Instructions for Cleaning Headphones Correctly, Quickly

Headphones used for a long time get dirty. How do make them clean again without damaging the headphones? Read the article below of  Musiety, we will guide you on how to properly, quickly and effectively clean your headphones!

After a long time of use, your headphones will be dirty, with residue such as dust, earwax, grease, etc., trapped in the small crevices of the headset. This is unhygienic, will increase the possibility of ear infections, creating conditions for bacteria to pass from person to person if shared. Not only that, but they also cause the quality of your headphones to degrade and damage them. So how to properly clean the headset? Please refer to the article below of Musiety!

Instructions for Cleaning Headphones Correctly, Quickly

First, you need to prepare the following cleaning tools:

  • 1 toothbrush
  • Cloth towel
  • Medical cotton
  • 70 degree alcohol or soap
  • Water

1. For in-ear headphones (in-ear headphones)

Step 1: Clean the head of the headset:

In the position of the head of the headset, you use a dry, soft brush  (preferably a children’s toothbrush), gently brush the wire mesh at the top of the ear to remove the dirt stuck inside the mesh part of the ear.

Then, you prepare yourself a little mild cleaning solution (70 degrees alcohol or soap mixed with warm water). Then use a piece of soft lint-free cloth, gently absorb a little cleaning solution, wipe gently on the surface of the earphone head.

Note:  Do not soak too much cleaning solution when cleaning the headset, because it can penetrate the inside of the headset and damage the earphone membrane.

Step 2: Clean the earbud

These earphones have silicone ear tips, you need to remove these silicone ear tips and soak them in mildly warm water with soap for  5 minutes or so. Then, you wash the knobs, wipe them and let them dry completely naturally, or use them with a paper towel before re-attaching them to the headphones.

Step 3: Clean the cable

You can use alcohol 70 degrees, put an appropriate amount on a soft cloth or medical cotton and  wipe vertically of the headset. Note: you should stroke it very gently because this can break the rope if you use too much force. It is best that you do it gently many times to get the best results.

2. For earphones (Over-ear, On-ear)

Step 1: Mix the earphone cleaning mixture

In the ear cushions will often be very sensitive to strong cleaning solutions. So you should mix diluted soap with water. Avoid using alcohol, because it will cause your ear cushions to peel and fade.

Step 2: Wipe the ear cushions

Take a soft cloth soaked in some cleaning solution then gently clean the earpads and the inner mesh to ensure the best cleaning of the ear cushions. Remember to dry your headphones in a cool place before storing them in your bag.

3. Another cleaning way

In addition to the 2 ways to clean the headphones above, you can also clean your headphones in some more modern ways when using:  hearing machine. This hearing aid will help you clean your headphones optimally. However, you will spend a lot of money buying this separate device.

Above are the experience sharing to help you clean the headset properly quickly and effectively, wish you success!. If you still have problems at any step, please contact Musiety immediately via email: for the fastest support. In case you have not found the right headphones, please come to us immediately to experience and buy genuine products at preferential prices as quickly as possible!


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