Oscar Schmidt OE30 Review — The Brightest Brandmark Example, Improved and Refined

This guitar combines the best solid bodies and semi-hollow body guitars. Among others it is relatively affordable. It can be used in any musical style.

The length and width of its the scale are approximately 24.75 and 1.625 inches. The guitar weights about 10.8 pounds.

Oscar Schmidt OE30 specs – you need to know:

  • Electric, 6-String;
  • Semi-hollow mahogany body;
  • rosewood fingerboard;
  • maple bolt-on neck.

Oscar Schmidt OE30 review

This marvel is created by manufacturer who is well-known for his attention to details and his high quality products.

Do you want to remember the classical guitars of the 50’s? This semi-hollow guitar provides a resonance comparable to one obtained from acoustic guitars, and at the same time presents the great power of an electric instrument. Oscar Schmidt Delta King OE30 is a guitar with a luxurious appearance and will let you feel a real rock star. White trim around the top and back gives the guitar a luxurious look, the gorgeous chrome tuners give the guitar a gloss and an elite “smell”. Thanks to the double notch of the body of the mage, access to the upper frets is easily provided.


Semi-hollow guitars are the “old school” instruments, and their tuning usually requires much more time and skills than the usual solid body guitar does.

Oscar Schmidt OE30 has a standard double-necked body shape and boasts of excellent build quality – different body components rarely fit together, and at this time the manufacturer managed to achieve it.

The sound quality of a semi-hollow instrument can be estimated during playing. And if it is tuned properly – you will hear all colors of the world!


The classical guitar actually has a very modern “stuffing”. Instead of a complex vintage bridge, the manufacturer implemented the standard Tune-o-Matic bridge. This is much more convenient for both the user and the manufacturer, this is a more practical solution. Tuners perfectly “hold” a melody under normal conditions.


The installation of 2 humbuckers (not, for example, soap bar pups that are usually set up to these guitars) – is not standard, but brilliant idea for semi-hollow guitar. This gives the tone a “solid-body” performance, but with “semi-hollow feeling”. Due to this the Washburn Oscar Schmidt OE30 Delta King became easier to get used to and it gives the vast range of tone configurations.


Given the above, the guitar sounds more aggressive, while retaining many semi-low qualities. Those who want to play a mixture of hard rock, blues and maybe even jazz, will find this Washburn Oscar Schmidt OE30 semi hollow body electric guitar to be quite an interesting solution.

Everyone can tune sound and sustain without problems – two Washburn humbucker pickups will help with it. The selector switch between the three modes allows you to use the humbucker on the fretboard, on the bridge or both at once to get a rich sound. You can make tuning directly to the guitar with the dual volume and tone controls. The Tune-o-Matic bridge with the OE30 stop-suitcase will give you a rich and long sustain. The guitar gives an excellent resonance from low to high frequencies.

When it’s unpugged, it sounds almost like an acoustic guitar, providing the necessary volume of sound you need. But the tone is greatly enhanced when the instrument is amplified.

Good for everywhere, minimal adjustment

Whether you jamming at home with a small amp or getting your best rocking out on the stage – this model will works like your dream as well as when it is plugged into an audio interface for recording. You can get the really great tones without serious adjustment – just take it out of the box and go ahead!

Customers’ reviews – they can be useful for you!

According to reviews, the guitar has a rich, clear, distinct sound. Tuners are good and well adjusted, not exactly detailed adjustment, but, having shown patience, you can tune them quickly. The size of the guitar is ideal for both sitting and standing playing. The neck is very comfortable and smooth. Many users liked the great controllability of the bridge. Pickups did not create noise and gave an excellent sound for Jazz and Blues performance.

The guitar handles perfectly when overloaded. Finishing is excellent. This guitar exceeds the expectations of beginners. You can use it in concerts, performing many styles. Tones with two humbuckers and three switch modes will let you customize and create a huge variety of styles and tones. The balance between price and quality is marvelous.

Oscar Schmidt Delta King OE30 price quality ratio is really optimal – this is the opinion of many amateurs and musicians. They found smooth sound, without resonant bulges and dips of individual notes. The attack is found soft, the attenuation is long and the sound remains juicy (dense) until the end. This indicates that it is real mahogany instrument – very hard and not very heavy. It can be compared with much more expensive Epiphone Les Poul, but is there any reason to pay extra money? And the Les Poul sound were poorer, not so juicy as Oscar Schmidt OE30CH gives.

The neck is made very high quality. Frets works perfectly, the neck can be straightened in a perfectly straight line, but I left a barely noticeable deflection. The bridge is very accurate – there are reserves of adjustment in both directions.

One more opinion: there is no sound density on the connected Oscar Schmidt OE30 semi hollow electric guitar. The sound is blank and deaf (a little high frequencies). Probably the sensors are to blame – too high-resistance, with magnets, with a metal cover – all this, even separately, gives a “blockage” to the tops.

Some customers found electronics to be improved – it is what to work with for manufacturer, but on the whole ratio price/quality is beyond competition.


Have a look through analogs and make your own choice.

Ibanez AS53TRF Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar, Transparent Red Flat Finish

This semi-acoustic instrument lets you fell free in any genre of music. The price for this guitar is about 300$.

  • “ACH” pickups are mounted into a sustain block – that helps to increase sustain and eliminate feedback;
  • quick response;
  • warm tone;
  • Art core set-in neck is comfy;
  • The access to higher notes is easy provided due to 17th fret;
  • Sure Grip III knobs support precise control with nice and classic look (on select AS models).
  • Comfortable and slim;
  • beautiful top of sapele;
  • Depth: 43mm at tail Neck;
  • Mahogany Neck;
  • Medium frets
  • Rosewood fingerboard;
  • Pearl dot inlay;
  • ART2 bridge.

Premium Full Size Electric Hollow Body Jazz Guitar

A full hollowbody jazz guitar made of high-quality wood. This is a good choice for those who is enough with solid body guitars and needs more universal sound. It has a bigger body than solid ones. The price for guitar is about 250$. The neck and fingerboard are made of the best wood too. It was a choice of George Benson, Elvis and Brian Sletzer. The guitar is featuring:

  • tune-O-Matic (and Trapeze Tailpiece);
  • Provides full range of tones;
  • double humbucker;
  • it is excellent for the Rockabilly sound, for smooth jazz or maybe pop rock;
  • 24.69″ scale;
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood;
  • 2 Humbuckers;
  • 2 controls and  2 volume, 3 way switch tone.

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