Commander Meouch

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Commander Meouch  – Canadian musician and a bass player of the   Ontario-based synth-pop band “TWRP”.

He joined the band in 2012  originally just to provide backing synths and vocals (via a Vocoder). But after the group was left by Atomicawk Startrotter, Meouch was promoted to lead bassist and has held the position ever since the release of the  “The Device”.

He has the great scenic image as well – his face resembles that of a lion’s complete with a mane, and his body is humanoid. He wears a black vest over a black morphsuit with blue arms, a blue stripe across his chest, and a blue loin cloth. His outfit also includes armor worn on the shins, shoulders, and forearms. Meouch began playing bass when he was 8 months old, in cat years.

Meouch has been called the sassiest member of TWRP by his bandmates. He also has a deep-seeded mistrust of journalists, as evidenced in Dave Hurlow’s account of his time spent with the band. While not known for attacking humans, Meouch’s favorite food is Human with Guacamole. Commander Meouch has a niece and nephew, Pearl and Dangus.


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