Jazz dream Peavey JF1 Review — free access to fingerboard and resonant tone

This hollow-body electric guitar Peavey JF1 gives you perfect tone and feeling of the sound. It is great for jazz and fusion players. The guitar can provide the wide range of access for playing up and down the fret board. The jazz players specially need to achieve the upper registers, and in order to provide it Peavey slightly angled the neck of this classic design guitar. This is some kind of manufacturer’s step further.

Peavey JF1 EX is completed with modern Peavey humbuckers, the hollow, thin maple body, the guitar is lightweight and it can provide you with classic fat and smooth sounds. It is equipped with a pair of volume and 2 tone knobs; and it has a 3-regime toggle-style pickup selector. Thanks to it you can take the guitar under total control of your fingertips.

Main specs:

  • Classic binding;
  • MOP inlays;
  • 2 humbucking pickups;
  • Rosewood fingerboard.


According to reviews 92 % of respondents would gladly recommend Peavey JF1 to their friends. The instrument gives good feeling and pick up, many users enjoy solid electronics and on the whole playing this guitar makes them happy and satisfy their expectations. It is good for home jamming and to take practice lessons, for both – local and big events.

The guitar has good price, it is well designed and engineered, and looks very attractive. It’s easy to achieve accurate intonation. The sound of the pickups is expectable from the guitar for this price, and to make it better some users recommended replacing the pickups and pots. The neck has brilliant playability and it is the main treasure of this guitar. The instrument is well crafted.

Here are some opinions about jack – it is placed on the side of this guitar and someone find it more practical than the frontal one.

This guitar is touched with modernity and nevertheless is very versatile.

The pickups allow the player to show the best expression. The tone is far closer to a chambered Les Paul. Peavey JF1 EX is hollow, and many users expect airy tone. But the tone is surprisingly expressive. It does not give the feeling of a hollow guitar.

In comparison with Ibanez Artcore products which are the same-priced and not bad, Peavey JF1 wins leaving them ashamed.

The guitar is strongly recommended to advanced student or musician who knows the difference and can appreciate the quality, but who can’t afford it to them or does not want to pay much. The guitar is excellent jazz solution and ideal for playing blues.

Some users thought that Peavey JF1 EX is quite heavy for the instrument with hollow body. It sometimes makes musicians to tinker with the tuning of intonations – the low letters E and A are at the end of the adjustable range. If the manufacturer shifts the bridge by 1/4 inch, tuning the intonation will be more feasible.

Strings in the factory bundle are cheap and rust – D’Addario will give the guitar a full sound, so you can change them!

The hardware looks great. The guitar is very stable in keeping the tone. Working with the nuances of tone is excellent. The small minus is the frets material looks as not very expensive steel – dear Peavey, please kindly finalize the appearance of it, it could be much better!

These ones are a bit similar

On the whole Peavey JF1 gives us expectable effect within this price range. It is not for very picky people, but for everyone who just wants a beautiful guitar for reasonable price. Let us see what analogs we can consider.

Oscar Schmidt OE30CH

This classic semi-hollow electric guitar, with high quality of Washburn, has two humbucking pickups, fitted with stop tailpiece and Tune-O-Matic bridge.

According to reviews it has good sound, provides smooth playing and proposes flavorful tone. But it soon becomes unturned if you accidently keep it in low humidity. You should take more expensive guitar if you need one for gigs and recording.

Epiphone ES-339

This semi hollow guitar with mahogany neck has not big body dimensions its “voice” has sometimes bell-like intonation (it can be adjusted). It is fitted with new Epiphone ProBucker Humbucker pickups. You can switch between Humbucker and single coil tones for each pickup. The hardware is all nickel plated. The guitar provides fast action.

According to reviews it is versatile; its finish is glossy and it reflects well. The body size is very comfortable to work with. It has very clean sounds, the bassy notes sound well.

The instrument has beautiful appearance. Good set-up (factory tuning) and action are perfect.

Tonal range is very wide. Playability is ok. This can be a surprise – you can’t adjust each pickup volume individually. Volume is common – a master volume for all.

Gretsch G5422TDCG

Guitar with a completely hollow body made of maple – back, side and carved tops. A three-section bridge and a rosewood fretboard in the front, and then a vintage, trapezoidal trunk holder, decorated with the company’s logo. Pickups are presented with black humbuckers Top Top Filtertron.

Customers said – despite the fact that the guitar is hollow, even unplugged it sounds wonderful. Plugged instrument makes you feel free in any style except high-gain metal. You can get very sweet and smooth blues, but the minus is its feedback that can be received in large volume.

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