Anne Richmond Boston

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Anne Richmond Boston was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but in 1968 her family moved to Atlanta, and during her teen years, Anne showed a good portion of interest towards drawing. Aside of that, she was singing in the school chorus and in a church choir, which gave her great experience in a vocal harmony.

Soon after graduation, Anne has chosen a design career, still maintaining her interest into singing and music. She had a hobby combo of her own, Black Dick, which featured members of Thermos Greenwood, one of Atlanta’s great mid-Seventies bands, and the late Harold Kelling of the legendary Hampton Grease Band.

In 1978 Boston joined the band “Swimming Pool Q’s”, and performed her signature vocals all around the”Swimming Pool Q’s” songs as well as some other bands as “The Deep End”, and “Blue Tomorrow”. In the meantime, she was also after promotional materials, photo sessions and album, and cover designing for the “Swimming Pool Q’s”. The rest of the time was spent on providing some arts for the recorded artists like The Coolies’ albums, Dig and Doug.

In 1987 Anne left the “Swimming Pool Q’s”, for the further rejoining in 1998, as well as contribution into the album “Royal Academy of Reality”.  She also released a solo album in 1990, The Big House of Time (DB RECS 100).


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