a bass is its deep, warm sound which completely fills the environment and gives an immense sense of strength in the music. There are different executions techniques with which we can offer different sensations with the same instruments, it depends on how you play the bass, and the music will sound to you in one way or another.

Ibanez is a very popular brand of bass and guitars, both electric and acoustic. It originated in 1935, although it would not be established under the Ibanez brand until 1960 when its founder, Salvador Ibañez, would buy the rights to do so. Currently, it is considered that the guitar of this range is one of the best and most versatile of the market: in fact, there are many recognized musicians who use this type of bass, precisely because of the sharpness of the bass sounds it gets. In addition, it is also responsible for commercializing amplifiers to achieve an even more outstanding sound.
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