Antone Lee Tavares

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Antone Lee “Chubby” Tavares –  American R&Bfunk and soul musician,  known as on of the band “Tavares”, originally founded in  Cape Verdean.

Previously the first name of the group was “Chubby and the Turnpikes,” and all the brothers spent a good portion of the 70s and 80s in their native New England, covering up all the R&B greats at various clubs while trying to land a record deal. After a while they finally got a contract with  Capitol Records, then-new black music division and released their first single, “Check It Out,” in 1973.

When asked to name the Soul Music supergroups of the ’70s and early ’80s, folks tend to gravitate to familiar names such as Earth, Wind and Fire, theSpinners, the Commodores and the Isley Brothers.  However, five brothers from New Bedford, Massachusetts – Ralph, Tiny, Chubby, Butch and Pooch Tavares – arguably created the most consistently high-quality soul music of that period.

t also became the centerpiece for their Johnny Bristol-produced debut album, an excellent example of early ’70s Soul that also featured the hit “The Sound That Lonely Makes.” The Check It OutLP gave the first glimpse of tight brotherly harmonies and alternating lead vocals that would become the Tavares trademark sound. While a number of other groups were covering similar stylistic territory at the time, the wonderfully tight harmonies and consistently solid song selection set Tavares apart.



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