Ibanez pf15ece Review – Just Another Dreadnought

The First Sight Impression

#ModelRatingBody Material TypeNeck Material TypeOur topCheck
1Ibanez pf15eceMahoganyMahogany1 Check

2Ovation AB24-RR CompositeNato/Mahogany2Check

3Yamaha FGX 800C MahoganyNato3 Check

4Yamaha APXT2 ¾ size MerantiNato/Mahogany4 Check

Ibanez pf15ece
Body Material TypeMahogany
Neck Material TypeMahogany
Our top1
Check Check

Ovation AB24-RR
Body Material TypeComposite
Neck Material TypeNato/Mahogany
Our top2

Yamaha FGX 800C
Body Material TypeMahogany
Neck Material TypeNato
Our top3
Check Check

Yamaha APXT2 ¾ size
Body Material TypeMeranti
Neck Material TypeNato/Mahogany
Our top4
Check Check

One glance is enough to realize two things: pf15ece has the dreadnought form and it is laminated. While the first is quite an advantage in terms of comfort, the second is arguable. Well, it does provide better climate protection (water or sun will not ruin the body), but, on the other hand, sound resonance quality drops.

Body, Neck and Material

  • To start with, Ibanez pf15ece is a full-size guitar. It has the length of 20“, the width of 15,75“ and the maximum depth of 5“. It is also a classical six-stringed, right-handed model. The average price for this model is 200$.
  • The model is not an outstanding one when it goes about material. Everything in it is classical: the mahogany body with laminated spruce top, the mahogany neck, the rosewood fretboard, the die-cast tuners made of chrome, ivory binding and dovetail neck joint. A beginner`s pack so to say.
  • The model would have been completely boring and dull, but there are those Ibanez “class bonuses” – bridge pins. What is so special about them? It is the freshly designed bulb head form, that makes guitar management much easier. Such things as gripping and pushing do indeed feel comfortable. It also has a stopper cut and a tapered end, that ease lifting and tightening strings.
  • The last, but not the least is that pf15ece looks really stylish. The model is available in three colours: black, blue and natural wooden.

Plugged vs Unplugged

Being an electro-acoustic guitar Ibanez pf15ece can be used as either. While being played without any connection, it provides smooth and soft sound. Not much special, but nothing to complain about as well.

Tip:When the device is connected, sounding does change a lot. It becomes juicier and feels like something, that only the electric guitar of high quality can provide. Though, it requires some AMP skills of course.

What the users say

First feedbacks tended to be negative. It is not that the guitar itself is bad, but that it inherited some disadvantages of the whole Ibanez series (missaligned tuners, extra large amount of glue, etc). However, after couple months passed, feedbacks` pattern became positive in general, as people gave pf15ece a chance.

Personalized setup is all the model needs to fully show what it is capable of. Due to its` form, the guitar sits in hands in a really comfortable manner. Laminate does not affect sound as bad as it was expected, and the construction itself feels really well-made.

Even though the model is cheap the Fishman Sonicore pickup and SST preamp provide nice and soft sound. Even better than one could have expected.

Great sound
Easy to play
Stylish design
Class bonuses
Missaligned tuners
Extra large amount of glue

Worthy Opponents

The price limitation does not really leave many choices. Pf15ece is a balanced guitar, that however has nothing outstanding. That is where its` concurrents take a chance.

Ovation AB24-RR Guitar

It may be not as balanced and in general less well-made, but the sounding, especially multiple finishes, do put it way above all other guitars in this price category.

  • Ovation Lyrachord Mid-Depth Cutaway, Ovangkol Fingerboard
  • Applause by Ovation CE304T with three band EQ and built in tuner, Ovation
  • Under the Saddle Piezo Pickup
Aesthetic design
Good quality
The great sounding, especially multiple finishes, do put it way above all other guitars in this price category
Some users note a lack of balance

Yamaha FGX 800C

Well, it is Yamaha. It is worth a hundred dollars more, but with the pricing comes the quality. The main advantages are the solid non-laminated top and strong tones in the low and middle range.

  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Nato Back & Sides
  • Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
  • Diecast Tuners
  • System 66 feature an under-saddle piezo pickup with a 3-band EQ, an adjustable mid-range frequency control, and a precision chromatic tuner for optimum sound tailoring.
    this guitar has an adjustable truss rod
Great for new players
Has a crisp, full sound plugged and unplugged
Excellent onstruction without gaps or excess glue around joints
The instrument is quite light and has a good balance between neck and body
Some users have noticed that when you get a guitar and tune it, you have to stretch the strings yourself

Yamaha APXT2 ¾ size

Multiple finishes, ART pickup system and the brand itself are advantages. The size however does matter, as many guitarists complain about the comfort of playing small-sized models. Getting used to it will take some time.

  • 3/4 size
  • Covered Tuners
  • Includes Gigbag
Compact size
You can use your car’s AUX connector for amplifier
Multiple finishes
ART pickup system
Some users complain about the inconvenience of playing small models

To sum up, the opponents are either more expensive, smaller-sized or not as balanced as Ibanez pf15ece. This makes Japanese guitar a decent choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hardware is required to make the play comfortable?
Well, there is quite a lot of stuff needed to play the guitar. One will need strings, bag, a tuner (an on-board one is available), picks, straps, cables, and AMP. Supporting the guitar needs sometimes costs just as much as the guitar itself.
  • Is Ibanez a solid brand?
It is. Ibanez is company based in Japan, created in 1929. It`s the first Japanese company that started exporting their production in Europe. So, no problems with official products.
  • What action does the guitar come with?
The guitar usually comes with low action first, as it provides the smoothest and the easiest playability. Some samples however arrive with medium or high action, which is not a problem, as adjusting the guitar is not that hard.

Summing it up

Ibanez pf15ece is a decent purchase for a beginner. It does have its` disadvantages, as it comes with low price of around 200 dollars, but the balance and overall quality provide good learning material and nice sounding.

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1 Response

  1. Lisbeth
    Model PF-15-a new line of dreadnought guitars, which replaced the well-established model Ibanez v72 E. What it owes to such popularity? Price-quality ratio. At not very high cost Ibanez instruments have such quality of sound and workmanship, which can boast only a more expensive guitar price category. And the new model PF-15 is not inferior to its predecessor. The build quality here is at the highest level. Even if you want to find fault, you will not have a single reason for this. Anything new? At first glance, you can find one difference — is the head of the neck. On the old V72 E it was made in a slightly more delicate form, on the new model, the designers decided not to invent anything and created a fairly simple, almost rectangular shape. It looks beautiful, and, most importantly, it has great functionality. By the way, this simple form is used by the leaders in the world of manufacturing premium acoustic guitars. On the reverse side of the head of the neck took their rightful place cast pegs in graphite. This means that you will not feel any jerks when you rotate the pegs. They rotate very smoothly, providing fine-tuning of the tool. The body of the dreadnought guitar is made of mahogany in combination with the upper deck of spruce — Ibanez engineers tried their best and achieved optimal, balanced sound. Mahogany gives the sound depth and volume, while spruce on the top deck adds to this mix of sharpness and sonority. The output is loud, deep and very bright sound. Few models from this price range from other manufacturers can boast of similar sound qualities.

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