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Solid high quality guitars usually sound better and are more durable than laminated ones, but from time to time you will find a guitar that, despite the absence of a solid top, does not seem to be worse than a solid top model. Meet Cordoba classical guitar review!

ModelRatingScale lengthWeightOur topCheck
1 Protege by Cordoba C1 3/4 Size 24″8 pounds1 Check

2Cordoba Cadete 3/4 Size 24″5.05 pounds2 Check

3Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size 22.835″6.9 pounds4 Check

4Ibanez AEG10NII 25-3/5″ 6.92 pounds3 Check

5Yamaha NTX700 25.5625″6.5 pounds5 Check

Protege by Cordoba C1 3/4 Size
Scale length 24″
Weight8 pounds
Our top1
Check Check

Cordoba Cadete 3/4 Size
Scale length24″
Weight5.05 pounds
Our top2
Check Check

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size
Scale length 22.835″
Weight6.9 pounds
Our top4
Check Check

Ibanez AEG10NII
Scale length25-3/5″
Weight 6.92 pounds
Our top3
Check Check

Yamaha NTX700
Scale length 25.5625″
Weight6.5 pounds
Our top5
Check Check

This type of instruments is created specifically for children and teenagers, for young guys who have just embarked on the path of learning how to play the guitar. Easy to learn, easy to play! Convenient! The manufacturer wants to become the leader in the nylon string guitars production and has created a wonderful variant not only for beginners but  also for travelers: compact and easy to take to any trip.

In this product line, of course there are standard, full-size models, and half sizes, and three quarters and even quarters. All representatives of this “dynasty” are made with classic Spruce tops with edges and sides made of Mahogany, with bridges and fretboards made of Rosewood.

C1 ¾ Size

Reduced in its body this 3/4 elegant Spanish beauty with nylon strings and with a scale of 615 mm represents the Protégé by Cordoba family. The sound is not as strong as you can get from a full-sized instrument but it still remains worthy.

Buy it for training your kid, it will suit for even seven-year-old boys and girls! The guitar is decorated (Mosaic Hauser), tuners are has nickel-plated, equipped with Savarez strings and coated with high-quality polyurethane. All “Protégés” by Cordoba also include a two-way truss rod.

This guitar with composite saddle is presented in a very pleasant combination: the low price combined with a very high quality sound make this guitar an ideal budget option for beginners. It’s amazing that such a quality tool is so affordable.

The neck of the guitar with nylon strings is made of Mahogany and very easy to grab and slide.

It coated with high-quality polyurethane
Low price
A convenient neck
The construction and woods all seem to be of good quality
The strings are a good quality with a nice feel
Tuners look cheap
Bass notes are slightly played in a chord
The sound is not as strong as you can get from a full-sized instrument

Cordoba Guitars reviews

According to the reviews, Cordobas are good guitars for practice. As for C1, it is better than, for example, Yamaha: Cordoba with its truss rod and quality strings, sounds better and is really well-made.

Users have noted a convenient neck. There are no undesirable echo effects, which are usually felt on instruments with nylon strings. But in the 1st position some users noticed the rattle: bass notes are slightly played in a chord.

Cordoba C3M guitar review contains users’ recommendations about strings: you can put the soft ones of Gali Genius, and the guitar will receive a new birth.

Cordoba series are simply impossible to imagine something better within such price-quality ratio. “Unusually resonant”: this is the main positive quote from Cordoba C7 guitar review.

The laminated top is initially more resistant to humidity-caused damage, which can occur during travel.

Compare to the following!

If you protect your guitars from moisture and provide proper care they will serve you for a long time. We realize that the review of classical guitar Cordoba Solista and others from this “family” should necessarily include comparisons with other instruments. Let’s see what other similar variants can be offered.

Cervantes vs. Cordoba

Although Cervantes costs 10 times more than Protégé, Cordoba does not sound worse than Cervantes, the only drawback of Cordoba Protege is that it does not yet have a tonal midrange response compared to a more expensive guitar.

Cordoba C3M classical guitar review tells us: it exceeds expectations. It is amazingly resonant and very well made, with outstanding sound quality, affordable price and convenient for kids.

Cordoba Cadete vs C1 Protégé

Cordoba Cadete

In Cordoba Cadete 3/4 classical guitar review we can make a comparison with other Cordoba “sister”, C1 model. First one is a Chinese-made instrument with a solid Cedar top. It seems to be less resonant and less clear-toned than expected.

Cordoba C1 Protégé (a Chinese-made guitar too) costs twice less. It has a laminated thin delicate top, and sounds better than a solid one mentioned above. Why should you pay more?

A solid Cedar top
It has excellent sound
The construction quality
It looks gorgeous
Smooth and easy fingering
It seems to be less resonant and less clear-toned than expected

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size

This version includes the acoustic system of the Yamaha as resonant converter (A.R.T.) System68. It provides a natural acoustic tone, reduces excessive vibration from the sound card, catches small resonances, sounds clearly, exhibits an ideal sensitivity and gives an incredible dynamic balance.

I bought this as a travel guitar. Like the little martin and the baby taylor, which are somewhat larger, it has a tinny sound on open E. Unlike the little martin, the pickups on the yamaha do transmit that tinny sound. This yamaha is very enjoyable to play, and it has taught me a lot – it has a percussive rather than a ‘ringing’ sound like my Taylor, and so has unexpectedly has gotten me to try out new kinds of music and try out a different style. I highly recommend this for anybody looking for an inexpensive guitar to travel with and enjoy. Robbie Bobagov

The upper part of the guitar is made of Spruce, back and sides are Meranti and the sides and neck areMahogany, fingerboard and bridge are made of Rosewood. The guitar comes with a strong, soft bag. It has also got the following features:

  • One-way active preamplifier feed system;
  • A sensor with a mid-range equalizer;
  • Chrome built-in tuner;
  • Body depth: 65-75 mm;
  • Nut width is 43 mm, or 1-11/16″;
  • The length of strings is 580 mm.
A natural acoustic tone,
An ideal sensitivity
It gives an incredible dynamic balance
It sounds great
A good value

Ibanez AEG10NII Nylon String Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Tangerine

Let’s compare Cordoba and Ibanez. This Ibanez fully hollow guitar is equipped with Mahogany body and sides with a single cutout, providing a powerful and balanced acoustic sound, no matter whether it is connected or not. Let us address to the Cordoba C5 classical guitar review.

Wow! I have been playing guitar for forty years and this is the best guitar I have ever played for fingerpicking. The sound is marvelous, both using an amplifier or not. The quality of construction is beautiful. And, it is easy to play as well. You know when you play an instrument that is just right, and this guitar is one of them. And it is priced for anyone’s budget. T&N Davis

It has body and sides from the same material, but top is made of Canadian cedar. The top of Ibanez is made of a Spruce array and comes with Fishman Sonicore pickups and built-in preamplifier “Ibanez” with a tuner that will give sparkling, crystal sounds. Cordoba C5 is equipped with Fishman Isys+ 2band pickup system.

What more of this Ibanez model? The control section contains volume, tone and tuner controls. A durable bridge with a standard outline is made of Rosewood, there are 21 frets. The headstock contains cast tuners. Decorated top panel is bound with several layers of binding.

A powerful and balanced acoustic sound
The finish is absolutely gorgeous
It sounds great – chords, fingerpicking, whatever.
The tuner is slick and easy to use
Easy to play
The thinner neck

Yamaha NTX700 Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar

With this tool you can try a wide range of music and game styles. It comes with:

  • Rosewood bridges;
  • The back, side and neck of the Nato wood;
  • Solid Spruce;
  • Depth 80-90 mm;
  • Built-in 3-band equalizer;
  • Nut width 48 mm;
  • Built-in tuner;
  • The length of the instrument scale is 650 mm (25 9/16 “).

The guitar is equipped with an acoustic resonance sensor/preamplifier 61 which is specially designed for the NX series in order to reproduce the nylon strings tone and dynamics in the most accurate way. Multi-layer damper absorbs excessive vibration and controls the feedback.

This is an excellent instrument. The workmanship represents near perfection. The sound is dynamic both plugged in and acoustically. The neck is fast and narrow. Great guitar for those who play steel string but want a classical sound. R. O. Salsgiver

Two system sensors are installed on the high and low sides of the guitar, each of which is individually controlled to provide a flexible tone setting. The preamplifier provides individual volume control for both pickups, so the sound is as natural as possible, with clear high and low notes.

We hope that this and others Cordoba guitar reviews would assist you in making the best choice of your guitar. Get your favorite instrument, take care of it and it will serve you for a long time.

The sound is as natural as possible
Clear high and low notes
The fit and finish are perfect
Sound is great
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