Cris Bonacci

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Cristina “Cris” Bonacci  – Australian born producer, songwriter, and musician. She grew up in Melbourne, where her family moved when Cris was 11 years old. And that’s influenced much on her guitar style which in fact is a mix of formal studies taken from Australia, and some classic rock compositions of a  Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck, along with early Black Sabbath, which Cristina was practicing during her studies.

Her first band was formed in 1975 in Melbourne with Robyn Clark on drums and Sally Zylstra on bass guitar which was called “Sweet Jane”. They advertised for a lead singer and found Chris Scheri who also played the flute. Band gain  not only a great experience but also a good local popularity and recorded several demos and an extended play between 1977 and 1983.

After the “Sweet Jane” Bonacci moved to the United Kingdom, to work as a session and recording musician after initially being invited by Mike Oldfield. In London, she happens to get into an all girlish hard rock outfit, where Cris lead as a guitarist. She included lead vocalist Jackie “Jacqui” Bodimead and former Rock Goddess bassist Tracey Lamb, whom Bonacci would later team up within Girlschool. In fact they were really short of the leading guitarist as soon as Kelly Johnson left, and as soon as they hear Cris, invitation become a matter of time.


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