Angus Young

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Angus McKinnon Young is the Scottish-born Australian co-founder, lead guitarist, and songwriter of the Australian hard rock band, AC/DC. Alongside his brother Malcolm, Young released their first single “Can I Sit Next To You”, and their debut album “High Voltage”. You may recognize him most sporting his infamous “school-boy” uniform in almost every single performance while “duckwalking” across the stage with his late ’60s Gibson SG (which he still owns over 40 years later). Young dropped out of school before his 15th birthday, where he took a job working as a typesetter at a men’s magazine. Incidentally, this position had Young put in a couple of years doing sewing machine maintenance for a company that manufactured bras. This may very well have been the influence for AC/DC’s eccentric stage presence as they inflated massive blow up dolls to overlook the stage. Best known for his solos, Young was once quoted during an interview for Guitar Player magazine as saying “There’s no great thing in being a soloist. I think the hardest thing is to play together with a lot of people, and do that right. I mean, when four guys hit one note all at once – very few people can do that.” Along with his original SG, Young has also been known to play 1970s SG, his signature SG, as well as a Gibson ES-335. For amps, Young uses Marshalls with Celestion speakers.


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