Antti Warman

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Antti Warman – guitarist in the Finnish metal band Warmen. Antti was no more then 13 years old when he first started to play as well as created his first band. At that time he was playing some punk rock closer to a Red Hot Chill Peppers, thus the band means a lot to him as a very good starting point.  According to him, a lot of great albums were released that year, but somehow this album was different and became very important to him, his brother Janne and their friends.

Years later in 2014 the Warmen band was founded. The debut album was written during the summer of 2014 and after the demo was recorded the band continued to write. But it wasn´t until the year after that the recording begun, the other members recorded their parts first since Antti was on the tour with Children of Boredom. Even though it was not until December that Antti could record his parts, the record was mastered and ready in January. The reason to why it took eight months before it was released was because of the plan Frontiers had.

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