Outstanding Quietness of Yamaha SLG200S Review — You Can Play Even at Night

#ModelRatingScale Length (mm)Weight
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1Yamaha SLG200S 6344.63 pounds1 Check

2Yamaha SLG200N 6509.04 pounds
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3Yamaha SLG200NW 6509 pounds
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Yamaha SLG200S
Scale Length (mm)634
4.63 pounds
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Yamaha SLG200N
Scale Length (mm)650
9.04 pounds
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Yamaha SLG200NW
Scale Length (mm)650
9 pounds
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Unique, exceptionally effective appearance, with thin gentle deck and the 634 mm-length scale, makes Yamaha SLG200S the perfect example of conventional acoustic guitars development.

Tip:The ultra-thin deck is ideal for playing in both modes: acoustic and electric. A wide range of functions allows the performer to get his best playing with stable interest. High-quality sound is achieved due to SRT powered pickup system and will give you marvelous quietness.

The guitar is produced in noble Tobacco Sunburst color and has the following features:
  • Collapsible construction that makes it ultra-compact;
  • >Great performance with extremely low volume;
  • You can remove the bass strings and store them separately.
  • Comfy Mahogany neck;
  • Rosewood overlay gives pleasant sensation to your hand;
  • Frets markers of classical type;
  • Rosewood string holder;
  • The upper nails are plastic;
Yamaha SLG200, a natural sounding guitar with perfect modern look, has an original design that will accurately distinguish the musician on stage. The main deck material is a genuine Mahogany, and it is completed with rosewood and maple frame.


The timbre is equipped with a frequency equalizer. It is also completed with a knob for mixing the signal from a piezo pickup and a microphone, 3 types of effects can be selected with knob. The guitar has also got a headphones output and it is completed with the standard cable which connects to the combo amplifier or similar equipment.

Tip:The built-in timbre and effect processor allow musicians to obtain a rich set of functions for performances. Bass-string side frame can be removed easily.

The guitar can work both from AC mains and battery, and has a number of other convenient features. It is an innovative model beloved by many musicians and users.

SRT powered pickup system

Due to this system, the realization of a natural acoustic sound has been reached. Enjoy! It is easy to imagine that you are recording in the famous artists’ studio.

The instrument provides an excellent feedback. You can change the tone and atmosphere. It is possible to realize by mixing “SRT-powered pickups” sound to the piezo pickup. It is all up to your creativity!

We can affirm that your Yamaha silent guitar SLG200S can express the natural acoustic sound without annoying hassle!

Amplified sound
Acoustic feel
Maybe: sensitive bridge

Yamaha SLG200S review and users’ advice

It is good for various genres. Excellent amplified sound, unique look, solid body structure is highly durable; there are no worries about the guitar body damage. It is compact and easy to take with you.
Provides high playability. You can play with other artists playing in the back.

You can concentrate and get into your practice, it is versatile.
Customers enjoy sound variations, treble and bass sound effect balance. You can achieve optimal sound. It is precise and stable in tuning. Besides, it is compact, easy to carry, nice and pleasant for your hands. If you take proper care, the guitar will serve you for a long time.

Compare with them: SLG200N and SLG200NW

Yamaha SLG200S steel string silent guitar has nylon analogs and in comparison to them you could make the right choice exactly for you!   Guitars with nylon strings have a slotted head of the neck with classic pins on the bar, equipped with plastic shafts. Guitars with nylon strings have a wider neck, some of them have plastic pickguard.


The unique design provides a comfortable playing experience and unmatched hand support even while sitting. The deck shape provides easy access to the top frets. The upper frame is removable, which allows the use of a compact carrying case for carrying the guitar. The SLG200N features a slim neck, thin body, and low action to achieve more aggressive style even for beginners. The main characteristics are:

  • Super compact construction;
  • Secret SRT-sound system;
  • Unique look, slim body;
  • Ultra-quiet performance;
  • Variety of functions, you will never get bored.
Feedback-free PA/amplified performance
SRT sounds
Maybe: guitar is little


A quiet compact allows you to travel and study at home. Built-in tuners, 2 revers, chorus, AUX headphones, make it possible to be used everywhere. You can play it on any stage with any sound. The risk of feedback is reduced to zero. SRT provides a lively sound.

Enjoy your classical guitar experience with the conventional classical guitar neck construction. Warm and rich plugged-in sound provided by the SRT Powered system will make your playing comfy any time. Seeking for tight and clear acoustic sound the developers completed the guitar with ebony fingerboard.

Luxurious gold baseplates on the tuning machines are made for the taste of the upper class of society. It is the best offer for both sound and appearance which takes this guitar to the top. It gives a plenty of functions at once. In addition to the main characteristics mentioned above, there are:

  • Ebony Fingerboard;
  • 52mm-wide nut.
  • Nylon strings with wider string spacing for classical players
  • The SLG is the perfect instrument for practice, travel or stage use – any time an acoustic guitar just won’t do.
Convenient and comfortable
Quality of sound
Maybe: fret buzz

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  1. Lisbeth
    Hello everyone, today I would like to tell you about my new acquisition — yamaha slg200s. I very much like its characteristic shape of the neck and the length of the beaker 634 mm model SLG200S is a continuation of the development of conventional, familiar to all, acoustic guitars, and ultra-thin deck is ideal for playing both acoustic and electric mode. I think, that a huge plus is the authentic electric sound technology SRT Powered I still very much loved in this guitar that it has a super-compact collapsible design and has the ability to perform with extremely low volume. I highly recommend it!

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