Andrew Peter Clutterbuck

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Peter is a member of an English origin electronic duo called Honne, formed in 2014, in the place called Bow, in London. James Hatcher (producer) and Andy Clutterbuck (singer, producer) both write, record and produce the music.

Clutterbuck and Hatcher first met during their university years, and start creating music, under the name Honne in late 2014. The origin of the naming go back to the Japanise word 本音 – true feelings. The style of the group can be called futuristic soul destined, reinvented babymaking musical style. The debute sing “Warm at a Cold Night”, was out in September 2014,  followed up with their second EP All in the Value, also released on Super Recordings, in November 2014, and made their live debut at the Sebright Arms on the same day


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