Ari Mihalopoulos

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As soon as you start thinking of metal music that drives your head off, you won’t in any chance think also about some fitness club or something. Well, Ari Mihalopoulos – the guitarist and the leading vocalist of the “Destrophy“, is just the guy who can connect those two well enough. Ari is a kettlebell fanatic, school teacher, and a man who takes the phrase role model seriously.

Their first line up came together in 2006, and three years later they got already signed to a Victory Record’s.  The first known release was under the self-titled name  “Destrophy”, with which group toured a lot during next years, started with the Otep, as the first stop, continuing to Type O Negative, with such titles in the list like  Bury Your Dead, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Taproot. 

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