Kala KA-15S Overview: One of the Best Brands of Ukulele

ModelRatingWeightScale LengthOur topCheck
1Kala KA-15S 1.75 pounds13.625″1 Check

2Kala KA-S 1.8 pounds13.625″”3 Check

3Makala MK 1.2 pounds17″2 Check

4Ibanez UKS10 1.9 pounds13.77″4 Check

5Tiger Music UKE7-BK 1.5 pounds21″5 Check

6Lujex 21”basswood Black1.2 pounds13.6″6 Check

Kala KA-15S
Weight1.75 pounds
Scale Length13.625″
Our top1
Check Check

Kala KA-S
Weight1.8 pounds
Scale Length13.625″”
Our top3
Check Check

Makala MK
Weight1.2 pounds
Scale Length17″
Our top2
Check Check

Ibanez UKS10
Weight1.9 pounds
Scale Length13.77″
Our top4
Check Check

Tiger Music UKE7-BK
Weight1.5 pounds
Scale Length21″
Our top5
Check Check

Lujex 21”basswood Black
Weight1.2 pounds
Scale Length13.6″
Our top6
Check Check

Coming to Kala KA-15S, it is a real little guitar, very suitable for travel thanks to its small size, and with a pleasant and harmonious sound. The materials are all precious woods, from rosewood to mahogany; the strings are the classic nylon ones.

Kala Ka-15s mahogany soprano ukulele review

How to choose a good ukulele? The brand is still one of the most valid criteria. The Kala KA-15s Ukulele offers great sound, great playability and an excellent price.

Let’s start with the quality of the materials: some parts are made even in mahogany, the others in wood, not in plastic or other cheap product. In short, it is not the usual toy, but an instrument to all effects with which you can cheer your evenings or have fun with a group of friends.


  • Body and neck are made of mahogany; moreover it is one of the best types of mahogany with deep brown wood with a dark grain running through;
  • Brass Frets with Fret position Marks at 5th, 7th and 10th frets on neck and top of the fingerboard;
  • Fingerboard and Bridge: Rosewood;
  • Satin Finish is the traditional design of Kala;
  • Quality Geared tuners;
  • An advantage of the instrument is the choice of high quality premium Aquila Nylgut strings.

Its elegant and sophisticated design is suitable for those who give a lot of importance to aesthetics as well as performance.

I bought this for my wife back in July. She has been taking classes and is still using the same strings. They are a good quality. I highly recommend this product.William Kirk

The Aquila New Nylgut ukulele strings are, no doubt, the most appropriate for your ukulele, its sound is powerful, clean and rich, and it is the most sold ukulele strings in the world. The development of a new synthetic material that can mimic the acoustic characteristics of gut strings, but without the typical defects such as high cost, short duration and instability to climate changes, has always been a fundamental objective of the research of Aquila.

Great playability
Excellent price
The choice of high quality premium Aquila Nylgut strings
Its sound is powerful, clean and rich
This is a great instrument for starting.
The look of the ukulele is wonderful
Someone does not like brass frets

Difference between Kala KA S and KA15S

For starters, it is always convenient to buy a “soprano” ukulele, the classic model that adapts well to the needs of every beginner. On the market there are different models, some are elementary and they can really seem like toys, while others attest to higher levels of making. For a gift to a child we advise you to orient yourself towards the first ones, even if they are not made of particularly precious materials, they can be ideal to start putting your hands on the instrument.

Not a soft bag either. It is a nice case that is like a gig bag with a rigid interior and formed felt lining with a carry strap. Large exterior pocket to hold Uke chord chart. Interior pocket like full size guitar case. High quality just short of hard shell with less weight. Comes with a tuner but the Kala Ka-Te has a built in chromatic tuner on the controls. Contols have volume knob with bass and treble sliders. Excellent sound shaping is possible with the simple design. 1/4″ guitar jack has a watch style battery slot built in. I expected 9 volt but accepted this as a viable alternative. Battery came installed. About 1 step out of tune out of the box. Tuned quickly and had to retune 4-5 times while playing then it stayed in tune with very little tweaking! Plugged into Alesis IO dock running garage band it screams on distortion amp emulators and sings on clean channel. If you never plug it in you will enjoy rich tonal quality with great projection. Compared to my Fender Hau’Oli it has a deeper richer tone. Darryl R Douglas

You get a good deal with the Kala KA-15S ukulele. This is a great instrument for starting. The look of the ukulele is wonderful, but maybe someone does not like brass frets. And the Kala KA-15S is no binding (the white strip around the uke body).

Kala KA-S

Then you can choose in favor of the KA-S. As for the difference, the KA-S has nickel frets and binding. Such frets look more aesthetic. Binding can help protect the edges of the instrument from wear and tear. Therefore, the KA-15S is cheaper than the KA-S but both of them sound very similar.

  • The KA-15S combines the choice of good quality strings with a wooden structure with some details even in mahogany. The KA-15S returns a sweet and melodious sound while managing to contain the selling price and propose itself as an ideal instrument for those who want to learn how to play it. According to those who already have a certain familiarity with this instrument the lower deck is a bit too high and forces to exert a certain pressure on the strings. An economic ukulele of good quality is confirmed by the adoption of the Aquila strings: an excellent compromise between productivity and financial payment.
  • The KA-S ukulele is very similar in all parameters and sound to the KA-15S. The sound has a warm color thanks to the mahogany body. But a small advantage of this model in comparison with the KA-15S model is nickel frets and binding. Although it was made in China, this ukulele shows off a good level of components and manages to return a pleasant sound.
frets look more aesthetic
Excellent price
It has binding which can help protect the edges of the instrument
Its sound is clean and rich
This is a great instrument for starting
Someone does not like nickel frets

We also have to say about the Kala ka 15s h2. The model has Hawaiian Islands/Tattoo Laser Etching.

Quality at its best! A great instrument which is an asset to my collection. I have only been learning the Ukulele for 6 Months and am amazed how the sound is different for each range of Ukulele. The quality of Makala is second to none and I would be happy to recommend this instrument to all novice players like myself.HOTMAIL

Makala Mk s vs Kala Ka 15s

If we compare the Makala MK s with the Kala Ka 15s, then the difference in the nut and saddles and the material from which they are made. The nut and saddles of the Makala MK S are made from conventional plastic while the nut and saddles of the Kala Ka 15s are made from NuBone (carbon polymer).

NuBone is Graphtech’s line. In this line the polymer delivers the sound equal to the sound of the same Bone. The advantage of it is that, because it is synthetic, it has no shafts and this helps a lot when cutting, filing and sanding the material.

  • Soprano size
  • Mahogany body and neck
  • Walnut fingerboard
  • Geared tuners
Maybe: intonation is pretty good
Cheap price
Maybe: it’s not a glorious tone

Types of ukulele

Traditionally, in Hawaii, the ukulele was made of koa wood, a hard wood that gave it a characteristic round sound. Today, we find ukuleles in koa, but also in spruce, walnut or mahogany. There are four categories of ukuleles, classified according to their size. To begin with, ukulele teachers advise choosing among the smaller models whose sound is very Hawaiian.

  • The soprano is between 30.5 and 33.5 cm from the nut to the saddle, with a tuning fork between 12 and 17 inches. It has between 12 and 14 frets. The standard size is considered as it oscillates 53 cm in length in total.
  • The concert is between 35.5 and 40.5 cm from the nut to the saddle, with a tuning fork from 14 to 16 inches. It has between 15 and 20 frets. It measures about 58 cm in total.
  • There are also larger ukuleles: the tenor and the baritone.

In any case, do not buy your ukulele lightly! When deciding on a ukulele size, you should pay attention to the following questions:

  • What is your hand size?
  • What timbre are you looking for?
  • What experience do you have?

Of all these issues, the most important thing is to pay attention to the adjustment in the hands of the interpreter. Generally, an adult will feel more comfortable playing a concert or a tenor. For example, if you do not have experience with stringed instruments, it will be better to start with a concert because it will be easier to hold it and the tension of the strings will help you to appear more tuned.

But for starters, it’s best to always buy a ukulele “soprano”, a classic model that adapts well to the needs of each novice.

The ukulele is easier than the guitar and allows you to enter the world of string instruments without the need for great effort. It will suffice to retain three small chords (do, fa and sol) to be able to play the most popular pieces. Folk, jazz, pop, and rock … With the ukulele you can play all musical styles. What’s more, there are enough chords to impress the audience and your listeners will not notice your mistakes compared to the guitar, for example.

This instrument is fashionable now, in part, because groups like Crystal Fighters use it in their songs. However, the main reason is that it is a perfect instrument for everyone and, especially, for the little ones, since it is very easy to learn to play it in a short time, dedicating few hours. In addition, for children with special educational abilities it helps them to concentrate on a fairly simple task, registering great success. However, it is also perfect for the elderly, it has been used in different therapies such as stimulation of elderly with Alzheimer’s and the results have been incredible.

The advantage of the ukulele is that you can quickly start having fun and playing songs. In fact, when you work 3 or 4 chords, you can play some tune.

Recommended products for beginnings

Ibanez UKS10

The ukulele produced by the famous Japanese lutherie that stands on a higher level than other models.

It is distinguished by its composition of natural wood rather than satin and its mahogany neck with fretbord and bridge in rosewood that promote better fluency on the frets.

The chrome mechanics and the natural finish make the instrument very pleasant to look at. The Ibanez UKS10 is recommended for beginners who want to buy a good instrument without spending an eye on the head, but also to intermediate musicians in search of sound quality.

  • 17 Frets
  • Chrome Open Gear tuners
  • Compensated saddle
  • Mahogany neck
It is distinguished by its composition of natural wood
The chrome mechanics looks pleasant
Reasonably good geared tuners
They’re fine for practice and to use when traveling
For someone it is too expensive for what it is

Tiger Music UKE7-BK

If it is the quality-price you are looking for, then you could consider buying this black soprano ukulele. Although the body is made of plastic and compensated and does not have a great sound, it can be the solution you are looking for to give a gift to a child or to start playing this instrument.

This is my first Ukulele but I have played the guitar for years. This had good build quality. Needs tuning alot at first but that is normal with nylon strings. The bag is a nice extra. Colin Patterson

Most of the users who bought it were very satisfied and really enjoyed strumming some deals. Apparently the first tunings of this ukulele can be a bit difficult since it will tend to forget easily and sound bad.

You will have to repeat the process a few times to be able to get a stable tuning, a useful procedure is to play it until you forget it, rewind it and then let it rest for a while allowing the strings to spread out on the handle.

It comes with supplied case. In the box you will find a useful case for the transport of the ukulele and a booklet with the fundamental agreements that you will need to start studying the basics, as well as making you have a little fun.

  • Small size & light strings make it easy to play
  • Geared machine heads help keep the uke in tune
  • Neck is extremely comfortable & is easy to grip
  • High quality finish
Good price
Nicely finished
Being laminate, it’s not the lightest soprano
A range of bright colours
Tone on the thin side

Lujex 21”basswood Black

Among the best-selling ukulele online this model is among the cheapest. Its low cost is a good attraction if you want to start practicing the tool without spending too much.

Users liked the composition of polished black basswood and the full-bodied sound quality that is slightly higher than other models in the same price range. To appreciate the quality of the mechanics that will allow you to have a better grip and find the right shades of the strings without too much effort. We recommend that you have a tuner or download a Smartphone app that allows you to fine-tune it.

  • Made of high quality material:Soprano ukulele made of sapele wood material,classical and high grade. 4 carbon nylon strings which is high tenacity
  • Amazing sound quality:Lujex soprano ukulele is pure copper gear.finer and more stable tuning; ensures the ukulele the best Intonation, stays in tune for longer times
  • Professional design:The ukulee is 21 Inch long with high quality sapele wood brings you richer and brighter sound.
  • Great value:Sapele hawaiian ukele is a good starter ukulele for a beginner to learn,or some who just wants an inexpensive, decent uke to bring on their travels,this one is better choice
Good price
The full-bodied sound quality
High quality of the mechanics
Good choice to start practicing
Tone on the thin side
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    Hello everyone, today I would like to tell you about my experience of buying a ukulele. At first, I decided to buy a ukulele Wiki, but unfortunately it broke down and I traded it for KALA KA-s for a fee. Only then learned what a ukulele from this company is played by Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots! If you only knew how surprised I was! The sound is great: build a good, pleasant, surround sound-several times better than the one that was. Qualitatively made — it is immediately felt when you take it in your hands. In appearance very beautiful and expensive and I am happy that my first ukulele was broken.

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