Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie became popular after the 1977 LP – The World Starts Tonight – hit the shelves. In the 80s, she switched from pop to ballad rock and took over the international charts with two legendary hits – “Holding Out For A Hero” and “Total Eclipse Of My Heart.” At 67, Tyler is still touring in…
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Will Smith

Willard Carroll Smith is an actor, producer and singer from America. Despite he is mostly known as an actor, Will started his career as a rapper. He was known as “Fresh Prince”. Will Smith has recorded four solo albums.
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Caleb Followill

Lead singer of Kings of Leon Anthony Caleb Followill has a relatively minimal guitar rig. But don’t let the simplicity fool you – he gets a big sound from it. His go-to ’72 Gibson ES-325 is powered through a Matchless DC-30 amp. All of his pedals are kept in a rack (save for the Boss…
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